Real Work
By Donna Rosato

(MONEY Magazine) – The line between TV and the real world gets even blurrier in 2004 as reality television turns its cameras on the corporate world. Can you pick the fakes from the real shows?

A. THE SIMPLE LIFE II The actual Paris Hilton--the hotel, not the heiress--is moved to a farm in Arkansas. Hilarity ensues as the snooty French staff deals with chickens in the pool and requests to room service for something called grits.

B. THE APPRENTICE Sixteen would-be personal assistants to a certain casino-owning real estate mogul compete for a six-figure job. The big guy fires the worst performer each week.

C. NOW WHO'S THE BOSS? Corporate execs are catapulted back to the front lines: An airline chief becomes a flight attendant! A hotel owner takes on housekeeping duties!

D. JOE CEO Hourly types are elevated to the corner office, where they'll get a big bonus if they lay off their old colleagues.

E. HELP WANTED Real people compete for real jobs by enduring challenges that include a flop-sweat-inducing interview.

F. FAKING IT Players try to pass themselves off as pros in another field. The wacky plotlines include a carpenter faking it as a Beverly Hills decorator. --DONNA ROSATO

Fake: A, D Real: B, C, E, F