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Lena Dunham slammed for 'Dog or Jewish boyfriend?' quiz

Lena Dunham steps into controversy again, this time for her recent New Yorker article in which she compares her Jewish boyfriend to a dog.  More

Lululemon's smash new hit: Pants with manhood in mind

The yoga apparel company is making a push into menswear with casual pants designed with extra space in the crotch.  More

WrestleMania 31 is coming. Time to buy WWE stock?

The WWE is about to host its Super Bowl. The stock has surged this year, but is it really a good buy?  More

Would pilotless planes make sense?

Planes can already fly themselves -- the question is when fliers will be ready to climb in.  More

Germanwings crash compensation: What we know

Lufthansa and its insurers have begun the grim task of working out how to compensate families of the victims of this week's Germanwings plane crash in France.  More

Apple's Tim Cook 'deeply disappointed' in Indiana's anti-gay law

Indiana Governor Mike Pence passed a law giving businesses the right to refuse service to gay, lesbian and transgender people on religious grounds. But many big businesses have come out against the law.  More

Lufthansa will now keep two crew members in cockpits

Airlines are changing their rules to require two crew members to be present in the cockpit at all times after the Germanwings crash.  More

Starbucks sells Birthday Cake Frappuccino to celebrate Frap's 20th

Starbucks has been selling blended ice coffee drinks for 20 years.  More

Dean Smith's will gives $200 to each of his former players

About 180 players have been mailed checks for $200 with the notation 'Dinner out' as a way for the late North Carolina coach to thank his players.  More

Tech's highest paid women

Silicon Valley isn't known for its diversity, but it is home to a handful of highly paid female executives.  More

Your iPhone could help lower medical bills

Doctors are hopeful that Apple's new health platforms will help people save time and money.  More

Bad news: Stocks likely to fall further

Corporate earnings don't look too rosy lately. Could this finally trigger a market correction?  More

'Deliberate crash' a huge blow to Lufthansa

Lufthansa has been rocked by news that a flight operated by its Germanwings subsidiary was deliberately crashed by the co-pilot.  More

Google's new CFO and her $70 million pay package

Ruth Porat, Google's new CFO, will receive a $70 million pay package for leaving her Morgan Stanley job.  More

Walgreens cashiers no longer have to say: 'Be well'

The Walgreens greeting will be replaced by a new set of guidelines for greeting customers, but the company hasn't decided on anything concrete.  More

Charney probe cost American Apparel $10 million

Filing from cash-strapped clothing retailer shows it spent $10.4 million on its internal investigation that led to founder Charney's ouster.  More

Microsoft tells its contractors: You must give workers paid time off

Microsoft appears to be the first big U.S. company to require the businesses it works with to offer employees paid time off.  More

Lumber Liquidators flooring in safety probe

Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating whether Chinese-made laminate sold by Lumber Liquidators has unsafe levels of formaldehyde.  More

Warning signs in the housing market

Homebuilder stocks are back at 2007 levels. Are consumers and investors getting too giddy? Housing demand could slow if the Fed raises rates and mortgage rates move up as well.  More

Warren Buffett must really love mac & cheese

Heinz and Kraft are merging. It's the latest bet on American taste buds by Warren Buffett. Is the Oracle of Omaha going to try and buy even more food companies?  More

An iPhone for people who hate Apple

The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks just like an iPhone, but it is decidedly not an Apple smartphone.  More

Distraught Germanwings pilots refuse to fly

Several Germanwings pilots refused to fly on Wednesday, a day after the airline's flight crashed in the French Alps, killing 150 people.  More

Facebook wants you to take the red pill

We are all Neo, Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash is Morpheus, and he wants us to go to wonderland...aka the world of virtual reality.

How safe are European airlines?

The crash of a Germanwings plane in France has put the safety record of European airlines under scrutiny.  More

Heinz-Kraft brand mashup: Ketchup, Mac & Cheese and Jello

Heinz-Kraft deal brings together iconic food brands including Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Jello.  More

Kraft and Heinz merger to create food giant

Kraft is merging with Heinz to create the world's fifth-largest food and beverage company.  More

Two plane crash victims worked at auto parts maker Delphi

Parts maker Delphi confirms two of its Spanish employees were among victims of crash of Germanwings flight.  More

Hillary's action figure is ready to run

Hillary Clinton 'Ready-For-Action Figures' are a go for Brooklyn-based production studio FCTRY, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.  More

Google could soon let you pay bills in Gmail

Someday, you'll be able to pay your bills via Gmail.  More

U.S. autoworkers have their first shot at a real raise in 10 years

United Autoworkers union seeks pay hikes for veteran workers and end to lower pay scale for more recent hires in upcoming talks with GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler.  More

SeaWorld says PETA 'lies' about killer whales

SeaWorld has a new ad campaign touting how it treats orcas. But is it too little to late? The 'Blackfish' documentary has hurt SeaWorld. Attendance is down and so is the stock.  More

Facebook gets into nostalgia business

Facebook announces a new feature that resurfaces things users posted one or more years ago on a given day.  More

Wall Street's most powerful woman jumps to Google

Ruth Porat is leaving Morgan Stanley to return to her Silicon Valley roots as Google's chief financial officer.  More

Crashed Germanwings 9525 operated by Lufthansa's budget airline

The Airbus A320 that crashed in France Tuesday with at least 148 people on board was operated by Germanwings, the budget carrier of Lufthansa.  More

'Fast & Furious' becomes Universal Studios' newest ride

Theme park adding new ride after 'Furious 7' hits theaters.  More

Aston Martin unveils its future

The new CEO of the British performance car icon revealed his plans for the future at the Geneva Motor Show.  More

NFL to give live-streaming a try out this fall

The NFL will be streaming a game exclusively online this season. Could Thursday Night Football be streamed exclusively online one day?  More

Verizon and AT&T sue government over net neutrality

The net neutrality legal fight begins. The nation's telecoms have sued the FCC to block the new rules.  More

Comcast to take more complaints via Facebook and Twitter

Comcast is tripling its number of customer service reps dedicated to responding to customers on social media.  More

NFL drops TV blackout rule

NFL will drop rule that prevented broadcasts of games in a home market when a team did not sell out their tickets.  More

Wilson buys Louisville Slugger brand

Wilson Sporting Goods is buying the Louisville Slugger brand of baseball bats for $75 million, marrying two of the leading brands in baseball.  More

What bubble? Many social media stocks are losers

It's fair to worry about froth with the Nasdaq above 5,000. But don't point the finger at social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are thriving but many other social media stocks are in the dumps.  More

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says #RaceTogether 'right thing to do'

Schultz won't back down to the criticism around his new campaign to start a national conversation about racial inequality.  More

Olive Garden's neverending comeback

Darden Restaurants, the owner of Olive Garden, is thriving under new management. Sales are up after a hedge fund took over. And the stock is at a record high.  More

Just buy it? Nike stock soars to all-time high

The strong dollar may hurt Nike's sales a bit going forward, but demand remains strong in Europe and China. Investors were pleased.  More

Branson: Virgin might make an electric car

VIrgin Group founder indicates he might be up the challenge of making a mass market electric car.  More

Nasdaq near all-time high. Is it another bubble?

The Nasdaq is closing in on the record levels it hit on March 10, 2000. Does that mean that the market -- and tech stocks in particular -- is too risky and now due for a big fall?  More

'Star Wars: Battlefront' to debut this April

EA's highly anticipated "Star Wars" game will officially debut at the "Star Wars Celebration" event this April.  More

Car seat maker Graco socked by safety regulators

Graco fined for failing to quickly alert public of car seat defects.  More

$45 billion cement merger back on solid ground

Holcim and Lafarge have agreed new terms for a mega merger that is expected to create the world's biggest construction materials group.  More

Magic Leap releases stunning holographic video

Florida startup Magic Leap is exciting, well-funded, futurist, and tough to nail down.  More

$15 flight to Europe? Too good to be true

Ryanair says it has not approved plans to launch cheap transatlantic flights, reversing a position it took just four days ago.  More

GM CEO Mary Barra to be quizzed over botched recall

Barra will be deposed on October 8 by lawyers representing those suing GM over the defective ignition switches that equipped millions of vehicles.  More

Tesla: Now there's no excuse for running out of juice

Tesla's latest software update should give peace of mind to those worried about losing their charge out on the road.  More

Google's new beautiful, $1,000 Web browser

Google has made a gorgeous new Chromebook Pixel device, but it costs $1,000.  More

Starbucks can do more than #RaceTogether

Forget the #RaceTogether backlash. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz should try to get his company certified as a B Corp.  More

Tag Heuer to make Google-powered smartwatch

Google and Intel will work with Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer on a new luxury smartwatch to compete with Apple's high-end edition.  More

Now airports want to hike fees

Airports say they need more money, and they're lobbying lawmakers to hike the facility fees that are tacked on to every plane ticket that gets purchased.  More

Sign up for CNNMoney's Market Madness!

Brackets aren't just for basketball. Which of these Sweet 16 stocks will emerge as the champion?  More

What's next for AT&T? Apple pushed it out of Dow

Ma Bell has lagged the market -- and top competitor Verizon -- for a while. Will things get worse now that Apple has taken its place in the Dow 30?  More

Gates, Bloomberg join forces to fight big tobacco

Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg have launched a fund to help poorer countries battle legal challenges from tobacco firms.  More

A Guinness toast will now come with nutrition labels

Diageo says it will label Guinness with labels containing nutrition and alcohol content that's easier to understand.  More

Amazon expands one-hour delivery to Miami and Baltimore

Amazon Prime Now adds two cities after starting in NYC four months ago.  More

Hong Kong shoppers line up for cheaper Chanel bags

Droves of shoppers queued for hours at Chanel stores across Hong Kong after the luxury fashion house cut its handbag prices.  More

Target could be next to hike minimum wage

Target could be the next big U.S. retailer to hike its minimum wage to $9 an hour, following similar moves by Wal-Mart and TJ Max.  More

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says #RaceTogether 'right thing to do'

Schultz won't back down to the criticism around his new campaign to start a national conversation about racial inequality.  More

Brands swoop in to buy .porn and .sucks before the trolls do

Anyone can buy a .porn, and .sucks website starting June 1st. Brands are trying to buy them up to protect their image.  More

Facebook gets sued for gender discrimination

Chia Hong is suing her former employer, Facebook, for sex and race discrimination.  More

Sony launches $50 Vue cord-cutting service

Sony's PlayStation Vue streaming TV service is live, entering a crowded field of cord-cutting options.  More

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