By Judy Feldman; Megan Johnston

(MONEY Magazine) – LOAN DEAL Better technology means that mortgages keep getting cheaper and faster. E-loan, for example, is now waiving the $350 on-site appraisal and lowering title insurance fees by $420 for borrowers with good credit and a credit score of at least 720, the median. The deal is currently for three- and five-year hybrid ARMs and may extend to all loans soon. Other lenders are cutting approval times by not requiring you to submit such paperwork as W-2s and tax returns. --J.F.

FREE SCORE The scores that insurers use to determine your auto and homeowners premiums are slowly becoming more public. Progressive, the third-largest auto insurer, recently started offering consumers in 42 states who call for a quote a free Personal Insurance Credit Inquiry report. Call 800-776-4737; online reports will be available early this year. --M.J.