By David Futrelle; Jonah Freedman

(MONEY Magazine) – NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE AMERICAN APPETITE Darden Restaurants shares fell this September after an all-you-can-eat "Endless Crab" promotion ate up profits at its Red Lobster chain. Customers came back not just for seconds, but for thirds and fourths of snow crab legs. The exec responsible for the debacle skittered off to "pursue other interests." Investors were left to drown their sorrows in shrimp cocktails.

LOVE STINKS It was a touching moment on NBC's For Love or Money 2 when Erin, who won $2 million, wrote suitor Chad a check for $500,000. That was her way of rewarding Chad for choosing her over his own $1 million prize. But trade paper Investment News notes: "It seems Erin may have triggered some unintended tax consequences by following her heart." Erin blew more than half of her lifetime gift exemption, so her heirs will pay heavy taxes on anything above $511,000. Gee, we thought reality stars were smarter than that.

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO, MONKEY NO LIKE MONKEY'S SIX-FIGURE SALARY Scientists at Emory University taught capuchin monkeys to trade in pebbles for bits of cucumber. But when some monkeys were rewarded with a grape instead, the others went ape. It seems a sense of fairness--or maybe class resentment--isn't limited to humans. --DAVID FUTRELLE AND JONAH FREEDMAN