Picture This
By David Futrelle

(MONEY Magazine) – As an entry-level digital camera, it's got some drawbacks. In an age of megapixels, it's decidedly low-res. You can't actually focus it. It drains power from its batteries even when it's turned off. And if you can't get to your PC before the battery goes poof, well, so will those priceless vacation snaps.

Yet the Stylecam Blink II has won a fervent following among some photographers. Why? It's a cute little thing, about the size of a credit card. And its pictures have a certain low-fi charm: Cynics might dismiss them as blurry, but to Blink fans the vibrant colors blend as in an impressionist painting (thanks to the camera's compression software); the edges of objects have a weird, trippy intensity about them. Not the ideal camera to capture, say, a wedding, but a lot of fun almost any other time. It's available at Amazon.com for just $35. For all the specs, go to sipixdigital.com/cameras/styleblink2. --DAVID FUTRELLE