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Week at a glance: All stories

11:30pm: Despite advances, the divide between blacks, Hispanics and whites remains large when it comes to incomes, home ownership, wealth accumulation, unemployment and poverty rates. More
11:25pm: The financial deck appears to be stacked against blacks and Hispanics in America. They earn considerably less. They are more likely to be unemployed or in poverty and they are less likely to own a home. Yet despite all this, blacks and Hispanics are far more optimistic about being able to live the American Dream these days than whites. More
10:48pm: Newsrooms across Chicago and the country made varying decisions about airing the recently released Laquan McDonald shooting video Tuesday. More
10:43pm: Singapore is expected to add an average of 37,600 millionaires a year through 2020. More
9:38pm: Watsi crowdfunds donations to cover healthcare costs of those in need. And it's seeing a surprising trend: micro-donations via the popular Chinese social networking app, WeChat. More
5:50pm: Tom Kalenderian, executive vice president at Barney's, says every gentleman should invest in 3 types of shoes. More
5:36pm: Musk congratulates Bezos, then launches a tweet storm at the Amazon founder. More
5:20pm: To understand Donald Trump, you have to understand where he's getting his information. His sources seem to include sketchy Internet rumors and inaccurate stories. More
4:53pm: Iran is getting ready to return to the top ranks of global oil producers. More
4:31pm: Musk congratulates Bezos, then launches a tweet storm at the Amazon founder. More
4:24pm: Your new credit card might be safer, but it could lead to more headaches at the check-out line this holiday season. More
3:55pm: A long-term highway funding bill in Congress plans to use billions from the Fed to help fund projects. More
3:10pm: Disney workers filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after they were replaced by foreign workers. More
2:28pm: The NFL accounts for 22% of the three network's all day live and same day average viewership. More
2:00pm: The Blackphone was designed to protect people's privacy from hackers and spies. Now ISIS members want to use it too, according to the findings of one researcher. More
1:36pm: Jeff Bezos gained fame and fortune by selling stuff on Amazon, but he's got a lot of other enterprises, from rocket ships to a newspaper. More
1:33pm: There's a good chance you can save money by refinancing your student loans. More
1:16pm: Jeff Bezos gained fame and fortune by selling stuff on Amazon, but he's got a lot of other enterprises, from rocket ships to a newspaper. More
12:58pm: German prosecutors have launched another investigation into Volkswagen -- this one about possible tax issues stemming from the emissions scandal. More
12:52pm: Luxury jewelry chain Tiffany reported sales and profits that missed forecasts. Its outlook was weak. The company blamed the strong dollar and a pullback by tourist shoppers. But lower-end rival Signet also disappointed Wall Street. More
11:44am: Microsoft's female workforce shrank two percentage points in the past year. The company attributes the decline to recent Nokia-related layoffs. More
11:34am: Jeff Bezos joined Twitter in 2008 -- but finally tweeted for the first time on Tuesday about his rocket company. Bezos joins a list of billionaires who are on Twitter -- but in name only. More
11:32am: Albie Hecht, the president of CNN's sister channel HLN for the past two years, is stepping down. More
11:25am: Janet Yellen publicly released a letter to Ralph Nader in which she defends the Fed's decision to keep interest rates near zero for several years. More
11:00am: Adele's new album "25" has broken the record for the most sales in a week and she did it in a little over three days. More
8:37am: The U.S. economy grew by 2.1% between July and September, an upward revision from the first estimate of 1.5%. More
8:25am: Google 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' to see the 'Star Wars' Easter egg. More
7:56am: Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies have become the solutions of choice, with other options taking a back seat. More
7:37am: The Turkish lira dropped and stocks declined, after a Russian warplane crashed near the Turkish-Syria border. More
7:19am: Bezos' Blue Origin successfully flies its New Shepard rocket into outer space and then lands it upright on landing pad in West Texas. More
6:47am: Preventing terrorist plots is harder than ever. And technology is both the problem and the solution. More
6:40am: Everyone in the energy industry is suffering as crude oil prices have slumped. But some are hurting more than others, including the U.K., Brazil, Canada and the U.S. More
5:35am: Global food giant Nestle has confirmed that its Thailand seafood suppliers are engaged in abusive labor practices. More
5:05am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:45am: Ford is recalling nearly half a million vehicles over a potential fuel tank issue. More