News Flash
By Donna Rosato; Jonah Freedman


Valuemeister Bill Miller, famed for beating the S&P 500 for 13 years in a row, is behind the ball at midyear. His Legg Mason Value fund is off 5.2% as of late July vs. a 3.5% drop in the S&P. Indeed, three of Miller's top five holdings (Amazon, Nextel and IAC/InterActiveCorp) are down 18% or more. Miller, who's buying more IAC, sounds unfazed: "Call me in December." --DONNA ROSATO


A U.S. Public Interest Research Group study found that 25% of consumer credit reports contained errors serious enough to lead to a denial of credit. One consumer found a delinquency on his car payment even though he'd had payments automatically deducted from his bank account. Check your credit reports at least once a year for $9 or $10 apiece at, and --JONAH FREEDMAN