05 Gifts
By Sarah Gray Miller

(MONEY Magazine) – The most personal presents are the easiest to buy--you know your spouse's size, your best friend's taste in books and which video game tops your tween's wish list. But what do you get for a departing co-worker or a new neighbor? Striking the right balance between appropriate anonymity and stylish individuality is tough, especially on a budget. Whether you spend $150 spoiling one person or shopping for everyone on your list, these gifts have you covered. Stock up and you'll never again find yourself saying "I got you something too, but it's in the mail." --SARAH GRAY MILLER

Money $150 BUDGET

Tiffany Pocketknife

However no-nonsense a person claims to be, everyone thrills to the sight of a blue Tiffany box. Why? Because it signals that whatever's inside is well-made, timeless and probably very expensive. Here's a way to deliver that well-wrapped quality to your boss or your best friend: a sterling silver Swiss Army knife. Packed with a blade, nail file, toothpick, tweezers and scissors (not to mention serious family heirloom potential), this 1½-ounce treasure is the rare object that manages to be both feminine and masculine, utilitarian yet luxuriously unnecessary. Plus, it passes the golden rule of gift giving: You'd lust after it but would never buy one for yourself. 800-526-0649; TIFFANY.COM $150

Fresh Flowers

You want to send a bouquet out of town but fear Mylar balloons and Teddy bears. Get exactly what you pay for by ordering a simple bouquet of fresh-cut flowers (like these irises) from Martha Stewart. Overnight delivery in a tasteful box--not a coffee mug. 800-462-7842; MARTHASFLOWERS.COM $40

TIP All of Martha's flowers are guaranteed for a week, but many lilies and roses can last 10 days.

TIP Join MOMA for $75 a year and get 10% off the store's haute merchandise for kids and adults (and 20% off on member days).

Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

Go the extra mile: Thanks to the Web, small urban boutiques like the travel-themed Flight 001--with mod stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City--now sell trendy gear (like this eye mask and neck-hugging pillow) nationwide. FLIGHT001.COM $32

TIP Surf the sites of other cosmopolitan shops, such as Alphabetsnyc.com and Mxyplyzyk.com, for gifts you won't find anywhere else.

Colored Pencil Set

When buying for a child, pleasing the parent is equally important. Shop museum stores for well-designed, educational toys--some of which are even, you know, fun. This set of 36 colored pencils hails from New York's Museum of Modern Art store. MOMASTORE.ORG $18

Designer Gambling Set

Target has become a mecca for big-name designers hawking low-cost wares. Case in point: this gambling set from architect Michael Graves. A hardwood box contains everything you need to play roulette, poker, craps and blackjack. 800-800-8800; TARGET.COM $50

TIP At K Mart, look for the new Essential Home collection from Donna Karan alum Matthew Morris. At select Wal-Mart stores, buy Zarela Casa's Mexican-chic housewares by chef Zarela Martinez.

Scented Soaps

Load up on these elegant soaps (rose, jasmine or sandalwood) in $2 sets of four from Pearl River, a store in New York City's Chinatown, and you'll never be without a hostess gift--nor will your hostess ever imagine what you paid for it. PEARLRIVER.COM $10 for five sets

TIP Many ethnic markets that once existed only in big cities are now on the Web. Check out Mexgrocer.com, which sells authentic Mexican fare, including a hot-sauce lover's gift pack for $11.