Funds that Follow in Their Footsteps
You don't have to do it all yourself. We've picked out two funds that have taken Graham's lessons to heart, and two for Fisher fans
By Jonah Freedman

(MONEY Magazine) – WEITZ VALUE Manager Wally Weitz stresses Graham ideals, like having a margin of safety and ignoring emotional reactions to market moves. The fund has beaten the S&P 500 by an annualized five percentage points over the past decade.

TWEEDY BROWNE AMERICAN VALUE The firm was Graham's broker. The managers buy only stocks that trade at less than liquidation value, and (like Graham) they rarely visit companies.

MAIRS & POWER GROWTH Like Fisher, manager Bill Frels buys and holds—the fund has one of the lowest turnover rates around. The fund invests largely in its home state of Minnesota, so Frels really knows the companies.

GROWTH FUND OF AMERICA Not everything this huge fund buys is Fisherlike. (It owns some cyclicals.) But it has low turnover and is backed by one of the best research teams in the fund business. —JONAH FREEDMAN

NOTES: As of Aug. 30. [1]Annualized. [2]Annualized as of July 31. [3]Data for A shares SOURCE: Morningstar.