Tip Sheet
By Tara Kalwarski

(MONEY Magazine) – Not worth it

DVD Players

Typical warranty cost: $30 to $60 Electronics dealers pocket 40% to 60% pure profit when they sell you an extended warranty. But contract fees often outprice the actual repair costs.

Good idea


Typical cost: $70 to $300 About a third of all laptops fail within three years of purchase. Buy the extended warranty directly from the maker, not the retailer. That guarantees support from the best tech guys out there: the ones who built your machine.

You're probably already covered


Typical cost: 10% to 20% of purchase price Dishwashers and other big appliances are very reliable these days. Factory warranties usually cover parts and labor for a year, enough to protect you from most defects. Credit cards often double that, so check with your card company. And your homeowners insurance may already include appliance protection. --TARA KALWARSKI