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U.S. companies return to Mexico's one-time 'murder capital'

American companies are ramping up investment in Juarez, Mexico, after years of drug violence.  More

Apple profit soars on huge iPhone, Mac sales

Better-than-expected iPhone sales and record Mac sales lifted Apple in its fiscal fourth quarter.  More

GM ignition switch death toll climbs to 29

Claims of deaths and injuries tied to General Motors faulty ignition switch continue to rise, and two more deaths have been linked to the problem.  More

Snapchat, valued at $10 billion, has started showing ads

Snapchat has begun showing ads for the first time.  More

Porsche rents Sistine Chapel for Pope's charity

An elite group of forty Porsche enthusiasts were treated to a private tour of the Sistine Chapel on Saturday -- the first corporate charity event ever held there.  More

Apple Pay launches today

Apple Pay will be up and running Monday afternoon.  More

Facebook tells DEA: Stop impersonating users

Facebook wants the DEA to stop hijacking identities and creating fake accounts for its investigations.  More

Stepped-up effort to replace exploding airbags

After recent death in Florida, NHTSA and Toyota putting out word to car owners covered by the recall of 7.9 million vehicles to bring them in for repairs as soon as possible.  More calls new baby leave most generous in tech

The company that runs the popular petition website announced a new parental leave policy on Monday it called the most generous in the tech industry.  More

Russia's crusade to banish McDonald's

Russian authorities are continuing their crackdown on McDonald's, forcing the closure of a handful of restaurants and investigating roughly half of the country's 400 locations.  More

AmazonFresh groceries arrive in Brooklyn

The company is bringing its AmazonFresh service to New York for the first time.  More

World Series-hungry K.C. fans paying big bucks for tickets

Tickets to the first World Series games in Kansas City since 1985 are fetching more than $1,000 on average in resale market.  More

Dallas hospital hit by Ebola losing patients and money

Texas Health Presbyterian has only 300 patients for 900 beds since Ebola outbreak which killed one patient and infected two nurses who treated him.  More

New Starbucks app will have your latte waiting

Starbucks to allow customers to use their app to order and prepay for their coffee before they arrive at the stores.  More

Les Moonves on reactions to CBS's streaming service

CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves says the company's new streaming service could benefit cable providers as well as consumers.  More

26 arrested for protesting outside Walmart billionaire's New York home

Hundreds of people, including some workers from Walmart, McDonald's and Zara, protested in New York and D.C. Thursday asking for higher pay.  More

Cynthia Rowley: There's never been a better time to design

Fashion entrepreneurs can get their ideas out there without investing much in a startup, says New York City fashion designer Cynthia Rowley.  More

Starbucks baristas getting raises and a snack

The coffee chain will also allow workers to show their tattoos, among other dress code changes.  More

Google mobile ads get more clicks, less money

Google shares fell Thursday after the company reported continued challenges in its mobile ad business.  More

Some Converse copycats cost big bucks

A few bargain brands got swept up in Chuck Taylor's net, but others cost a pretty penny.  More

Apple Pay is launching on Monday

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Pay "is going to change the way we pay for things."  More

Time to shop 'til you drop for cheap stocks

Do you think Warren Buffett is hiding under his desk in Omaha? Take advantage of the fact that good stocks are on sale.  More

One in every five U.S. cars recalled this year

Industry-wide recalls have now topped 52 million for the year, with the number of vehicles affected at about 20% of the cars now on the road.  More

Apple unveils new iPads, releases OS X Yosemite

Apple unveiled new editions of the iPad and iPad Mini at an event in California on Thursday.  More

Goldman Sachs is hiring as profit soars

The big paychecks are back for bankers as Goldman Sachs profits jumps 25%  More

When will companies stop hoarding cash?

The U.S. could get a big economic and jobs boost if businesses would spend some of their cash reserves.  More

Tesla shares take a couple of hits

Law to block electric carmaker's Michigan sales advances, and analyst suggests Model X will be delayed.  More

AbbVie board abandons $55 billion Shire merger

The board of American drug company AbbVie is walking away from its merger with U.K. rival Shire, making the $55 billion deal the first casualty of the Obama Administration's crackdown on companies seeking to lower their tax bills.  More

Google: We'll make you smarter ... if you share your data

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says Google will eventually create an artificial personal assistant. You just have to share enough data to make it work.  More

Netflix shares tank 20% on weaker subscriber growth

Netflix may be paying the price for increasing its subscription cost.  More

Time for a wakeup call at Pizza Hut?

The chain is seen dozing as its competitors eat up its market share lead.  More

Google unveils Android Lollipop and latest Nexus devices

Google announced Wednesday that its new Android Lollipop software will be available on select mobile devices within the next few weeks.  More

Whole Foods' new environmental ratings for food

Whole Foods unveils new ratings system for produce and flowers to give consumers more information about the social and environmental impact of their purchases.  More

Ferrari says 'We love you, America'

The Ferrari F60 America is a V12 convertible that can go from zero to 60 in just over three seconds.  More

Converse sues Wal-Mart over copycat sneakers

Converse is suing 31 companies, including Wal-Mart and H&M, for selling copycat shoes that look like its iconic "Chuck Taylor" sneakers.  More

Gulfstream's new $54 million jet: Here's what you get

If you've always wanted a Gulfstream but felt they just weren't luxurious enough, you're in luck. The company has announced two new super jets.  More

Online ads are attacking you

Hackers are leveraging the fast-paced, targeted nature of online ads to deliver malware.  More

Galaxy Note 4 is not the iPhone 6 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a different kind of 'phablet' than the iPhone 6 Plus. But does it deliver?  More

Downey Jr. may be 'Captain America's' hero

'Captain America 3' could bring a heroic box office for Marvel and a new phase for their cinematic universe  More

Google takes on Amazon Prime

Google has unveiled a new subscription shopping service offering same-day delivery, going head to head with Amazon.  More

Macy's to open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving

Chain to open namesake stores two hours earlier than last year, cutting further into Thanksgiving Day.  More

The GoPro bubble has burst

GoPro makes an awesome camera. But Wall Street got way too excited about the stock. Shares have plunged lately ... and with good reason.  More

Russian hackers exploit Windows to spy on West

Russian hackers took advantage of a bug in Microsoft Windows to spy on the Ukrainian government, a European government agency, two European companies, and a scholar living in the United States.  More

The guy Newsweek called the 'inventor' of Bitcoin plans to sue

Dorian Nakamoto, whom Newsweek identified as the 'inventor' of Bitcoin, is planning to sue.  More

Zuckerberg donates $25 million to fight Ebola

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gives $25 million to CDC Foundation to combat outbreak of deadly Ebola virus.  More

Dropbox: We weren't hacked!

Dropbox says that the 7 million leaked username and password combinations weren't for its file storage service.  More

Chrysler recalls 184,000 SUV's with airbag problem

Chrysler says some of its 2104 Grand Cherokees and Durangos could have short circuit that could disable airbag.  More

Ireland closes tax loophole for tech giants

For years, some of the world's biggest companies have set up shop in Ireland to dodge taxes. Now, Ireland is taking a key tax break away.  More

Citigroup says goodbye to 11 countries

So much for a global footprint. Citi is leaving the consumer banking markets of Egypt, Japan and other countries.  More

Facebook, Apple pay to freeze employees' eggs

Facebook and Apple appear to be the first major employers to cover the cost of egg freezing for women who want to postpone pregnancy without sacrificing fertility.  More

Chrysler finally returns to U.S. stock market

Fiat Chrysler started trading on the New York Stock Exchange Monday. The company's sales are surging. Is it a better investment than Big 3 rivals Ford and GM?  More

McDonald's asks, and answers, questions about food quality

The fast-food chain answers uncomfortable questions about its food in informational campaign.  More

JPMorgan Chase's lower legal costs allow it to return to profitability

JPMorgan Chase sheds most of legal costs that caused rare loss a year ago, but it still had to pay $1.1. billion in legal expenses in third quarter.  More

Makers of KitKat and MilkyWay join Ebola fight

Nestle and Mars have contributed to a fund raising campaign by the World Cocoa Foundation to help stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa, where 70% of the world's cocoa supply is produced.  More

FBI director: iPhones protect pedophiles

Apple and Google are putting privacy in users' hands. The FBI doesn't want that. But we're safer that way.  More

J.C. Penney names new CEO

Home Depot executive Marvin Ellison will replace Mike Ullman as chief executive next year.  More

Apple Pay is coming this week - report

Apple Pay is set to launch on Saturday, according to a handful of reports.  More

Kmart says payment systems hacked

The Sears-owned store says hackers got an unspecified number of credit and debit card numbers.  More

It's reality check time for stocks

Tech companies like eBay and Netflix and big banks report earnings this week.  More

Google rejects 58% of 'right to be forgotten' requests

Google released data Friday on the link-removal requests it's received in Europe following a ruling on the so-called "right to be forgotten."  More

Darden's board gets dumped

Shareholders replace all board members at Olive Garden parent Darden.  More

You're an idiot if you like this phone

Smartphone owners are extremely protective of their gadgets because they're incredibly personal devices.  More

Wells Fargo worker's mass email goes viral

Wells Fargo employee sends an email to CEO John Stumpf and thousands of others at the bank calling for an across-the-board pay raise.  More

Activists fight for a voice in Olive Garden shakeup

New York-based ROC United took its anti-Darden protests to the door of the hedge fund trying to take the company over.  More

Dairy Queen customers get hacked

DQ says nearly 400 restaurants compromised by malware.  More

Customer: I was fired for Comcast complaint

Customer says when he complained about Comcast service and billing problems, he was fired from accounting firm that works for cable company.  More

Hazmat suit maker's stock up 50% on Ebola fears

Shares of Lakeland, a tiny company that makes hazmat suits, is soaring due to Ebola worries. But Lakeland has tough competition and looks like a very risky bet.  More

Soda wars! Pepsi beats Coke on Wall Street

Investors prefer Pepsi over Coke. And with good reason. Pepsi's profits are growing more rapidly thanks to its Frito-Lay snack business.  More

Gap shares plunge after CEO's exit announcement

The apparel store chain also warned that profits for the quarter would be lower due to sluggish sales at Gap.  More

Billionaire Carl Icahn: Apple is worth a lot more

Carl Icahn thinks Apple is worth twice its current price, and that means the company should buy back more shares.  More

Beer 101: Big changes are brewing

The best-known beer brands are owned by just about four companies. Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, SABMiller and Carlsberg together control 70% of the nearly $150 billion global beer market.  More

Lego ditches Shell after Arctic oil protests

Lego is set to ditch its long-running marketing relationship with oil giant Shell after coming under intense pressure from Greenpeace.  More

Enough with the bleeping pumpkins!

What's with all the nutmeg? CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci and Paul R. La Monica sampled several pumpkin-spiced beverages and snacks. They do not approve.  More

Why Marvel Studios doesn't own Spider-Man

As rumors swell about Sony selling Spider-Man, here's how the studio got the rights in the first place.  More

Women CEOs stand by the NFL

Women CEOs of PepsiCo, General Motors and Campbell Soup all stand by league and embattled commissioner Goodell amid domestic violence controversy.  More

Starbucks, the tattoo-shy coffee house

While many other coffee chains are okay with baristas showing a little ink, Starbucks is still towing a conservative line.  More

Zombie retailers: Sears, J.C. Penney plunge

They were iconic retailers. Their best days are now behind them.  More

Elon Musk's $2 billion Tesla tweet

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased on Twitter that it will unveil 'the D and something else' at an event Thursday. Investors are intrigued and excited.  More

AT&T fined $105 million for overbilling

AT&T has agreed to pay $105 million for "cramming" unauthorized charges on the monthly bills of its wireless customers, federal and state regulators announced Wednesday.  More

The mom behind Target's gun ban

Shannon Watts formed Moms Demand Action exactly one day after the mass shootings in Newtown, Conn. Now she's wading into the political arena by endorsing candidates for the upcoming elections.  More

The Internet of fails

Connected devices are becoming the norm. But the new batch of products are coming from tiny startups with little money for security. Privacy and even physical safety is at risk, and computer researchers are sounding alarm bells.  More
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