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Expected pay
Here's the annual base salary MBA candidates say they expect to earn five years after graduation.
Preferred field First job after
graduation $
Aerospace and defense $93,562.20
Auditing and accounting $71,590.70
Automotive $95,529.83
Banks $94,507.45
Beverages $91,796.30
Business services and operational consulting $91,522.71
Chemicals $96,152.17
Construction and materials $93,274.64
Consumer electronics $97,813.06
Educational and research institutions $86,736.78
Engineering and manufacturing $99,302.26
Fashion and accessories $88,256.03
Fast moving consumer goods $92,906.75
Financial services $99,889.64
Forestry and paper $93,000.00
Hardware equipment - IT $100,814.79
Health care equipment and services $96,368.75
Industrial engineering $97,511.09
Industrial metals and mining $103,333.33
Insurance $90,955.22
Law firms $100,814.82
Management consulting $103,627.20
Media and advertisement $91,835.89
Oil & gas $103,071.65
Other $94,553.72
Pharmaceuticals and biotech $97,515.29
Public sector and governmental agencies $86,164.27
Real estate $98,331.52
Retailers $94,023.72
Software and computer services $102,871.63
Strategy consulting $104,130.13
Telecommunication services $100,848.39
Transportation and logistics $89,020.03
Travel and leisure $89,639.12
Utilities $101,624.81
Published June 4, 2012
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