Save on Parking When You Fly
Surprise! Air fares are now often lower than airport parking fees.
By Donna Rosato

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It can get you a 10% discount. It also guarantees you a parking space. (So you don't have to worry that your flight will take off while you circle endlessly for a spot.) You get perks like baggage help and valet parking. Some places even wash your car. Check out, and

Sleep at an Airport Hotel and Park Free

At DFW International in Dallas, for example, get an overnight stay, 14 days of parking and a shuttle to the airport two miles away for $65. Review programs for more than 100 airports at

Join a "Frequent Parker" Program

Many airport parking companies offer airline-like loyalty programs. Typical deal: Park for 30 days with the same place and earn a free week of parking. --DONNA ROSATO