Recovery at Risk

8:42am: GDP report shows economic growth nearly doubles in the third quarter as consumers, businesses start spending again. More
Oct 24: Survey of top economists forecasts third-quarter GDP grew at nearly twice the pace of the prior quarter, but outlook for fourth quarter and beyond remains muted. More
Sep 29: Final GDP report for the second quarter shows better than expected growth but still not enough for a healthy economy. More
Sep 22: Slowdowns in manufacturing in Europe and China add to worries that little can be done to ward off recessions around the globe. More
Aug 22: Verizon strikers are set to return to work but not before reducing the number of employees counted in the Labor Department's August jobs report. More
Aug 12: Fewer than one-third of respondents to a CNN/ORC poll believe more jobs will be available in their communities a year from now. More
Aug 10: Economists raise the chance of double-dip recession to 25%, and warn that, with the economy still so weak, it'll be much worse than the last time. More
Aug 5: The state and local government sector lost 39,000 jobs in July, much of them teachers and Minnesota workers affected by state shutdown. More
Aug 5: Employers added more jobs than expected in July as unemployment fell. More
Aug 4: Teacher jobs dry up as the state and local government sector gets hit. Some 65,000 public positions expected to be lost in Friday's monthly jobs report. More
Aug 4: The debt ceiling deal did little to help the jobless. Extending federal unemployment benefits could face a tough fight in Congress, which is focused on cutting spending. More
Aug 3: As weak indicators point to a slowing economy, top economists are warning of increasing risks of a new recession. More
Aug 1: Community colleges strengthen ties with companies to train workers for skilled jobs. More
Jul 28: Consumers are still reeling from the pain of higher gas prices and a lousy job market, as economic growth remains stagnant. Predictions for second quarter GDP look grim. More
Jul 11: GE CEO tells Chamber of Commerce jobs summit that businesses must take the lead in getting hiring restarted. More
Jul 8: Washington offers tepid response to lousy report on jobs. The debate, once about how much to spend, has shifted to how much to cut. More
Jul 8: Weekly earnings fell in latest jobs report. Tough job market means workers can't demand higher wages. More
Jul 8: U.S. economy added 18,000 jobs in June, while the unemployment rate rises to 9.2%. More
Jul 6: Economists surveyed by CNNMoney expect home prices to continue to fall in 2011 -- and through 2012. More
Jul 5: Economic growth and the job market will remain sluggish, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists. More
Jul 4: A CNNMoney survey of top economists shows that the possibility of a European sovereign debt default and another oil shock are the biggest threats to the economy. More
Jun 24: GDP revised slightly higher but final first quarter reading still well below desired level, raising concerns about growth going forward. More
Jun 23: Release of oil from nation's reserves could help jumpstart struggling economy if it can feed the recent slide in prices. More
Jun 20: The White House is touting new Commerce Department figures that show foreign companies own 13% of U.S. manufacturing and employ 5.7 million workers. More
Jun 15: A pullback in gas prices was not enough to offset rising price pressures elsewhere. Consumer prices are up 3.6% over the past year More
Jun 14: Republican candidates say Obama is to blame for sputtering economy and widespread pain, but many measures have improved on his watch. More
Jun 13: Former top economic advisor to Obama says U.S. at risk of a 'Lost Decade' of weak growth and high unemployment without more government spending and tax cuts. More
Jun 10: Risk of recession remains small, but higher than it was earlier in the year, according to an economic survey of experts by CNNMoney. More
Jun 9: Only a little more than half of the household wealth lost in the Great Recession has been recovered - a big reason why the economy can't get in gear. More
Jun 9: The number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits failed to budge from above the 400,000 mark last week. More
Jun 9: Unemployment benefits are at risk, even as the jobless rate remains above 9%. States are cutting back and federal extensions end later this year. More
Jun 8: Alcohol sales - including wine, liquor and some types of beer - have continue to climb throughout the recession and into 2011, even with high unemployment. More
Jun 8: Influential economist Feldstein argues that details the economy has ground to a near halt, and the Obama administration hasn't helped. More
Jun 8: Years of weak economic growth and high unemployment loom as American consumers, banks and businesses struggle to shed debt. More
Jun 7: There are fewer job openings listed at one New Jersey career center. The unemployed feel the economic slowdown first-hand. More
Jun 5: Economic stimulus from Congress is not in the cards, even as the recovery starts to look wobbly. More
Jun 5: Local governments have been bleeding jobs, but the worst is yet to come as hundreds of thousands of teachers and other government workers get pink slips. More
Jun 3: Consumers -- who account for two-thirds of economic activity -- are still being weighed down by the slumping housing market and higher prices for gas and food. No wonder the job growth was weak in May. More
Jun 3: Washington leaders put their spin on the dour job numbers with Democrats and Republicans blaming each other. White House dubs the numbers a bump in the recovery road. More
Jun 3: In many elections, the economy does indeed turn out to be issue No. 1. Right now, that's just flat out bad news for Obama. More
Jun 3: Friday's labor report showed extremely weak job gains in May; unemployment rate rises to 9.1%. More