Week at a glance: All stories

11:01pm: Megyn Kelly presses Donald Trump with tough questions in Republican debate. More
10:04pm: AMC Theaters acquired Carmike Cinemas on Thursday to become the biggest movie theater chain in the world. More
10:02pm: Samsonite has agreed to buy rival upscale travel luggage maker Tumi in a $1.8 billion deal. More
7:24pm: Some in Hulk Hogan's jury pool told the court today they were uneasy about his sex life and watching his sex tape. Hogan is suing Gawker Media for $100 million for posting some of the tape. More
6:35pm: On the campaign trail, Donald Trump proudly said he supports health care policies that Republicans don't usually embrace. But the seven-point health care plan he released Wednesday looks like it was taken straight out of the Republican playbook. More
6:13pm: A single mother and former Yelper claims she was fired from the online review company after requesting unpaid time off for a personal emergency. More
5:57pm: Donald Trump won a vote Thursday. At his campaign rally supporters cheered that he makes a better 'Apprentice' host than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is campaigning against him in Ohio. More
5:09pm: Coalition of 17 tech companies and AT&T file motions with court supporting Apple's position in FBI case. More
4:16pm: Five New York women are suing the state's tax department to block what they call a discriminatory tax on feminine products. More
3:54pm: Seven valuable Ty Cobb baseball cards were nearly thrown out before family found the forgotten treasure. More
3:24pm: Costco announced it would be raising its minimum wage from $11.50 and $12 an hour to $13 and $13.50 an hour. More
2:38pm: Boeing has developed a self-cleaning bathroom that uses Far UV light to kill 99.99% of germs in three seconds. More
1:29pm: Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy and announced that these stores will be closing. More
1:07pm: The tax proposals the Democratic presidential front-runner has put forth so far would raise the tax burden of the country's highest earners, according to a new analysis from the Tax Policy Center. But her plan would also make the tax code more complex. More
1:01pm: Racism is a deep-rooted problem in Silicon Valley. Black tech workers react to racism at Facebook and in the tech industry. More
12:54pm: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will by flying into homes for digital download on April 1 with behind the scenes bonus features. More
12:37pm: Panera's stock is at an all-time high and sales are surging. The soup and sandwich chain says it's not benefiting from Chipotle's woes. But the numbers seem to tell a very different story. More
12:09pm: Six Flags and Samsung will introduce virtual reality on nine roller coasters this year. Riders will wear Samsung Gear VR headsets that will transport them a world where they're fighting aliens or flying through Metropolis with Superman. More
12:02pm: If Trump is able to do what he says on immigration and trade with China, it could be a big hit to the economy. More
11:15am: Police release the 911 calls from panicked drivers who saw former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon's vehicle engulfed in flames following a single-vehicle crash on Wednesday. More
10:45am: Bill Gross is really worried about low and negative interest rates. In his latest outlook for investors, he wrote that big banks and insurers should be avoided at all costs and blasted central banks around the world for hurting savers. More
10:31am: "Ghostbusters" trailer shows a new (and all female) team taking on some of NYC's ghost and goblins. More
10:17am: Zimbabwe is trying to take over its diamond mines -- and the companies operating them are fighting back. More
10:17am: Google Lunar XPrize competitors vying to complete the first privately funded mission to the moon will have their journeys immortalized in a 9-part documentary series. More
9:50am: Brazil's economy shrank 3.8% in 2015, crippled by low commodity prices and the ongoing investigation into the corruption case at the state-run company, Petrobras. More
9:31am: The husband of a victim of the San Bernardino terror attack has backed Apple in its fight over the security of its iPhones. More
9:12am: Today's supermodels need both a gorgeous face and social media smarts. Just look at Gigi Hadid. More
9:03am: More than 200 small businesses have signed an open letter calling for Britain to leave the European Union. More
8:38am: American, United, Delta, JetBlue and others make the DOT deadline for submitting Cuba flight applications. More
8:35am: Donald Trump says "I'm ready" to face Megyn Kelly at tonight's GOP debate. Trump and Kelly have not spoken since the day they clashed at a debate last August. More
5:49am: One U.S. businessman says Donald Trump's idea to slap tariffs on Chinese goods wouldn't help the American consumer one bit. More
4:48am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:38am: The deadline for next of kin of those aboard MH370 to take legal action over the loss of their loved ones is Tuesday, the two-year anniversary of the plane's disappearance. More
3:15am: Think your commute is bad? Workers in New York City face the longest commute in the country. More
3:03am: To help combat Zika, Google is teaming up with UNICEF and Elmo. More
1:46am: The studio that brought "Pulp Fiction," "Shakespeare in Love" and "Scream" to audiences worldwide has a new owner. More
1:26am: U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance now includes, Google, JetBlue, eBay, Tiffany & Co. More