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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bitcoin jumps after futures trading begins

A top U.S. exchange on Sunday began offering bitcoin futures -- a new step for the digital currency.

Published 7:42 PM

Global arms sales rise for the first time in 5 years

Global arms sales have risen for the first time in five years in 2016, as countries around the world step up their defense spending amid geopolitical tensions.

Published 7:31 PM

Sirius XM faces celebrity backlash after Steve Bannon rejoins radio show

Actors Seth Rogen and John Leguizamo are among the voices promising to boycott the radio network.

Published 6:51 PM

McLaren's 'most extreme' road car costs $1 million

The British luxury carmaker is showing off the newest addition to its line of rare and extreme supercars. It's called the Senna.

Published 4:44 PM

Sen. Cardin on Russia's media move, net neutrality

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) speaks with CNN's Brian Stelter about Russia's decision to label nine American-backed media outlets in Russia as foreign agents and the upcoming vote to roll-back net neutrality.

Published 3:38 PM

Are Trump's TV habits causing concern?

CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod discusses the recent NYT report revealing President Trump's daily TV routine and what he's learned about the podcast world through hosting "The Axe Files," soon to be at 200 episodes.

Published 3:37 PM

Why did newsrooms make so many mistakes this week? 

 The Atlantic senior editor David Frum and journalist Carl Bernstein discuss why people should still trust the media given recent mistakes.  Frum says "mistakes are precisely the reason that people should trust the media" because "it's the process of bringing truth to light."

Published 3:26 PM

Bernstein: Fox hosts are abetting a cover-up

Carl Bernstein says that many Fox News hosts are "abetting a cover-up" by attacking Robert Mueller's investigation while seeming oblivious to President Trump's factual errors.

Published 3:24 PM

Bernstein: reporting mistakes are inevitable

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein says, "people are looking for information that reinforces what they already believe" instead of the truth and discusses a reporting mistake he made while covering Watergate.

Published 3:11 PM

How Moore mastered Trump's anti-media playbook 

Alabama Media Group state political columnist Kyle Whitmire says the Republican party has created a distorted reality, giving Alabamians a "license to disbelieve things that they don't want to be true."

Published 3:10 PM

Is Moore's campaign against the media working? 

Washingtonian writer Elaina Plott and WVNN radio host Dave Jackson discuss whether the Alabama special election is a preview of how Republicans may run against the press in the 2018 midterm elections.  

Published 3:09 PM

New step for Bitcoin's wild ride: Futures trading

Here's why bitcoin's debut on the Chicago Board Options Exchange is a big deal.

Published 12:43 PM

Mix-and-match health coverage can be a risky alternative to Obamacare

As open enrollment season moves into its final weeks, some consumers looking for lower-cost alternatives are considering a patchwork approach to health insurance. The products may secure some basic protection, but leave patients on the hook for high medical bills.

Published 12:08 PM

The hidden fear driving the market surge

Fear of missing out is helping to fuel the booming stock market as Americans watch Wall Street smash record after record.

Published 8:02 AM