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As open enrollment nears, Obamacare website still isn't totally safe, the Obamacare website, still is plagued with bugs and lacks security.  More

China fines GlaxoSmithKline nearly $500 million for bribery

British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline has been convicted of bribery in China and slapped with nearly half a billion in fines.  More

It's official: Alibaba prices at $68

Alibaba officially secured its place in history as the largest U.S.-listed IPO of all time. The company will be worth $168 billion.  More

Larry Ellison stepping down as Oracle CEO

Oracle founder Larry Ellison will become chairman of the board after stepping down as its chief executive.  More

Yum Brands' cultural snafu forces logo change

The restaurant's red star logo was controversial among the Vietnamese-American community  More

Wal-Mart holiday hiring lags rivals

The retailer is adding 10% more workers this holiday season than it did last year, but rival Kohl's is hiring more.  More

NFL's biggest sponsor backs Roger Goodell

PepsiCo CEO Nooyi says Goodell is man of integrity and she's confident he'll do the right thing to deal with domestic violence crisis.  More

Tim Cook didn't address Apple's real privacy problem

Apple says it has addressed customers' privacy concerns. But its security record says otherwise.  More

Alibaba IPO means a big payday for Jack Ma

Alibaba founder Jack Ma could earn as much as $867 million from his company's market debut.  More

Pier 1 Imports shares fall 11%

Profit was nearly cut in half for Pier 1 Imports during the most recent quarter.  More

Breast implant shortage in Venezuela

Breast implants and other medical supplies are the most recent items on a long list of scarce products in Venezuela.  More

Labor gets rare South win at American Airlines

Communications Workers wins right to represent 9,000 customer service agents at nation's largest airline, and most are based in the South.  More

Apple's HealthKit launch derailed by bug

Apple's new HealthKit platform, set for release in conjunction with the new iOS8, has been delayed by a bug.  More

FedEx, Kohls going on a holiday hiring binge

FedEx and Kohl's both announce plans to ramp up hiring this holiday season, one day after UPS unveiled a major hiring binge.  More

A BlackBerry ... designed by Porsche

Porsche and BlackBerry have collaborated on the design of a new smartphone.  More

Holder: Pay Wall Street whistleblowers more

Attorney General Eric Holder wants to amend U.S. law to raise the amount that whistleblowers receive for sharing information with law enforcement. It's currently capped at $1.6 million.  More

Wal-Mart caught charging New Yorkers more for Coke than advertised

Some Wal-Mart employees falsely told customers Coke was more expensive in New York because of a sugar tax.  More

IOS 8 is coming: Should you get it?

IPhone and iPad owners rejoice! iOS 8 is coming today.  More

Peterson will get $691,176.50 a week not to play

Despite the Vikings announcing that star running back won't be with the team while dealing with child abuse charges, he'll continue to be paid.  More

California OKs first tests of self-driving cars

Audi, Google get green lights from the state best known for automobiles.  More

Anheuser-Busch criticizes NFL: 'We are not satisfied'

Anheuser-Busch, one of the NFL's biggest sponsors, says it is disappointed with how the league has handled recent controversies.  More

U.S. to Corinthian Colleges: Forgive $500 million in student loans

The CFPB is suing Corinthian for "illegal predatory lending" and is demanding that the school forgive more than $500 million in private loans that it loaned to students since July of 2011 so they could enroll.  More

Awkward: Sears borrows $400M from its CEO

Sears padded its balance sheet this week by securing a $400 million loan from a hedge fund owned by its controversial CEO.  More

FBI launches a face recognition system

The FBI's new facial recognition system lets local police easily identify you. It will one day spot you from your iris, voice and the way you walk.  More

Top Wal-Mart exec resigns amid resume flap

David Tovar is leaving Wal-Mart after the company found out the he doesn't have a college degree.  More

Boeing, Space X to get NASA contracts

Commercial contracts will ferry astronauts to International Space Station  More

Safety regulators share blame for GM recall failure

House report says federal safety regulators knew enough to order recall of GM cars with flawed ignition system as early as 2007.  More

United offers attendants $100K to leave

Carrier offers voluntary buyout to senior staff, and plans to bring back some furloughed attendants.  More

UPS plans huge boost in holiday hiring

Parcel delivery company plans to hire between 90,000 to 95,000 temporary workers to handle the surge in holiday package deliveries this year.  More

Who would get Roger Goodell's job?

While owners stand with embattled NFL commissioners, calls for Goodell's resignation mount. Here's who would be on short list to get his job.  More

Radisson suspends Vikings sponsorship after Adrian Peterson reinstated

The Radisson hotel chain has suspended its sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings in the wake of child abuse allegations against Adrian Peterson.  More

Macy's, Bloomingdales to offer same-day delivery

Service is one of a few new initiatives the company announced Monday.  More

CoverGirl ad attacked by NFL protesters

Activists have changed the picture of a CoverGirl model, giving her a black eye.  More

Uber drivers in New York City protest fares

An uberX trip might get more expensive if they get their way  More

Taco Bell owner opens Asian fast food joint

Yum Brands opened its first Banh Shop in Dallas, testing out a new Southeast Asian restaurant.  More

Miss America: TV loser, Twitter queen

Miss America's ratings were awful, but the pageant blew up on Twitter.  More

Alibaba lifts IPO price range to $66 to $68

The Chinese e-commerce giant is gaining momentum for its IPO this week. Its shares are so in demand, Alibaba is increasing the starting price.  More

What happens to calls that are 'recorded for quality assurance'

AT&T has developed a software platform that can transcribe and offer near-real-time analysis on customer service calls.  More

Yikes! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn plunge

Tech stocks took a big dive Monday even as the rest of the market was relatively flat. What's going on?  More

Tesla shares fall on caution about run-up

Morgan Stanley analyst cautions growth for Tesla shares may be slower, sending shares tumbling despite court win in battle to sell cars in Massachusetts.  More

Remember Surge soda? It's back

If you're stuck in the 1990s, you'll be glad to know Surge soda is back. But it's only available on Amazon.  More

Netflix's French connection

Netflix is hoping to duplicate its U.S. streaming success in France and other European markets. But is it overvalued?  More

Urban Outfitters pulls offensive sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters sparked an uproar on social media after it sold a 'vintage' Kent State Sweatshirt that appears to have blood stains on it. The sweatshirt is now being sold on eBay.  More

At least 19 deaths tied to flawed GM cars

Ken Feinberg, the attorney overseeing a compensation fund for victims of GM cars, has so far linked 19 deaths to a serious flaw with the automaker's ignition switches.  More

Apple sold 4 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in first day

Apple sold more iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones on their first day of sale than on any other opening day for the iPhone.  More

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion

Microsoft has announced plans to buy Minecraft -- and its maker, Mojang -- for $2.5 billion.  More

The new Moto X is the best Android smartphone ever made

Motorola's Moto X smartphone will delight you -- something you don't say about smartphones too often.  More

Heineken rejects takeover in bid to stay independent

Heineken has rejected a takeover bid by beer giant SABMiller, becoming one of few holdouts as a spate of mergers sweep the beer industry.  More

Marriott: Tip your housekeeper!

Hotel chain plans to put envelopes in rooms to promote guest tips for housekeepers.  More

GM compensation czar to unveil initial death toll from ignition flaw

Attorney Ken Feinberg will announce Monday how many deaths and injuries he has so far tied to General Motors' ignition switch flaw.  More

Uber CEO: We'll run your errands

Uber isn't going head-to-head with FexEx, but it is claiming a piece of the delivery market.  More

Goodell's pay: $105 million in 5 years

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned over $100 million over the course of five years -- more than any of the league's star players.  More

Yet another 'Frozen' spinoff: An Epcot theme park attraction

The brand of 'Frozen' grows as Disney World announces a ride based on the popular film  More

Red light! GM stops sales of Corvettes

The automaker halts delivery of Corvettes to fix a problem with the driver's airbag. GM also announces a new recall of about 270,000 cars.  More

Olive Garden's big problem? Cold breadsticks

Olive Garden is famous for its never ending pasta. But sales are falling, and one shareholder is demanding changes to make the food taste better.  More

CBS scores huge ratings with Thursday Night Football

CBS scored huge ratings for its Thursday Night Football broadcast of the Baltimore Ravens versus the Pittsburgh Steelers amid the Ray Rice controversy.  More

JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon finishes cancer treatment

Jamie Dimon says he's feeling 'fine.' The chief executive of JPMorgan is recovering after eight weeks of cancer treatment, according to the Wall Street Journal.  More

Yahoo wins battle in secretive surveillance court

The public will soon get a broader glimpse at the still-secretive world of government data collection.  More

Ferrari: We don't want to keep rich waiting

The growing ranks of the super rich don't like to wait around, so Ferrari is responding by increasing production of its highly exclusive cars.  More

IPhone 6 pre-orders crash Apple Store and iPhone 6 Plus sells out

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus caused Apple's online store to be down intermittently.  More

Verizon gives NFL a vote of confidence

CEO of major NFL sponsor Verizon says he's satisfied with steps taken by the league in the Ray Rice domestic abuse controversy.  More
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