Hanging Up On Solicitors
By Tara Kalwarski

(MONEY Magazine) – The Federal Do-Not-Call Registry has signed up nearly 30 million phone numbers since its June launch (register at donotcall.gov). But it won't stop every obtrusive marketer from invading your privacy--political parties and nonprofits, among others, are exempt from the ban. So sign up for the Mail, Telephone and E-mail Preference Services with the Direct Marketing Association (dmaconsumers.org)--its 5,000 members include nonprofits. Also call the credit bureaus' opt-out number (888-567-8688) to stop credit-card pre-approval applications from clogging your mailbox. Finally, don't sign up for programs that charge a fee to stop solicitors. Most simply sign you up for the free services mentioned above. --TARA KALWARSKI