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Monday, January 15, 2018

Babe editor stands by Aziz Ansari story

Editor-in-chief of Tab Media says Babe staff would publish controversial article on actor Aziz Ansari again.

Published 10:43 PM

Venezuela president offers pregnant women $3.83 a month

A new monthly subsidy announced by President Nicolas Maduro is worth $3.83. It's unlikely to make much difference for people living in a nation plagued by hyperinflation.

Published 9:32 PM

Citigroup reports virtually no gap in gender or racial pay

Citigroup says women and minorities earn 99% of what white men make.

Published 7:01 PM

Tide: please don't do the Tide Challenge

Branding expert Bruce Turkel says Tide needs to change their product after teens began eating their laundry detergent in search of online fame.

Published 6:36 PM

World's largest desalinated water reservoir unveiled in the desert

On Monday, the United Arab Emirates unveiled the world's largest desalinated water reserve in the middle of the Liwa desert. It holds 5.6 billion gallons of water and cost $435 million to build.

Published 4:58 PM

Why you'll want to double check your paycheck in February

Too much or too little may be withheld from your paycheck in 2018, as the IRS works to create a whole new system.

Published 4:40 PM

'West Wing' stars to hold one night only reading of 'All the President's Men'

"The West Wing" stars like Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff will hold a reading for "All The President's Men."

Published 3:24 PM

CVS will stop airbrushing photos it uses to sell beauty products

The drugstore chain will start putting a "CVS Beauty Mark" label on images that haven't been retouched.

Published 3:19 PM

Fact Check: Trump's diversity lottery comments

CNN's Jake Tapper looks at claims President Trump has made a few times about the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

Published 2:18 PM

Google app matches your face to a famous painting

Are you more of a Botticelli or a Van Gogh?

Published 2:02 PM

The impact of Carillion's collapse

Construction firm Carillion, which employs 43,000 people around the world, is going into liquidation. Roughly three-quarters of its sales come from the U.K., where it has hundreds of contracts with the government.

Published 1:36 PM

Will U.S. shale ruin the oil party (again)?

Crude oil prices have soared to three-year highs. But will shale oil producers overwhelm the market, creating another disappointment in the boom-and-bust energy industry?

Published 1:31 PM

This desert reservoir could fill 10,000 Olympic swimming pools

Abu Dhabi is pumping surplus desalinated water 100 miles to a natural aquifer under the desert.

Published 12:41 PM

What to do when your boss is a bully

Surviving a mean boss is as hard as it seems.

Published 12:02 PM

Why the U.S. dollar isn't so mighty anymore

The dollar is starting off 2018 where it left off last year -- by sliding. But it's not necessarily bad news.

Published 11:45 AM

Trump's India partner sees 'overwhelming' interest in apartments

There has been "overwhelming" interest in the upcoming Trump Towers complex near New Delhi, the Trump Organization's India partner said.

Published 11:31 AM

The Oprah effect: The many careers she helped launch

Dr. Phil. Dr. Oz. Suze Orman. Nate Berkus. There's a good chance you know them in part because of one woman: Oprah Winfrey.

Published 11:10 AM

Ford announces the Mach 1: A high-performance electric SUV

The Ford Mach 1 will be among 16 all-electric vehicles Ford will produce by 2022.

Published 11:05 AM

The super-easy retirement investing plan

It's much faster and easier than you might believe.

Published 9:49 AM

Bozoma Saint John: I'm on a 'personal mission' to help fix Uber

In the latest Boss Files podcast with Poppy Harlow, Uber chief brand officer Bozoma Saint John talks about founder Travis Kalanick and the company's female staffers.

Published 9:19 AM

ICE pledges immigration crackdown on businesses. Here's what it looks like

Cloverhill Bakery lost 800 workers last summer following an I-9 audit. And now ICE officials are warning more large scale work site crackdowns of U.S. businesses like this one are ahead.

Published 9:14 AM

Uber Exec Bozoma Saint John: 'I feel like a hustler'

Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer at Uber, says she feels there is a "spotlight" on her as an African-American female executive in Silicon Valley.

Published 9:10 AM

NY Times editor: Trump has damaged the press

Dean Baquet, executive editor of The New York Times, says the president has "already done a certain amount of damage to the American press, with the constant attacks."

Published 9:05 AM

Uber Exec: We can't let women at Uber down

Bozoma Saint John is committed to bringing more diversity and inclusion to Uber. She tells CNN's Poppy Harlow that women at Uber need support, "I don't want women flocking out the door."

Published 8:40 AM

Uber exec: Kalanick was 'desperate,' I wanted to help

Bozoma Saint John joined Uber as Chief Brand Officer six months ago with a "personal mission" to turn around the company's culture after sexual harassment within Uber, numerous lawsuits and leadership shakeups.

Published 8:21 AM

Honda Accord wins Car of the Year

The Volvo XC60 wins Utility of the Year, and the Lincoln Navigator takes Truck of the Year.

Published 8:08 AM

Airbus wins sales race with Boeing for 5th straight year

Airbus secured 1,109 aircraft orders in 2017, nearly 200 more than American rival Boeing.

Published 8:05 AM

SoftBank may split in two to focus on tech bets

SoftBank is considering selling shares in its Japanese mobile business, a move that would free up more money for big tech investments around the world.

Published 7:03 AM

Obama opens up on his post-White House life

Former President Barack Obama makes his first talk show appearance since leaving office.

Published 6:48 AM

Computers are getting better than humans at reading

Artificial intelligence programs built by Alibaba and Microsoft just bested humans in a Stanford University reading comprehension test.

Published 4:56 AM

Construction firm with 43,000 employees collapses

Carillion is going into liquidation after failing to secure a financial lifeline.

Published 4:04 AM

Vogue publisher drops Bruce Weber and Mario Testino over misconduct allegations

Conde Nast is cutting ties with two famous fashion photographers, Bruce Weber and Mario Testino, after The New York Times published disturbing allegations about both men.

Published 2:38 AM