Week at a glance: All stories

8:35pm: China's rising middle class is obsessed with pole dancing. More
6:36pm: The jobs of Blue Bell's 4,000 employees are safe as the company recovers from a massive recall that yanked every last Blue Bell ice cream containers from store shelves. More
6:07pm: In a special episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" he taped on Tuesday, Oz ? arguably America's best-known doctor ? addressed the 10 doctors directly and accused them of trying to intimidate him. More
5:54pm: Chipotle reported lukewarm earnings Tuesday afternoon. It's a sign of caution for a stock that some say is overvalued. More
4:41pm: David Letterman has sent an invite to his long-time late night rival. If "The Late Show" is able to book the former "Tonight Show" host it has the potential to turn Leno's appearance into event television. More
4:28pm: Rob Kuznia, who won the Pulitzer for local reporting Monday, had already left for a job in PR by the time the award came. More
3:32pm: Justine Musk, the first wife of billionaire Elon Musk, takes to Q&A site Quora to dole out advice. More
3:08pm: 'Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?' A new ad campaign boasts that the state has a lot more to offer than Mount Rushmore. More
3:01pm: Federal authorities say a 37-year old U.K. man used illegal trading techniques that contributed to the abrupt stock market crash on May 6, 2010. More
1:27pm: Six of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate are petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to reject Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. More
1:27pm: Some prominent investors say it's time to look abroad for good stock picks. More
1:13pm: Three years ago, when gas prices were at near-record highs, more people were willing to pay a premium for the "alternative fuel vehicles." More
1:06pm: Analysis: Brian Williams, Lester Holt and NBC News are locked in a lose-lose-lose scenario. More
12:41pm: For the first time since Obama took office, Americans give the economy two thumbs up. More
12:19pm: Lynne Doughtie will become CEO in July, making her one of the few women to reach the top of Corporate America. More
11:21am: Shares of Harley-Davidson shifted into reverse after weak sales. But is it an overreaction? More
11:00am: Startup Print Syndicate is making millions by mining popular memes and turning them into T-shirts, pillows, posters and mugs. More
10:48am: Russia reckons sanctions imposed by the West will have cost it $106 billion by the end of this year. More
10:14am: Paul Ceglia lost his appeal to revive his years-old lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. More
10:13am: That's why investors just poured $50 million into Shyp, a startup that takes care of the burdensome packaging, pickup and return process of shipping. More
10:07am: Nearly half of workers think they need to save half a million dollars to retire comfortably, but most are far away from that goal. More
9:52am: Hollywood brings colors to life with new Minions-inspired Pantone shade of yellow. More
9:47am: Under Armour reported its 20th straight quarter of revenue growth above 20%. But expectations are stratospheric. More
9:33am: Demanding, overbearing or just plain mean managers are most to blame for ruining your time off the clock. Chronic overtime, inflexible work schedules, incompetent colleagues and long commutes can also take a pound of flesh, a new survey finds. More
9:31am: A luxury apartment building in Manhattan has received more than 88,000 applications for 55 rentals reserved for low-income tenants. More
8:39am: For a couple of months, there's been haggling inside Comedy Central about precisely when Jon Stewart will depart "The Daily Show." Now we know: August 6. More
8:27am: Berkshire Hathaway stock could go up another 16% or more, even by conservative calculations. More
8:01am: Google's Moibilegeddon search algorithm lowers websites that aren't mobile-friendly in the company's mobile search rankings. More
8:01am: Is it the early '90s again? NBC is making a sequel to "Coach." ABC is developing a new "Muppets Show." Fox is reviving "The X-Files." And now Netflix is ordering a continuation of "Full House," called "Fuller House!" More
7:48am: OECD researchers argue in a new report that many more people live in China's largest cities than previously estimated. More
5:10am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
12:34am: Halliburton said Monday that it has cut 9,000 jobs over the past two quarters as crashing energy prices have forced it to scale back drilling operations. More
12:19am: The anti-corruption campaign spearheaded by Chinese President Xi Jinping has produced some astonishing examples of official wrongdoing. More