G-20: The global economy

The great global belt-tightening

As the United States, Europe and Japan struggle to cut debt with austerity measures, workers in those countries face leaner times ahead. More

World underdogs take the lead

Emerging economies are leading the global recovery. But is their rapid growth here to stay? More

It's the global economy, stupid.

The G-20 is over but economic concerns remain. With euro debt fears resurfacing and China reportedly mulling rate hikes, markets may be tumultuous unless leaders cooperate. More

China: friend or foe?

China has become so big that when it figuratively sneezes the world catches cold. More

The U.S. needs China

Li Daokui, adviser to China's Central Bank, says China's fundamental interests are aligned with the United States. More

'Currency Wars': The saga so far

A sea change in global wealth is churning currency markets -- and the U.S. is now attracting some of the blame More
G-20: Might as well be the G-2 

G-20: Might as well be the G-2

It's a two horse race between the U.S. and China at the G-20 in Seoul, as shown by our interactive GDP graphic. Play

G-20: We'll avoid currency war

G-20 makes many promises, but fails to deliver on expectations to save the global economy. More