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Week at a glance: All stories

6:34pm: The creators of "Arrested Development" are setting up a writer's room to conceive a new season of the cult classic. The story arc will determine the number of new episodes. More
5:12pm: It's good Donald Trump has plenty of money. He needs it to fend off the lawsuits over his defunct Trump University. More
2:41pm: Government regulators officially cleared the way for AT&T to acquire DirecTV on Friday, making the combined company the biggest provider of TV subscriptions. More
2:22pm: Amy Schumer, Universal Pictures, and other stars of "Trainwreck" react to the shooting that took place in Lafayette, Louisiana. More
1:31pm: The video game movie hopes to one up its competition at the box office, but will Adam Sandler hold it back? More
12:22pm: Here's how female video game characters would look with more realistic body types. More
12:04pm: With one plugin, you can have control over who can view your email and for how long. Never send an unintended message to the wrong recipient again. More
11:30am: Starbucks is at a record high thanks to strong earnings. And profits rose despite an increase in labor costs due to minimum wage hikes across the country. More
11:29am: Chrysler is recalling 1.4 million vehicles that can be remotely hacked over the Internet. More
10:29am: Cable giant Comcast is having mostly informal talks with a handful of digital media startups. Here's why. More
10:29am: The world's most valuable retailer is no longer based in Arkansas. It's in Seattle. Amazon's market value topped Walmart's for the first time as Amazon's stock soared following ts surprise profit. More
9:46am: FIFA's top-tier sponsors said the scandal-ridden global soccer organization needs to get rid of its leaders and undertake a deep reform. More
9:29am: Like many athletes who experience sudden wealth, Antoine Walker's fortune was gone in an instant. More
8:16am: Apple removed the Google Nest smart thermostat from its website as well as in-store. More
7:50am: Formal talks on Greece's 86 billion euro bailout have been delayed due to "logistical" and security issues, despite a tight deadline to get the deal done. More
7:26am: The world's first malaria vaccine is a step closer to being used after European medical watchdog gives it a green light. More
7:22am: Amazon Echo represents a future where everything in our house can be controlled through one device and system. More
7:05am: Netflix already has an exclusive distribution deal for Brad Pitt's next movie. Now it has struck a deal with his wife Angelina Jolie: She will direct "First They Killed My Father" for the streaming service. More
6:24am: Anthem and Cigna agree to health services merger. More
5:32am: Russian President Vladimir Putin has just fired 110,000 interior ministry employees at a stroke. More
5:07am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:33am: At the movies, feelings of fear and terror are supposed to come from the big screen and the blasting speakers. But on Thursday a real-life burst of violence interrupted a screening. More
12:11am: Jon Stewart tried as hard as he could to ignore Trump, but he just couldn't help himself. More