China's new future

Transcript: Jeffrey Katzenberg and Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Dreamworks CEO Katzenberg and Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3 director Jennifer Yuh Nelson on making movies in China for China and beyond.  More

Transcript: Fortune Global Forum: Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong, Charles Chao, Dele Liu and Neil Shen on how social media is changing business.  More

GE CEO: China will drive energy tech

At the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu, China, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt says that future energy development will be focused in China.  Play

Transcript: Fortune Global Forum panel on innovation

Fu Chengyu, Jeffrey Immelt and Ellen Kullman on building a sustainable future.  More

Dimon: Road back to normal 'scary'

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says that 'as we go back to normal it's going to be scary' at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu, China.  Play

Tourism's biggest boon: Mainland Chinese

Mainland Chinese make up the fastest-growing group of tourists in the world. Here's how people in the hospitality industry are responding.  More

Huntsman finds reason for optimism on Chinese cybercrime

The U.S. finally seems to care about it.  More

China is the new test market for luxury

Kering CEO Francois-Henri Pinault discusses what it takes to succeed in China.  More

Why we need 202-story skyscrapers

In ten years, 221 cities in China will hold a million or more residents. We need to be smart about building urban real estate.  More

High tech investing where government subsidies abound

China has a hot new start-up scene, but there are still a lot of challenges.  More

Hank Paulson: China needs to reinvigorate reform

The former Treasury Secretary is bullish on China's economic future, but getting there won't be easy.  More

Immelt: GE to "double down" on clean energy in China

GE CEO Jeff Immelt, Dupont CEO Ellen Kullman, and Sinopec CEO Fu Chengyu, offer ideas for solving one of China's biggest problems: the environment.  More

Jamie Dimon: Prepare for more volatility

The JPMorgan CEO said at the Fortune Global Forum that markets will be scary and volatile until we're back to a normal interest rate environment.  More

Transcript: Fortune Global Forum town hall

Angela Ahrendts, Robert Iger and Wang Jianlin discuss the interaction between culture and economics and brands in the future development of China.  More

Transcript: Fortune Global Forum keynote address: Tony Blair

The former Prime Minister on his view of China and the world.  More

Transcript: Fortune Global Forum, New rules for business

Jamie Dimon, Muhtar Kent and Yuanqing Yang talk with Fortune's Geoff Colvin  More

China and Europe risk trade war

While trade spats are nothing new, the volley of threats in recent days between China and the EU raises the specter of more retaliatory action between two of the world's biggest economies.  More

CEOs are bullish on China's new consumer

Mass-market tastes are changing at a rapid clip.  More

Big in China: Jumbo shrimp pizza and green tea Oreos

When brands go abroad, they look different than they do back home.  More

Hong Kong's brilliant, macabre newspaper

There's nothing like the two columns called China Briefs in the South China Morning Post.  More

Emerging markets: Closing the gap

What companies really need to know to grow.  More

The real reason behind Shanghui's purchase of Smithfield

It's not just a combination of property rights and market demand — environmental factors are the impetus behind the deal.  More

A new way to get to Macau: Seaplane

Peter de Kantzow has big plans for Waterfront Air, the startup airline that will shuttle passengers from mainland China to Macau via seaplanes.  More

Microsoft stages nebulous Chinese comeback

China has long been a piracy trap for Microsoft. It hopes it can change that with new product launches and thousands of new employees in the country.  More

China's economic reform: Don't hold your breath

The breadth of China's recently released economic agenda has led some observers of China to call it radical. But it's too early to celebrate. Here's why.  More

Cigna's unlikely partnership to change Chinese health care

U.S. insurer Cigna has teamed up with China Merchants Bank to bring insurance and reliable health care to the country's rising middle class.  More

China: A nation on the move

The world's most populous nation is making big investments in roads, railways, and other infrastructure.  More

U.K.'s Cameron to China, India: We're open for business

Prime Minister David Cameron says openness to foreign investment is competitive advantage for Britain (and Ratan Tata is always welcome at Downing Street).  More

Solar subsidies don't merit costly trade war with China

Who will win a solar trade war? Coal, gas, oil, and rival green energy sources.  More

Apple caught 'flat footed' in Asian smartphone race

An analyst says current iPhones are "poorly aligned" with the factors driving smartphone growth.  More

Where online shopping is killing retail

High-tech meets low-tech (bike messengers!) as new Chinese consumers embrace online shopping.  More

The great expatriate hiring boom

When it comes to finding and keeping top managers in emerging markets like China, it's a sellers' market.  More

Yum Brands faces chicken troubles in China

The fast-food franchise owner has reeled from one PR disaster to another in China. How the company can bounce back.  More

Why Alibaba could be China's next $100 billion IPO

Alibaba has yet to reveal detailed finances, but if it can time stock market, technology and China cycles, number-crunching suggests a twelve-digit valuation isn't out of the question.  More

Can China handle the crises to come?

Xi Jinping's legacy will not depend on whether he saved more lives in Lushan or contained the bird flu, but on whether he can make China more open, democratic, and livable than it is today.  More

Canada considers Keystone pipeline alternative in Asia

If the Obama administration gives the green light to Keystone, it would vastly diminish the need for Canada to pursue a much dirtier Asian exit strategy.  More

Mourning Boston, from half a world away

The Boston bombings touched many people in China deeply, revealing, in many ways, the global ties that tragedies often highlight.  More

The upside of China's slowdown

The news that consumer spending growth is slowing in China isn't all bad. Just ask Burberry.  More

What to expect at the Shanghai auto show

The growth of the Chinese auto market, once a playground only for the wealthy, is being fueled more and more by consumers who aren't elite. At the same time, the rich are buying more luxury than ever before.  More

Did China steal Japan's high-speed train?

The company that makes Japan's legendary Shinkansen bullet trains certainly regrets working in China.  More

Chinese scammers rip off the Apple policies China panned

Swapping fake iPhone parts for real ones under the return rules Chinese TV laid into.  More

In China, a little bit of financial chaos is just fine

China is sliding further along the scale of chaotic financial systems, but is not yet in the danger zone.  More

Christie's CEO talks move to China

Steven Murphy on the art house's latest location, the Internet's impact on fine art auctions and his favorite pieces.  More

Why China is doubling down on nuclear power

Andrew Brandler, the CEO of CLP Group, Hong Kong's biggest utility, talks about how Asia plans to balance its soaring energy demands with the planet's need to wean itself from fossil fuels.  More

Baskin-Robbins vs. Dairy Queen: A delicious cold war in China

Baskin-Robbins has made China the centerpiece of its push into emerging markets. But it has struggled in the region as competitors like Dairy Queen have thrived.  More

Hank Paulson: Obama must help protect us from Chinese hackers

The former Treasury Secretary spoke to Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer about U.S. relations with China.  More

China and Russia: Best frenemies forever?

Despite the superficial warmth at the Moscow summit, China and Russia are deeply wary of each other.  More

Why is China's state-run media targeting Apple? Five theories

Consumer protection? Negative marketing? Negotiating ploy? Payback? Squeeze?  More

America has to stop selling itself to China

It's already become a matter of national security.  More

Local iPhone loyalists blast China's anti-Apple campaign

The state-run media attacked as "a brain-dead product of the Cultural Revolution."  More

Where is China headed now?

That question dominated the invite-only China Development Forum.  More

China's rail reform skirts big question: Who pays?

China's massive high-speed rail expansion is likely to cost over $100 billion a year. The funding for it has been pure folly.  More

Women leaders in business: Why the U.S. lags China

Cultural norms stick around long after they're relevant. And in many ways, American business culture stems from a very different era.  More

China's lending boom is on borrowed time

Lending has soared in China during the first months of this year. Arithmetic suggests it can't last.  More

China's new leaders: Don't get your hopes up

The only good news coming from the pending leadership changes is the near certainty of the end of China's one-child policy.  More

What to expect from China's new leadership

The majority of China's new leaders grew up during the Cultural Revolution, so they have a deeper understanding of those who have been left behind during the country's economic boom.  More

China's copper anxiety and the Glencore-Xstrata delay

China needs copper in ways that more mature markets don't. So they are taking their time reviewing the commodities mega-merger.  More

The answer to Chinese pollution? It's in Japan

Despite tension between the two powers, solutions to China's pollution woes may be in Japan.  More

Huawei CEO on his company's unusual governance structure

In a rare interview, the Chinese CEO discusses how his powerful company is organized.  More

What I learned selling high-end shoes in China

What do Chinese consumers want? American fashion, says the CEO of Allen Edmonds.  More

The U.S.'s $4.4 billion surplus with China

Tourists from China are the new big spenders. Are U.S. companies ready for them?  More

$330 iPhone could triple Apple's market in China

But can Apple make a cheap phone that isn't, in Tim Cook's words, "a crappy product"?  More

How China's lonely bachelors are helping its economy grow

China's gender imbalance may have contributed as much as 2% to its annual GDP growth. Can it continue?  More

China's income gap solution: Too little, too late?

Until China's Communist Party can convince the people that it values China's national well-being above its own survival, nobody should take its promises seriously.  More

Meet the Chinese smartphones

China is the world's largest mobile market. Now its manufacturers want a piece of American consumers.  More

If you could put China's problems in a bottle...

You'd have Maotai. An anti-corruption agenda, a price-fixing investigation, and ongoing questions over contamination have put China's favorite liquor in a tough spot.  More

The Chinese IPO wall

Regulatory dispute stops Chinese companies from completing U.S. IPOs.  More

How can China address its coming labor crisis?

The rapid decline of China's labor supply in the coming two decades could throw a wrench into the nation's economy. How the Chinese government can respond.  More

China's environment: An economic death sentence

The hazardous conditions in Beijing and northern China is merely of one many wake-up calls for the Chinese government. Will it be enough to spark change?  More

Congress's other last-minute fail: Chinese drywall regs

The final hours of the 112th Congress included more than a fiscal deal. We also got a watered down version of a bill to solve a dangerous and pervasive problem inside many homeowners' walls.  More

Is there a bubble in the luxury goods market?

China may take the bloom off the gold-plated rose.  More

The Fed's big dollar gamble

Ben Bernanke's low interest rate policy has driven down the dollar. America's trading partners aren't happy.  More

3 moves Apple has to make in China

Apple has a relatively small presence in the country. That must change.  More

Smartphones: China's next great economic indicator

China will soon have the world's largest base of mobile smartphone users. And that will have unprecedented economic consequences the world over.  More

AIG's Asian savior and rival

AIG's former subsidiary, AIA, helped save the company. Now it could be a competitor.  More

Mr. BRIC is still bullish on China

Goldman's Jim O'Neill, the man who coined the BRIC acronym, believes Chinese stocks are primed for a big 2013.  More

A bright spot in China's coal binge

The growing power is at least testing some so-called clean coal technologies.  More

Economists are bullish on China's new leadership

Economists discuss China's new leadership, and how it will affect the world's second-largest economy.  More

The next Premier of China speaks to U.S. business leaders

Former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack and Chinese Vice Premier Li Kequiang talk about the evolving relationship between the U.S. and China.  More

2030: China's coming water crisis

A new report shows just how bad things could get by 2030.  More

China's 2-million iPhone 5 launch: What the analysts say

Record first-weekend sales suggest a strong Chinese New Year for Apple.  More

Three to-dos on China for Obama's second term

The race is over, but how should the U.S. approach the world's second-largest economy?  More

Could the browser eventually kill apps?

Yu Yongfu, CEO of China's largest mobile browser UCWeb, thinks so.  More

China's play for African gold: At what cost?

China's emergence as a major player in Africa is fueling an intense debate over the nature and motive of its involvement. China National Gold's bid for Tanzania's largest gold mine adds kindling to this fire.  More

China slowdown may be overstated

China's growth may shift more than it will decline. In the years ahead, less developed parts of the country could pick up where development in bigger cities cool off.  More

Huawei could trigger a major crisis

Should recrimination and retaliation multiply, American firms would just as quickly suffer as Chinese companies.  More

California: China's gateway state to American investment?

The Golden State might be in financial turmoil, but that hasn't scared off Chinese investors. At least not yet.  More

About that Huawei IPO...

Don't expect Huawei to list in New York anytime soon.  More

The real winner in the China-Japan row

Many automakers are reeling from the two countries' fight over a few small islands. Except for one.  More

FedEx isn't alone feeling China pains

Is China's slowing growth worse than we feared? FedEx cited a slowing Chinese economy as a contributor to its negative outlook, joining a chorus of other multinationals.  More

El-Erian: Five global risks to grasp

Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian talks fiscal cliff, European crisis, China slowdown and more.  Play

Apple's iPhone 5 may be coming early to China

Two of the three biggest carriers expect to have it in late November or early December  More

Deja vu: Foxconn chair says Apple's stuff is hard to make

For the second time in two years, Terry Gou's complaints make headlines.  More

Andreessen: U.S. design means U.S. profits

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen says concern about China manufacturing is overblown because as long as things are designed in the US, that's where the profits stay.  More

China slowdown? Dell's feeling one

At Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference CEO Michael Dell announced a new $60M venture fund and said sales have slowed in China.  More

Why China's YouTube bought its archrival

YouKu CEO Victor Koo says creating a large-scale video platform was the main reason his company bought the second-largest online video platform in China.  More