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Week at a glance: All stories

2:21pm: Education Secretary Arne Duncan says the drop in the student loan default rate is good, but that there is 'still a long way to go' to fix the problem. More
2:14pm: Nike extended its partnership with the National Women's Soccer League, inking a deal to last through the 2019 season. More
2:11pm: Facebook rolled out video profile pictures among other changes to mobile photos on Wednesday. More
1:34pm: OPEC leader Saudi Arabia is getting squeezed by the crash in oil prices. Now it's raiding the rainy day funds it keeps at asset management firms. More
12:35pm: SnapChat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy made Forbes' list of the 400 richest Americans. More
12:30pm: Court of Appeals strikes down lower court call for $5,000 payments to college athletes once their playing careers are over. More
12:18pm: Stefan Larsson, the widely respected head of Gap's Old Navy division, let to become CEO of Ralph Lauren. Wall Street is not happy. Gap shares sank and are now down 33% this year. More
11:59am: Uber is having an increasingly tough time in Europe as authorities crack down on the tech-savvy taxi company. Here's what's happening right now in Paris, London and Amsterdam. More
11:40am: IOS 9 has a new tool called Wi-Fi Assist that lets your iPhone use 4G cellular data to help boost a weak Wi-Fi signal. But it can hog up your data plan. More
11:03am: Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson wrote a letter to the government and citizens of Oklahoma to stay the execution of Richard Glossip. More
10:54am: Education Secretary Arne Duncan has an urgent message: It's time America shift priorities and use money spent on prisons for education instead. 'It's about setting a different direction as a society,' he says. More
10:39am: A CNNMoney investigation finds that the Better Business Bureau's respected rating system is seriously flawed. More
10:31am: Ford F-150 with automatic braking feature could be fooled into improperly slamming on brakes when passing large, shiny trucks. More
10:31am: Tesla's Model X SUV is getting glowing reviews from car enthusiasts and Wall Street analysts. So will shares of Elon Musk's electric car company head even higher? More
9:54am: The Better Business Bureau may be a nonprofit, but behind the scenes it's a money-making machine More
9:52am: Trump wants to grow the economy 3%. Bush promises 4%. Experts say Trump has a more reasonable target, but not a plan to back it up. More
9:41am: Saving $1 million for retirement may be a daunting goal, but that doesn't mean it's not achievable. The key is to go about it the right way. More
9:27am: Apple announced Wednesday that some of its digital offerings are available in China More
9:08am: Apple hasn't admitted publicly that it wants to get into the auto industry. But there's plenty of evidence that the company is working on something car-related. More
8:38am: Prices fell in September for the first time since the European Central Bank launched a massive program to stimulate the economy in March. More
8:38am: Target, which previously only matched prices on purchases in brick-and-mortar stores, will not provide online shoppers a price guarantee. More
7:01am: Not one Japanese company applied for a government subsidy meant to encourage firms to promote women to senior posts. More
6:33am: The Chinese government has issued new limits on the amount of cash its citizens can withdraw from ATMs while overseas. More
12:32am: The United States is pulling spies from China as a result of a cyberattack that compromised the personal data of 21.5 million government workers. More
12:27am: Americans' trust in the national news media remains at an all-time low, a new poll shows. More