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UPS delivers bad news. Stock tumbles 10%

The package delivery giant warns that its fourth-quarter results will be weaker than expected, citing costs tied to preparations for the holiday rush.  More

Microsoft unveils next version of Office

Microsoft's next version of Office will come in two forms: Office universal apps and Office 2016.  More

Box jumps 66% in first big IPO of 2015

Investor demand for online storage company Box is in the clouds. Stock soars as trading begins.  More

16 firms worth billions despite losing money

Shazam is now valued at $1 billion despite the fact it doesn't generate a profit. It's hardly alone.  More

Sony: Hack so bad, our computers still don't work

Sony has been forced to delay its quarterly earnings report as the company struggles to repair computer systems that were damaged in a cyberattack ahead of its release of "The Interview."  More

AT&T texts can be faked to hack you

AT&T alerts don't look legitimate enough. It's too easy to make fake AT&T alerts to scam you.  More

Tim Cook on his way to billionaire club

Tim Cook and other Apple executives had massive paydays in 2014 as a result of the company's record year.  More

Facebook's Sandberg wants more women online

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg has made it her personal mission to get more women connected to the Internet in developing countries.  More

Can 'lumbersexuals' save Land's End?

Dressing in flannel shirts and boots is the trend right now. LL Bean is hot, but Lands' End is struggling.  More

Wells Fargo, JPMorgan loan officers took cash kickbacks

Federal and state regulators say loan officers at Wells Fargo and JPMorgan steered business to a Maryland title company in exchange for cash payments.  More

Google is becoming a wireless carrier

Google will sell wireless service directly to customers over Sprint and T-Mobile's networks, according to multiple reports.  More

The Army gun: My 'Lethal Weapon' moment

On a visit to the Beretta USA factory in Maryland, I fired the classic M9, and also the new M9A3 that was just submitted to the Army.  More

Sundance goes digital: Why it's a great time to be a filmmaker

New players like Amazon are competing with longtime buyers like the Weinstein Company. And the deals are expected to demonstrate the digital transformation underway in Hollywood.  More

Fox's new show 'Empire' is a hit 3 weeks in a row

While most shows fall in ratings after their premiere, Fox's 'Empire' grows stronger with audiences.  More

McDonald's sued over claims of racism

Ten ex-workers in Virginia claim they were fired because of their race after a supervisor allegedly told them that there were "too many black people in the store."  More

Ford makes major push into Silicon Valley

Ford aims to have 125 engineers, researchers and scientists in Palo Alto, Calif., working on self-driving cars and connectivity features, by the end of this year.  More

Southwest Airlines is saving billions on fuel

America's favorite low-cost carrier expects to save half a billion in the first quarter alone on fuel. The stock is up 7%.  More

$7.54 for a Big Mac? Only in Switzerland

Switzerland has the most overvalued currency in the world, according to the Economist's Big Mac index. Ukraine and Russia have the most undervalued currencies.  More

T-Mobile rejects 50% for bad credit

T-Mobile reveals that half of Americans don't have sufficiently good credit to qualify for the company's best plans.  More

Tootsie Roll names 83-year old widow as new CEO

Ellen Gordon, who has served as president of Tootsie Roll for 37 years, tapped as CEO following passing of her husband.  More

GalaxyBerry? Samsung-BlackBerry rumor is back

BlackBerry has said it isn't talking to Samsung. But the market refuses to believe it. Shares surged again on more takeover rumors. But why would Samsung want BlackBerry?  More

Turing manuscript going up for auction

A handwritten manuscript by mathematician Alan Turing, subject of the Oscar-nominated movie, is expected to sell for at least $1 million.  More

Time to get your Starbucks (stock) again?

Starbucks will announce its first earnings and detail plans on the upcoming departure of its COO Troy Alstead  More

Why is Fidelity investing in SpaceX?

SpaceX raised $1 billion from Google and Fidelity. The investment makes strategic sense for Google. But if Elon Musk doesn't want SpaceX to go public, how will Fidelity cash out on its investment?  More

Smarter people use iPhones - study

A new study shows that states with more college-educated people tend to have higher iPhone sales.  More

Hands on with Microsoft's HoloLens

A first hand test of Microsoft's new augmented reality goggles.  More

Netflix plans more original series

The chief content officer at Netflix says the company "can probably launch successfully ... around 20 original scripted shows a year."  More

Top executives freak out about hackers

Cybercrime is now the top risk businesses face, says Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins.  More

Thanks, Obamacare! Health insurer stocks soar

UnitedHealth just reported strong earnings and its stock is at a record high. Insurers have soared since the Affordable Care Act went into effect.  More

Microsoft's insane holograms of the future

Windows Holographic and HoloLens show that Microsoft shouldn't be discounted in the innovation game.  More

Microsoft unveils Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled more about Windows 10 in an event on Wednesday.  More

Obama shows 6 companies the love in State of the Union

In a speech heavy on economics, these businesses got the presidential thumbs up.  More

Billionaires battle for Internet in space

Google balloons. Facebook drones. SpaceX satellites. Billionaires are in a space race to give you Internet from the sky.  More

AK-47s: Soon to be made in USA

AK-47s, a Russian staple, can no longer be imported into the USA because of sanctions. One company will make it here.  More

Oil company Baker Hughes cuts 7,000 jobs

Baker Hughes said it is slashing 7,000 jobs, providing a fresh reminder that cheap energy is hurting some Americans.  More

New Facebook feature flags fake news

Anyone can now report scams, hoaxes and incorrect news as 'false' on Facebook.  More

Gun sales soar. So does Smith & Wesson stock

Smith & Wesson predicts much stronger 2015 sales and profits as gun buying comes back in vogue.  More

Wal-Mart customers can pick up their tax refunds in cash

Wal-Mart partnering with 25,000 tax preparers to allow taxpayers to get their refunds in cash at stores rather than in checks or direct deposit.  More

Delta Air Lines is saving $2 billion on fuel

Delta reported better-than-expected results, and the company's CEO is promises huge savings on gas.  More

Shake Shack plans to raise up to $80 million in IPO

The upscale burger chain filed regulatory documents Tuesday saying it will sell 5 million shares at a price of between $14 and $16 each.  More

10 things to expect from Windows 10

Microsoft will unveil more about Windows 10 this week. Here's what to expect.  More

RadioShack's big Super Bowl ad bet goes bust

RadioShack had arguably the best Super Bowl ad last year. But did it work? No. Sales continued to plunge and now the company is reportedly near bankruptcy.  More

Apple's MLK Day honors stir controversy

Apple workers don't get the day off today. Instead, the company encourages them volunteer.  More

Rough seas: Stock volatility here to stay

Get used to the turbulence in stocks. The crazy market swings to start the year may just be a sneak preview for the months ahead.  More

Social network founder charged with murder

David Nguyen, the co-founder of the contact-sharing platform Plaxo, is accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband.  More

5 things Steve Jobs said Apple wouldn't do

Apple has made some big changes in recent years that Steve Jobs would not have liked.  More

Microsoft patents 'Theater mode' for phones

Microsoft patented something called "inconspicuous mode" for phones. It's basically a "theater mode" that automatically dims the screen and puts it on silent if it knows you're at the movies.  More

Liam Neeson's gun control rant sparks calls for movie boycott

Gunmaker PARA USA has called for an industry boycott of films starring the Liam Neeson after the actor criticized U.S. gun policy during a press tour for his latest film.  More

Facebook has more than 1,100 jobs to fill

Facebook career site lists 1,159 job openings in everything from ad sales to drones and virtual reality.  More

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make us smarter

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's second book club selection shows the group isn't about popular reads, but "learning about new cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies."  More

Swiss shock crushes US currency broker

Turmoil in the currency market has wiped out the equity of leading foreign-exchange broker FXCM.  More

Papa John's gun-carrying worker keeps her job

Papa John's will not fire the pizza deliverer who violated gun policy, but saved her own life.  More

Hacked news companies tweet Chinese fired on U.S. warship

No, China did not just attack the United States. Two major news accounts on Twitter were sending out fake news.  More

Fox News to earn $1.50 per subscriber

Fox News is on track to earn $1.50 per cable subscriber per month in the not-too-distant future -- more than just about every other channel besides ESPN and TNT.  More

Google & Apple settle antipoaching conspiracy case

After federal judge rejected earlier $325 million deal as too low, Apple and Google agree to $415 million settlement for tech workers harmed by no poaching deal.  More

6 'hot' businesses that like global warming

2014 was just revealed to be the hottest year ever. Climate change is horrifying for the human race -- but these industries are poised to profit.  More

Fried calamari? Investors dump Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, the so-called Vampire Squid of Wall Street, reported results that topped forecasts. But the stock still fell as investors have soured on big Wall Street banks.  More

Venezuela lacks a lot more than McDonald's French fries

The country is on the verge of default and is begging China and OPEC for help.  More

Falling oil's next victim: banks

Cheap credit helped fuel the shale boom. Now some banks are likely to be hurt by the plunge in oil prices.  More

U.S. airlines eager to fly to Cuba

JetBlue, Delta and United say they plan to start making flights from the U.S. to Cuba as soon as it's legal.  More

Amazon using Luxembourg as tax shelter - EU

Luxemburg might be giving Amazon an unfair advantage by helping the company slash their tax bill, the European Commission said.  More
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