Money and Main Street

7:06am: Mexican drug cartels are diversifying their businesses, including getting into the lime business. More
Oct 28: Sales of newly constructed homes fell 3.6% in September, after five months of gains, according to a government report. More
Sep 29: Washington put up billions to save blighted areas by buying abandoned homes. But states and cities are having trouble getting properties away from banks. More
Sep 25: In a welcome move, more employers are reversing pay cuts, or planning to in the months ahead. More
Sep 16: As staffs shrink, business owners are taking on support duties they haven't had to handle in years. More
Sep 11: The economic picture has started to improve, but those out of work see no recovery in sight. More
Sep 3: Housing counselors in New Haven struggle to help an avalanche of distressed borrowers avoid foreclosures. More
Sep 2: A long spell of unemployment can leave a hole in your work history and make finding a job more difficult. Here's how to turn it around. More
Aug 31: As the number of layoffs mount, more workers are ready and willing to take significant pay cuts to find employment. More
Aug 25: Hundreds turn out for tips on how to open their own business, and city shows off its support network for entrepreneurs. More
Aug 24: To get the best deal on a loan, you need some new strategies to bump up your score - and keep it there. More
Aug 19: With a Roth IRA, you won't have to worry about changes in rates and brackets, and neither will your heirs. More
Jul 30: Workers are downgrading their job prospects, but employers get to cherry pick the best talent for less pay. More
Jul 30: With $2 bills and "buy local" promotions, towns are launching their own stimulus efforts to keep local merchants in business. More
Jul 28: One N.J. homebuilder is hoping to weather the housing crisis by turning to stimulus projects. More
Jul 22: For older workers forced to stay in the rat race longer, finding employment is no easy task. More
Jul 17: State freezes workers' pay for July as budget impasse continues. Two other states have yet to approve budgets, while California closes in on deal to close $26 billion deficit. More
Jul 16: To survive the recession, some business owners are turning to unusual partners: their competitors. More
Jul 8: With few new jobs openings, those who haven't been laid off are staying put. More
Jul 6: Federal wage floor will rise to $7.25 an hour on July 24. Hike will be felt in 29 states. Can the job market handle it? More
Jul 2: As the country prepares for the 4th of July, historic sites hope to draw visitors and donations to offset their budget woes. More
Jul 1: Recent surveys indicate that business owners are still sacrificing staff, benefits, and personal savings to keep their doors open. More
Jun 25: Stimulus will flow to the 50 states after they all commit at least half their funding for highway construction before the June 29 deadline. More
Jun 19: Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia post unemployment rates rise in May, while only one state - Nebraska - registers a decrease. More
Jun 19: North Dakota companies are recruiting workers from around the nation. The state has escaped the economic meltdown plaguing the rest of the country. More
Jun 18: Experts say the employment picture will start to improve soon. Workers say the proof is in the pink slip. More
Jun 15: Ener1 aims to fuel the car of the future and bring jobs to the Midwest. But the jury is still out on whether or not it can compete against its larger, more established rivals. More
Jun 11: Fed report shows a decline of home values and the stock market cut the nation's wealth to $50.4 trillion. More
Jun 9: As oil prices rise, some say already weak consumer spending is in danger of taking an even harder hit. More
Jun 9: Weakening economy forces states to lay off workers even as officials implement stimulus programs designed to create and save jobs. More
Jun 9: Rife with auto layoffs, Saginaw residents hope a big expansion at the nearby Hemlock solar plant can help jumpstart their battered economy. More
Jun 5: Struggling state looks to stem budget bleeding by closing 3 prisons and 5 prison camps. Michigan is facing a $1.4 billion budget deficit for fiscal 2010. More
Jun 4: Layoff survivors are now stuck with more responsibilities and additional stress - for the same old salary. More
Jun 4: Massive revenue declines force states to hike taxes and fees to balance fiscal 2010 budgets. California accounts for $11.3 billion of the increase. More
Jun 4: The smart use of gifts and trusts can help you pass on more of your money to your heirs. More
Jun 4: In the Midwest, communities race to replace dwindling auto jobs with renewable energy ones, but workers will have to sacrifice on their pay. More
Jun 2: Loss of dealerships, coupled with declining car sales, is hammering state and local budgets already thinned by the recession. More
Jun 1: You gave them everything. Now you wish you hadn't? Well, it's not too late to teach them the value of money. More
Jun 1: Giant Michigan, Tennessee plants to shut. Workers in 9 states affected by cuts. More
May 28: Fixing the health care system will be expensive - and likely shared by public and private players. Here's a look at how consumers may be paying their share. More
May 27: Stimulus funds provide job training for disadvantaged young adults. Programs intended to build skills, but some states may find it tough to place participants. More
May 21: How three manufacturers in three Midwest states are picking up where the auto sector is laying off. More
May 20: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other state officials face tough fiscal choices now that voters have defeated a series of budget proposals. More
May 20: Desperate to balance budgets, states are hiking income and sales taxes on people and businesses. More
May 20: Summer is prime time for 'temporary layoffs,' and they're happening in some unexpected places More
May 15: The administration's loan modification program has helped 55,000 troubled borrowers so far. But the housing crisis is complex and the fixes aren't so easy. More
May 15: Automaker makes big cut as part of plan to drop 40% of dealer network. Many are expected to leave the business this year. More
May 14: GM is due soon to start notifying dealers of plan to cut 42% of network. Metro-area and suburban dealers to feel the deepest hit. More
May 14: Chrysler announced the closure of nearly 800 dealerships, but some owners hadn't yet gotten the message. More
May 14: Servicers are adjusting loans under Obama's foreclosure prevention program. The administration is expanding the program to help those that don't qualify for a modification. More
May 14: Troubled automaker tells court it wants to shutter about a quarter of its dealers. More
May 12: Geithner unveils report on entitlement programs. Social Security trust fund may be exhausted 4 years sooner than earlier forecast. Medicare is much worse off. More
May 12: Forget the classifieds, these days unemployed workers are finding more job opportunities through social networking sites. More
May 8: He works for a company in the middle of the financial meltdown. She's lost her Wall Street job. Here's how they cope. More
May 7: Stocks have rallied lately, but that doesn't necessarily mean the bear market is over. Here's the problem with moving in and out of the market. More
May 5: Kokomo's 5,000 Chrysler employees fight to remain upbeat after Chapter 11 filing. More
May 5: A college financing specialist offers some timely tips. More
May 5: The credit crisis has narrowed the options. Here's a guide to the best deals. More
Apr 30: Analysts say some plants will have to close if the company is to survive. The big if: what happens with Fiat. More
Apr 29: Shoppers are turning to free grocery coupons and online codes to save money during the tough times. More
Apr 28: Location, car models, and union deals are all factors General Motors will consider as it decides where its 23,000 layoffs will be made. More
Apr 27: Kokomo, Indiana is ground zero for auto industry layoffs. Workers say if nothing is done to save their jobs, the town is done. More
Apr 24: If young Detroiters can't find jobs, an exodus could be in the works. But a few say they'll stay and deal with what comes. More
Apr 23: States like California have used fiscal triage this year: service cuts, fee hikes and federal aid. But they still must close a combined $95 billion gap by July. More
Apr 22: When there is no work to be had, finding employment for others can become a career opportunity. More
Apr 22: Kokomo, Ind., a car manufacturing town filled with engineers and skilled laborers, is betting on technology and green energy to take it into the future. More
Apr 22: Kokomo, Indiana is ground zero for auto industry layoffs. Workers say if nothing is done to save their jobs, the town is done. More
Apr 22: Kokomo, Ind., faces a daunting task as it struggles to compete in the new economy: Attract new industry and create jobs in this Midwest manufacturing town. More
Apr 21: Congress is pushing ahead on legislation to protect consumers, and the president is signaling he's ready to take action. More
Apr 21: After being laid off, Carl Clay was lucky enough to find a new position. Just one problem: It ends in 10 months. More
Apr 17: Getting a new loan can save you a bundle, but cautious lenders will make you jump through hoops. These strategies can help. More
Apr 15: Nearly $6 billion of GM's unsecured debt is held by individual investors like Harley VanDeloo. A GM bankruptcy could mean a 'significant' loss to his income. More
Apr 9: Prices soared in the bubble and have crashed in the downturn. Now buyers are venturing back. Meet Theresa Caccamise, owner of an $85,000 fixer-upper. More