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Week at a glance: All stories

10:12pm: China stocks swung wildly on Wednesday as investors grappled with the market's latest episode of extreme volatility. More
9:21pm: Intel's new sixth-generation Core processors double performance over the past generation. More
7:24pm: A California judge granted class action status to former Uber drivers who claim they should have been classified as employees instead of contractors. More
6:10pm: "Wake Up With Al" is being cancelled by the Weather Channel after six year run. More
5:04pm: The Federal Aviation Administration approved the largest ever fleet of commercial drones owned by a company called Measure. More
4:44pm: McDonald's has been testing an all-day breakfast menu in several markets for months. Now it has said when the change will go nationwide: October 6. More
4:19pm: Vice President Joe Biden, who is seriously mulling a bid for president, will be one of Stephen Colbert's guests on Sept. 10. Donald Trump will be on Jimmy Fallon's show the next night. More
3:48pm: Big Oil is handing out more pink slips as it grapples with a world of cheap oil. More
3:17pm: Chipotle launched an ad campaign in April, claiming it was GMO-free, but a new suit says that misled consumers. More
2:25pm: "E.T." from Atari, the worst video game ever, sells for $1,535. More
2:02pm: The threat of a dramatic slowdown in China's economy may be the biggest risk to U.S. stocks since the financial crisis. More
1:52pm: Stephen Colbert has been secretly working out kinks in his show with test audiences. More
12:45pm: Google's logo just got bigger in order to look better on mobile devices. More
12:40pm: Russia has warned its oil production could decline if prices stay low. More
12:26pm: Texas television station KSAT is coming under withering criticism from a local sheriff's office for uploading an amateur video of a police-involved shooting. More
12:15pm: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized Ford for opening a plant in Mexico. Consumers don't seem to care. There was strong demand for Ford's F-150 truck and SUVs last month. More
11:58am: Jared Fogle, former Subway pitchman, is suing the former executive director of his charity for an $184,400 home loan. More
11:22am: Iran could be pumping more than four million barrels of oil a day by the end of 2016, the country's oil minister tells CNN in an exclusive interview. More
10:41am: Small unpaid tolls are trapping drivers in triple-digit piles of debt as toll roads aggressively pursue violators -- and revenue. More
10:16am: Former Secret Service agent in the Silk Road case stole bitcoins while hunting for the Dread Pirate Roberts. More
10:09am: Welcome to September. Stocks started the historically worst month of the year with another big pullback after two new reports show more weakness in China's manufacturing sector. More
10:03am: Is Apple now a threat to Netflix? Shares of Netflix were down after news broke that Apple could be launching its own streaming media service. More
9:34am: A Detroit watchmaker is helping bring jobs back to the city, opening a manufacturing facility just a year before Detroit declared bankruptcy More
9:30am: Apple accounts for more than 225,000 jailbroken iPhone owners were hacked with a new kind of malware called KeyRaider. More
9:21am: The Alphabet owned Nest Labs has updated its popular Nest Learning Thermostat for the first time in three years. More
9:04am: Canada has fallen victim to cheap oil, sliding into recession for the first time in six years. More
9:03am: The next time you're traveling, you won't need an Internet connection to watch Amazon TV shows and movies. The streaming service has enabled "offline viewing" on popular phones and tablets. More
7:55am: Amazon is testing a new Ship by Region program, which will let merchants use two-day Prime shipping for only certain customers. More
7:16am: Employers want people who can communicate well. They are even willing to pay more for them. More
7:02am: Oil prices, which fell below $38 last week before soaring to nearly $50 on Monday, were tumbling again Tuesday. More
5:03am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:02am: There's no doubt about it: China's slowdown is going to have impact beyond its borders. More
1:42am: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pregnant and expecting identical twin girls in December. More