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Children's pajamas recalled due to fire risk

Recall covers about 32,000 pairs of pajamas made by Roberta Roller Rabbit sold since start of 2012.  More

Google: Our mobile strategy isn't as bad as you think

Google's advertising and paid search business continued to slow down in the first quarter of 2015.  More

An Android robot is peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps

If you look closely at a Google Maps image of Rawalpindi, you'll see and Android peeing on an Apple logo.  More

Wells Fargo ad to feature a lesbian couple

Well Fargo's new ad campaign prominently features an LGBT couple in a big national campaign, a first for the banking industry.  More

Salesforce CEO promises women will get same pay as men

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says it will take several years but a review of salaries will bring pay equity for his staff.  More

Quicken sued by feds over home loans

The U.S. government sued Quicken Loans Thursday alleging the company violated federal rules when it made loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration.  More

Amazon lifts curtain on secretive $5B cloud business

Amazon revealed that its cloud business will bring in $5 billion worth of sales this year.  More

McCartney recorded 'Hey Jude' in this Aston Martin

This Aston Martin DB6 has been restored to 'better than new' condition by people in the very factory where it was built.  More

Do-it-yourself Girl Scout Cookies coming to Walmart, Target

A Girl Scouts Cookie Oven rolling out to Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart stores this summer will let you bake those iconic thin mints right at home.  More

Tesla's Elon Musk didn't take a salary in 2014

Elon Musk's has never taken a salary from Tesla. But his paper fortune runs well into the billions.  More

Goodbye 50% off: Deep discounts are ending

Brands like Royal Caribbean and Harley are trying to regain their premium status. That means higher prices.  More

Brazil's Petrobras: We lost $2 billion to bribery

Brazilian oil company Petrobras posted an annual loss of $7.2 billion and wrote off $2 billion for the cost of corruption.  More

These CEOs work for 'free'

The list of $1 CEOs is long, but the list of CEOs who only make $1 or less is very exclusive.  More

The cell phone data scam

Your cell phone company is ripping you off by forcing you to pay for data that you don't use.  More

Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger in doubt: what might happen next?

Comcast executives are facing off with skeptical government regulators. What's going to happen to Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable? Here are the options.  More

Mayweather-Pacquiao tickets on sale Thursday. Do you have $1,500?

Expect to pay big bucks for a ticket to the May 2 fight at MGM Grand. The median price is currently $11,507 on the secondary market.  More

Facebook's mobile ad revenue jumps

Facebook revenue grew 42%, as it relies more heavily on its mobile business  More

Home Depot to remove toxic chemical from vinyl flooring

Home Depot says it will stop selling vinyl floor with phthalates, a chemical banned from toys and other kids' products due to health worries.  More

Fox and NBC sports: We're not happy with new Verizon pricing plan

Verizon's attempt to take sports channels out of its basic cable package is setting up an epic standoff with some of the biggest media companies in the country. Latest to weigh in: Fox and NBC sports channels.  More

Warren Buffett dumped Tesco before record loss

Warren Buffett dumped most of his stake in struggling retailer Tesco about a month before it revealed one of the worst losses in UK corporate history.  More

Blue Bell: We haven't laid off anyone in 100 years and we won't do it now

The jobs of Blue Bell's 4,000 employees are safe as the company recovers from a massive recall that yanked every last Blue Bell ice cream containers from store shelves.  More

Journalism pay drives Pulitzer winner to PR job

Rob Kuznia, who won the Pulitzer for local reporting Monday, had already left for a job in PR by the time the award came.  More

Google launches 'Project Fi' wireless service

Google will sell wireless service directly to customers, the company announced.  More

Google invites more people to turn off its ads

Google's new 'Contributor' service give websites an alternative to advertising by asking users to pay a few dollars every month.  More

Tesla wants to power your home with a battery

Tesla says it will unveil a home battery and a battery for businesses on April 30.  More

South Dakota's new slogan: We're better than Mars

'Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?' A new ad campaign boasts that the state has a lot more to offer than Mount Rushmore.  More

Bears waving more red flags about stocks

Some prominent investors say it's time to look abroad for good stock picks.  More

Apple: Mac security flaw fixed. Expert: Wrong

Macs still have a major security flaw that Apple said it had fixed in a recent Yosemite update.  More

Brian Williams wants back in as limbo drags on

Analysis: Brian Williams, Lester Holt and NBC News are locked in a lose-lose-lose scenario.  More

Harley stock is getting punished. Down 9%

Shares of Harley-Davidson shifted into reverse after weak sales. But is it an overreaction?  More

Cirque du Soleil is taking its act to China

Cirque du Soleil is taking its acrobatic, high-flying acts all the way to China.  More

This $50 Starbucks gift card costs $200

A special Mother's Day gift card comes with a laser-etched design and a matching gift box. It costs $200 and comes preloaded with $50 to spend at Starbucks.  More

America's worst airline for customer satisfaction is...

Fliers report higher satisfaction levels when it comes to flying, but Spirit Airlines ranks lowest on the American Customer Satisfaction Index Travel Report 2015.  More

Cadillac unveils new plug-in hybrid sedan

The new Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid will mix gasoline powered driving with some all-electric driving range.  More

'This is a new low even for Walmart,' say fired workers

Worker group says Walmart is closing store due to worker protests for higher pay, not due to plumbing problem as company claims.  More

Man who claims to own 50% of Facebook can't revive lawsuit

Paul Ceglia lost his appeal to revive his years-old lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.  More

Google's 'Mobilegeddon' - 5 Fast Facts

Google's Moibilegeddon search algorithm lowers websites that aren't mobile-friendly in the company's mobile search rankings.  More

Stocks: Time for a big checkup this week

Expect an intense week for the stock market as Starbucks, Coke, Facebook, Google and more report earnings.  More

Comcast and Time Warner Cable set to talk with antitrust regulators

Comcast and Time Warner Cable representatives will sit down with Justice Department officials this week amid intense scrutiny of the proposed cable company merger.  More

George Lucas wants to build affordable housing in wealthy suburb

Lucas will finance 100% of the project at Grady Ranch and wants Marin County teachers and police officers to be able to live there.  More

Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger in doubt, report claims

Stock prices slumped for Comcast and Time Warner Cable following Bloomberg report.  More

S'Mores Frappuccino coming to Starbucks

Starbucks to set to bring S'Mores and Mocha Coconut Frappuccino flavors to stores at end of April.  More

French lawmakers want Google to give up its secret search code

The French senate voted last week to require search companies to hand over access to their search algorithms to ensure that rival companies are treated fairly.  More

Elon Musk considered selling Tesla to Google: report

Tesla came close to becoming part of Google, according to a new book by Bloomberg reporter Ashlee Vance.  More

Mattel wants your toy ideas!

The home of some of the most iconic toys has teamed up with a crowdsourcing platform for inventors to find the next great toys.  More

PepsiCo's 'Pure Leaf' brews growth for its tea business

PepsiCo dominates in the brewing fight over bottled teas.  More

AmEx rejected by Costco, JetBlue and Wall Street

American Express is the worst stock in the Dow this year. The company is being hurt by the strong dollar, and investors are worried about it losing key partners. But Warren Buffett is still a fan.  More

MasterCard officially enters the order-ahead app game

MasterCard launched its mobile payments app Qkr with its first US restaurant Thursday, but it's playing a long game.  More

McDonald's franchise owners are not loving it

A survey of McDonald's franchise owners shows they are not happy with the company's turnaround plan.  More

Oil job cuts keep coming: Schlumberger lays off 11,000

It's the second big layoff at Schlumberger this year. The oil services company cut 9,000 workers in January.  More

Fearing United plane was hacked, FBI pulls security expert off flight

It sounded like Chris Roberts, a cybersecurity professional from Denver, was about to use his laptop to force the plane to deploy the emergency oxygen masks.  More

Walmart fired 2,200 to fix the plumbing

Five Walmart stores across the country have been temporarily closed for repair. All workers were notified Monday that they would lose their job immediately.  More

Is Barbie dead?

Mattel's stock has slumped along with Barbie sales. Don't blame tech. It's a lot more than that.  More

Gap between richest universities and the rest got wider

The richest schools are getting better returns on investments, most of the donations and hold most of the wealth held by the nation's schools.  More

Let's get this party started: Party City goes public

The IPO market has lots to celebrate today. It's only fitting that Party City is the life of the party.  More

Roomba lawnmower angers astronomers

iRobot is developing a robotic lawnmower that could interfere with telescope signals, astronomers say.  More

Ben Bernanke joins hedge fund Citadel

Ben Bernanke will advise Chicago hedge fund Citadel on monetary and economic policy.  More

The Apple Watch won't be available on April 24

Apple has removed the April 24 launch date for the Apple Watch from its website.  More

GM shielded from ignition lawsuits by bankruptcy rule

A judge has ruled that the automaker won't face hundreds of lawsuits from a faulty ignition problem tied to 84 deaths.  More

Why Netflix will have a tough time in China

Netflix wants to get into China. Here are three reasons why that's going to be a huge headache.  More

Surprise! 1 in 5 people use Bing

New comScore numbers show Bing gained share of desktop searches in the United States, crossing the 20% mark in March 2015.  More

Holy SmokeShack! Shake Shack is a well-done stock

Shake Shack stock is sizzling. But the stock isn't as appetizing as its burgers. It looks insanely overvalued.  More

Google under siege: Europe wants blood

The European Union has charged Google with violating antitrust laws by favoring its own shopping search results over rivals, a move that could result in a fine of up to $6 billion.  More

This is nutty: Kind Bars are full of fat but healthy?

Kind says its snack bars are healthy, despite the FDA's warning letter requiring the bars to remove their 'healthy' labels.  More

HBO to Periscope: please monitor for people who are stealing our shows

People using Periscope to illicitly stream HBO's "Game of Thrones" to their friends are now on notice — literally.  More

Southwest plane seats are getting wider

Redesigned seats on new Boeing 737s will roll out in mid-2016 that offers wider seats and extra legroom.  More

Reddit launches weekly newsletter

Reddit is launching its first-ever newsletter this Sunday called Upvoted Weekly  More

'Share a Coke' is back with more of your names on bottles

Coke is bringing back its popular campaign and offers 1,000 names printed on bottles.  More

Mark Zuckerberg only works 50 to 60 hours a week

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg works fewer hours than the typical CEO, but he says that 'depends on what you count as work.'  More

You aren't spending enough to boost economy

Retail sales finally bounced back in March. But the gains were not as big as economists expected. Consumers still aren't spending ... and that will hurt economic growth for the first quarter.  More

Nokia closing in on deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia has confirmed it is trying to buy French competitor Alcatel-Lucent.  More

Ben & Jerry's giving away free ice cream

Ben & Jerry's is celebrating "Free Cone Day" on Tuesday, giving away free ice cream at its hundreds of locations across the nation.  More is selling sheets made from old Coke bottles

Black Eyed Peas frontman is partnering with Coke and W Hotels on a line of bed sheets made from old Coke bottles.  More

You'll be able to rent an Apple Watch -- but should you?

You'll be able to rent an Apple Watch -- but should you?  More

Apple bans selfie sticks

Apple has outlawed selfie sticks at its upcoming WWDC developers conference.  More

Pepsi to replace Coke as NBA's official sponsor

Pepsi is expected to announce a new partnership with the NBA, replacing Coke as the basketball association's exclusive food and beverage sponsor.  More

Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day

A new report from internet security firm Symantec provides an alarming picture of how difficult it's becoming for computer users to stay safe online.  More

Gap and Target among 13 stores probed for hourly wage practices

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has asked 13 major retailers for information on their use of so-called "on call shifts," where employees are given barely a few hours notice on when they have to work.  More

Nine things to know about legal pot

Rules are still hazy about where you can buy pot and who can smoke. It gets more complicated for those who want to sell it. Here's what you need to know.  More

The rocket built to take down Elon Musk

Boeing and Lockheed Martin's Vulcan rocket is designed to compete with SpaceX.  More

Nuclear worries stop Intel from selling chips to Chinese supercomputers

The U.S. government says China is using supercomputers for "nuclear explosive activities," so Intel can't sell them chips anymore.  More

Donald Trump: I don't want T-Mobile in my hotels

Donald Trump got tied up in an epic Twitter war with T-Mobile CEO John Legere.  More

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard working on space series with Elon Musk

Brian Grazer tells CNNMoney that he is working on a mini-series about Elon Musk's space ambitions.  More

Recall victim: GM shouldn't get a tax break from settlement

Family members of those killed due to the faulty General Motors ignition switch are objecting to the fact that the automaker is getting a tax deduction for the payments it is making in the case.  More

NFL names first female official

National Football League hires Sarah Thomas from its development program to become league's first female official.  More

Sprint now makes house calls to upgrade your cell phone

Sprint will come to your house and give you a new cell phone.  More

Walgreens shutters 200 U.S. stores

In wake of acquisition of European drugstore chain Alliance Boots, Walgreens plans to scale back U.S. operations in cost-cutting move.  More

The best paid women's coach is a man - UConn's Geno Auriemma

UConn's Geno Auriemma, is not only one of the most successful women's coaches in college sports, he's by far the best paid.  More

YouTube without ads? Yes, for a price

YouTube is officially laying the groundwork for an ad-free version of the video site. The catch is that viewers will have to pay for it.  More

Warren Buffett just bought another paint company

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is investing over half a billion in paint company Axalta. It's Buffett's second paint company purchase.  More

Apple expects Apple Watch to sell out Friday

Apple Watch hits stores Friday and Apple expects pre-orders of the device to sell out.  More

FedEx to buy TNT Express for $4.8 billion

FedEx is on track to push further into Europe with plans to buy Dutch firm TNT Express.  More

Bill Gates' 40th anniversary email: Goal was 'a computer on every desk'

It's been 40 years since Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. To mark that anniversary, Gates sent an email to all Microsoft employees.  More

This is the fastest cell phone network ever

Nokia has announced a 5G cellular network technology capable of speeds 40 times faster than 4G.  More

Would you wear a tracker to get an insurance discount?

Life insurance company John Hancock is offering a discount -- if you're willing to wear a fitness tracker and give up your personal data.  More

You'll actually want to tap these smartphone ads

A new kind of advertising technology transforms mobile ads into coupons that can be saved directly to Apple Passbook or Google Wallet.  More

Cool cars from the New York Auto Show

These are some of the stand-out cars and trucks on display as automakers reveal their latest models and concepts.  More

Surface 3: A tiny PC that gets the job done

Microsoft's Surface 3 has a unique combination of price, design quality and thinness that make it stand out.  More

Kansas City Royals raise ticket prices 20%

Kansas City Royals ticket prices up 20% after team's surprising run to the World Series last year, the biggest increase in baseball.  More

Google under fire for YouTube Kids app

Coalition of consumer groups say that app to let kids view videos on YouTube are guilty of violating federal rules against deceptive marketing.  More

9 slides that explain Facebook's 10-year strategy

See Facebook's drone in flight, and read how drones, AI and VR will shape the company's strategy for the next decade.  More

Tesla sales hit new record

Tesla reports jump in sales, quieting worries about its difficult sales roll-out in China.  More

Jay Z pulls album from Spotify in favor of Tidal

Jay Z has pulled his debut album, 'Reasonable Doubt,' from Spotify, placing it instead on his new Tidal streaming service.  More

Europe vs. Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon

Europe is stepping up its scrutiny of American tech giants. The main issues: Privacy, antitrust, tax.  More

Chrysler hit with $150 million verdict in Grand Cherokee fire death

Jury finds Chrysler showed 'reckless or wanton disregard' for life in gas tank design following fiery death of 4-year old.  More

Adman who molded Pillsbury Doughboy 50 years ago has died

Rudolph Perz created Poppin' Fresh in 1965.  More

Mayweather-Pacquiao tickets selling for record $8,800

Fans are paying more than twice what they paid for most recent Super Bowl, putting May 2 fight on course to be most expensive sports ticket ever.  More

Bendgate 2: Galaxy S6 cracks more easily than iPhone

In a Bendgate sequel, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was found to break more easily than the iPhone 6 Plus.  More

Wal-Mart exec: Credit card upgrade a 'joke'

New chip credit cards are using signature, instead of more secure PINs. One Wal-Mart executive isn't happy.  More

McDonald's gives workers a raise, but is criticized for not going far enough

McDonald's is under fire for offering a raise to workers at company-owned stores, which account for just 10% of its workforce.  More

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