America's Choice 2012

Disabled voters face Election Day hurdles

For people with disabilities, a simple ramp can be the deciding factor between a casted vote and a wasted vote in the upcoming presidential election.  More

Obama and Romney: Middle class promises will be hard to keep

Both Gov. Romney and President Obama have promised to protect the middle class from higher taxes. But they have a very broad definition of middle class.  More

Election pushes back holiday ads

Election could put holiday shopping campaigns on pause as cost of TV ads soars  More

Obama's tax plan aims at rich - and small employers

President Obama assures his plan to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for top income earners wouldn't hurt small businesses, but a Treasury Department study shows doing so would raise taxes on 24% of employers.  More

Romney's pledge: No tax cut for rich

The debate between Obama and Romney left many questions unresolved. But Romney tried to answer one unequivocally: He will not cut taxes for the rich.  More

Election 2012: Tackling Medicare costs

Medicare, a core entitlement of the middle class, is in the crosshairs this election as rising costs and government expenditures force both candidates to propose cuts.  More

Election: Status quo would be stock market nightmare

A Republican sweep would remove the risk of tax hikes. A Democratic win would help the economy avoid the fiscal cliff, according to one investment strategist.  More

Jack Welch: Unemployment rate cooked

Former GE CEO Jack Welch and other conservatives suggest the Obama administration cooked up big drop in unemployment rate a month before election. The Labor Department was quick to dismiss the claims.  More

Romney's pledge: No tax cut for the rich

The debate between Obama and Romney left many questions unresolved. But Romney tried to answer one unequivocally: He will not cut taxes for the rich.  More

Election 2012: Reigniting the economy

Getting the economy growing again is many voters' top priority. Obama and Romney have polar-opposite economic proposals.  More

The debate in 99 seconds

Obama and Romney debate taxes, the deficit and regulation in the first Presidential debate.  Play

Obama vs. Romney on deficits

The candidates share the same goal - to get the debt under control. But they have very different plans for doing it. And, budget experts say, both are flawed.  More

Romney signals limits on tax breaks

After months of criticism for not detailing how he would pay for his tax cuts, Romney starts to lay out options for capping tax deductions and limiting breaks.  More

What we got for $50 billion in 'green' stimulus

The government spent over $50 billion on 'green' stimulus projects. Some say it was a total waste.  More

Moody's predicts Obama victory over Romney

After crunching state-by-state economic numbers, research firm Moody's Analytics continues to predict that Barack Obama will have enough electoral votes to defeat Mitt Romney in the race for the White House.  More

Obama may be a job creator after all

According to new data released Thursday, President Obama may actually be a net job creator already.  More

Fiscal cliff: Payroll tax cut may not survive

The fate of fiscal cliff policies is highly uncertain. But many expect the temporary payroll tax cut will die since neither party is championing it. At least not yet.  More

Obama vs. Romney on the fiscal cliff

Neither Obama or Romney likes the automatic spending cuts, nor do they support the magnitude of scheduled tax increases. But they differ in how they want Congress to avert the fiscal cliff.  More

Paying for college: Obama vs. Romney

Both candidates want to make college more affordable but differ on how best to reduce student costs.  Play

Warren vs. Brown: Priciest race this year

Harvard University professor Elizabeth Warren is running against Sen. Scott Brown for Senate in the priciest congressional race this year at $48 million.  More

Romney's balanced budget: Tall order

GOP nominee pledges to balance the budget. And he won't raise taxes or cut defense. It's a tall order that will require very deep spending cuts.  More

Poll: Romney supporters go green at home

Poll shows Mitt Romney supporters more likely to make green home improvements, such as buying energy efficient appliances. The desire to save money was seen as the motivating factor.  More

Obama's 18 small biz tax cuts - explained

It's complicated: Some are extensions, others are double counted and many have expired.  More

Obama vs. Romney: 9 energy flashpoints

The domestic energy boom and tighter regulations aren't going away no matter who wins the election. But Obama and Romney differ widely on several key issues.  More

Romney paid 14% effective tax rate in 2011

Mitt Romney made $13.7 million last year and paid $1.94 million in federal income taxes, giving him an effective tax rate of 14.1%, according to his final 2011 return released Friday by the Romney campaign.  More

Why the rich vote more

The richer you are, the more likely you are to vote. But why aren't the less well-off turning out at the polls?  More

Obama vs. Romney: Kinda rich, really rich

Mitt Romney released his 2011 income tax returns on Friday. How do the candidates stack up?  More

Romney full tax history still a mystery

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney releases summary of 20-year tax history from his accountants, but questions remain about his true tax bite.  More

Unemployment rates rise in key swing states

The unemployment rate rose in 26 states in August, seven of which are battleground states, critical to the presidential election.  More

The poor do have jobs

Many of the poor work, but often make too little at their jobs to owe federal income taxes.  More

4,000 millionaires in Romney's '47%'

Here's a look at the tiniest - and wealthiest - sliver of non-payers that the Republican presidential candidate characterized as Obama voters.  More

Romney's 'dependent' voters: Seniors on benefits

Nearly half of U.S. households get some federal benefits, but Romney's 'dependent' voter is more likely to be senior on Social Security and Medicare than working-age poor.  More

Romney's '47%' and Washington's tax break obsession

Romney would have gotten a lot less flak if he had aimed his frustration at Congress. The fact is lawmakers of both parties are responsible for a tax code that allows nearly half of households to pay no federal income tax.  More

Obama's jobs record: Better than Bush's

Jobs have almost climbed back to the level of when Obama took office, while Bush was more than 800,000 jobs below his starting point at this point in his first term.  More

Obama and Romney's tax tug-of-war

Presidential candidates agree corporate tax rates should be reduced but diverge more on individual taxes.  Play

Chicago teachers strike could hit jobs report

The Chicago teachers' strike is so large it could distort national economic statistics, including the Labor Department's key monthly jobs report.  More

Defense: $2 trillion divides Obama and Romney

U.S. spends more on defense than any other country. And that's likely to remain the case regardless of who wins the presidential election. But the defense budget would be bigger under Romney than Obama.  More

Obama's housing scorecard

How President Obama's foreclosure prevention efforts are helping -- or not helping -- the housing market, according to the latest report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of the Treasury.  More

Obama hits China with trade complaint

With electoral politics in focus, the White House will file a new trade complaint over China's auto subsidies with the WTO.  More

Obama's college tuition plans face tough fight

President Obama has said he wants to cut the rate of growth in college tuition costs in half over the next decade. But there's a lot that he can't control, like state budgets and Congress.  More

White House details fiscal cliff spending cuts

White House budget office details how more than $100 billion in automatic spending cuts will affect thousands of federal programs and projects.  More

Tax battle: Obama vs. Romney

The two presidential candidates square off on just how much to tax the rich and the middle class in terms of income, investments and estates.  More

Intrade: Fed helped Obama's re-election odds

Shortly after the Fed announced QE3 stimulus, the odds of President Obama's re-election on Intrade hit highest level since Osama bin Laden was killed.  More

Summers: Obama can create 12M jobs too

The former Treasury secretary and adviser to President Obama says creating 12 million jobs is a realistic goal for any president.  Play

Odds of an Obama victory increase with stocks

The odds of Obama winning in November, as estimated by Intrade contracts, seem to closely track the S&P 500.  More

Corporate taxes: What Obama and Romney would do

Both candidates want to lower the top corporate tax rate. But they have big differences over how to tax profits earned abroad by U.S.-based multinationals.  More

Best stocks to own if you're betting on Obama

The presidential election is less than two months away, and the race is tight. But if you think President Obama will be re-elected, consider investing in these five sectors. Check out Romney stocks.  More

Best stocks to own if you're betting on Romney

The presidential election is less than two months away, and the race is tight. But if you think Mitt Romney has the edge, consider investing in these five sectors. Check out Obama stocks.  More

Romney's 5-step economic plan in 90 secs

Republican nominee Mitt Romney will focus on energy, cutting the deficit and growing small businesses to spur 12 million new jobs in America.  Play

Housing improves in hard-hit swing states

The housing market is improving in the swing states, but many residents are still far underwater.  More

Candidates fall short on curbing debt

Neither Obama nor Romney has a complete plan to solve the nation's growing national debt.  Play