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Russian crisis kills big German gas deal

German chemicals company BASF has dropped a planned asset swap with Russia's Gazprom as Western sanctions bite.  More

Why North Korea's attack should leave every company scared stiff

By backing down from showing "The Interview,"Sony has set a dangerous precedent. Hackers now have a blueprint for hurting American companies.  More

BlackBerry ending year on sour note

It's been a mostly successful turnaround year for BlackBerry under CEO John Chen. But the company's sales continue to plunge and that has Wall Street spooked.  More

It's time for disruptive tech firms to grow up

Companies such as Uber and Airbnb need to behave more responsibly towards their staff and customers.  More

Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million followers

Kim Kardashian barely qualifies as famous, after Instagram loses a ton of weight.  More

Russia crisis hurts these brands the most

Russia's economic turmoil has already spread to companies in the West and many brands are bracing for a bigger blow to earnings.  More

Uber agrees to temporarily suspend service in Portland

Portland's mayor says the city will create new rules, eventually allowing Uber to operate there.  More

Avon fined for bribing Chinese officials with Gucci bags

Beauty goods company Avon has been fined $135 million by the SEC for bribing Chinese officials with luxury goods -- everything from Gucci bags to Tiffany pens.  More

YouTube CEO: Paid maternity leave is good for business

Susan Wojcicki said the rate of new moms leaving Google fell by 50% after the company began offering 18 weeks of paid maternity leave.  More

Elizabeth Warren allies march outside Citi: 'Break big banks'

Protesters gathered outside Citibank's headquarters to echo Warren's call to break up big banks.  More

'The Interview' was expected to bring in $100 million for Sony

Sony's decision to not release 'The Interview' could cost it $60 million in global box office revenue and up to $50 million from other channels.  More

What's wrong with Google?

Google's stock has been left behind while its rivals soar in 2014.  More

In Russia, no more $30 Ikea 'Billy' bookcases - at least for now

Ikea has suspended sales of furniture in Russia following a dramatic fall in ruble.  More

GM halts deliveries to Russia

GM says it has temporarily halted deliveries to Russia due to the plunge in the value of the ruble.  More

Sony stock soars after movie is shelved

Wall Street loves Sony, now that "The Interview" is on the cutting room floor.  More

$57.6 million for Countrywide whistleblower

O'Donnell sued Countrywide, and how he's getting chunk of $16.6 billion settlement.  More

15 execs who make more than their CEOs

Sure, corporate chiefs' pay often is eye-poppingly high. But at some companies, executives lower down the ladder quietly out-earned their CEO bosses.  More

Movies are the least of Sony's problems

Hacking of Sony's movie studio is getting most of attention but problems and losses in consumer electronics a much bigger problem for the company.  More

Americans send $2 billion a year to Cuba

That number will likely grow as the Obama Administration eases restrictions with the Communist country.  More

Sony downplays digital 'Interview' possibility

The Internet could be both villain and savior to Sony by giving it an option on how to release its controversial comedy.  More

Uber says it will toughen background checks

Uber says it will toughen checks on drivers, including using biometric screening, voice identification and, in some countries, polygraphs.  More

Quinoa: Now part of a complete, balanced, breakfast

The snack and cereal company is introducing new gluten-free and health foods for the breakfast table.  More

Cuba poised to join the Internet age

Cuba has ranked among the most restrictive nation's for Internet access, but a policy shift by the U.S. government could bring the island into the information age.  More

3 stocks to buy in a market crash

The world economy is getting worse. It might be time to re-position your investment portfolio.  More

Reddit takes down Sony hack forum

Reddit made the unusual decision to take down a subreddit that housed hacked Sony Pictures materials.  More

Uber to use Baidu maps and apps in China

The Chinese search giant will invest an undisclosed amount in the car sharing company. Uber will be able to use Baidu's mapping and mobile technology.  More

Russia iPhone prices have fallen 34% this year

IPhone and iPad prices in Russia have tumbled in 2014 as the ruble collapsed.  More

Drivers to save $550 on gas in 2015

Low gas prices should stick around in 2015, saving drivers about $45 a month compared to what they've spent this year.  More

The best stocks of 2014

This year has been very solid for stocks, but these 6 were the best of the S&P 500.  More

McDonald's forced to ration fries in Japan

McDonald's restaurants in Japan are running short of fries because a labor dispute in the U.S. is delaying shipments of potatoes.  More

Hacked Sony ex-employees sue for privacy violations

Former Sony Pictures employees sue the company for failing to protect their personal information.  More

Apple closes online store in Russia as ruble tumbles

It's yet another sign of the Ruble's free fall. The currency has now lost about half of its value against the U.S. dollar.  More

Airline stocks and profits soar thanks to oil plunge

Jet fuel decline saving airlines billions of dollars but that is going to fatter profits, higher stock prices, not lower fares for customers.  More

Tesla sales forecast cut by 40% due to low oil prices

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas cuts his price target for Tesla, saying cheaper oil could hurt sales of next generation Model 3 aimed at mass market.  More

American Apparel's Dov Charney is out for good

Paula Schneider will take the helm at the company on Jan. 5.  More

GM to make more cars in Mexico

GM plans to invest a total of $5 billion to modernize and expand factories in Mexico.  More

Who loses if Russia implodes?

Russia's uncertain future has caused a ripple effect for countries and businesses around the world that it trades with. But who in the West has most to lose if things go from bad to worse in Russia?  More

Some companies won't survive the oil meltdown

The plunge in oil prices is causing a cash crunch in the energy industry, especially for shale oil.  More

Olive Garden is red hot again

The stock of Olive Garden owner Darden Restaurants has been sizzling since hedge fund Starboard won control of the company's board. Will investors want seconds?  More

T-Mobile will roll over your data

T-Mobile's latest disruptive move? It's letting you rollover your unused data from one month to the next.  More

Amazon's last minute shoppers get more time

Amazon is offering its Prime members, who pay $99 a year, until December 22 for their last minute gifts.  More

Toys 'R' Us extends hours for last-minute shoppers

The chain's pre-Christmas marathon isn't what it once was, but the Times Square location will stay open continuously for a week.  More

Uber limits 'God view' to improve rider privacy

Uber has rolled back employee access to "God view" mode, which allows them to track riders' movements and personal data.  More

The worst stocks of 2014

The stock market smashed record after record in 2014. Apparently these stocks didn't get the memo.  More

Spotify CEO sees bright side to Taylor Swift breakup

Spotify founder Daniel Ek talks to Billboard about streaming music.  More

14 biggest tech fails of 2014

2014 was chock-full of big failures in technology, from security snafus to executive gaffes. Here are the top ... er ... bottom 14.  More

Author of disputed Rolling Stone article is getting back in touch with sources

Sabrina Rubin Erdely still hasn't said anything in public about the discrepancies in her Rolling Stone article, but she's "re-reporting" it, according to some of the people involved.  More

Ford shares tumble 5%

Ford was one of the worst performing stocks in the S&P 500 Monday.  More

As oil falls, Middle East stocks tank

The Dubai stock exchange is down 22% so far in December. Investors aren't sure Gulf states can withstand cheap oil.  More

Sony hack sends stock down 10% in past week

Sony's stock has tumbled as more and more embarrassing emails have come to light. Is it an overreaction?  More

Why Apple is defending Microsoft in court

When are your private emails really out of the U.S. government's reach?  More

Amazon U.K.'s 1 penny firesale

A software used by some Amazon sellers in the United Kingdom went haywire Friday, causing prices to fall to one penny.  More

Busiest day of season for FedEx, postal service

With just 10 days left until Christmas, Monday is the peak shipping day of the season for FedEx (FDX) and the U.S. Postal Service.  More

Sony hackers: ask nicely and we'll offer mercy

The Sony hacking saga continues, this time with a slimy deal for Sony employees and threats of further data dumps.  More

Anger at Uber as fares soar during Sydney cafe siege

Uber has crashed into its latest public relations disaster after attempting to charge passengers inflated prices to leave Sydney as a hostage crisis unfolded at a cafe in the city.  More

France wants to ban uberPOP from January 1

France is planning to ban Uber's ride-sharing service uberPOP from January 1.  More

Toys 'R' Us 'layaway angels' pay thousands for others' gifts

Two customers at separate stores in Massachusetts paid for every customers' layaway items  More

Russia is buying weapons - a lot of them

Russian defense companies boosted weapons sales by more than 20% last year, driven by demand from the country's military.  More

Wireless war: Consumers win, investors lose

Discounted phones and cheaper plans are good for subscribers -- but not investors in Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.  More

Takata has struggled with airbag problems since late 1990s

One of the world's largest makers of airbags, Takata has long used ammonium nitrate to inflate airbags --- airbags that are now the subject of a massive recall. But records show that the company has long worked to find fixes to problems with the chemical.  More
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