Global oil production trouble - it's not just Iran

It's not just Iran driving up oil prices. From South Sudan to Canada, over a million barrels of oil a day are not available to world markets.  More

Eyes on Spain as euro debt fears resurface

Investors are growing concerned about the nation's budget deficit as economic growth is expected to remain weak. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank holds rates steady.  More

IMF's Lagarde: 'Recovery is still very fragile'

The fund's managing director appeals to the United States to take the lead in creating a lasting economic recovery, as the IMF seeks to raise funds ahead of its spring meeting.  More

Investors should tread lightly in Hong Kong

The founder of Muddy Waters, known for blowing the whistle on Chinese firms trading in the U.S. and Canada, says investors should be wary of Hong Kong listed companies.  More

James Murdoch to resign as BSkyB chairman

James Murdoch, the son of media magnate Rupert Murdoch, is expected to step down as the chairman of BSkyB on Tuesday, a longtime institutional investor in the British satellite broadcaster told CNN. More

Make Europe's pain your gain

Don't let a good crisis go to waste. Start sifting through Europe's discount bin for investment deals now.  More

U.S. regulator sues Royal Bank of Canada

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission accuses the Royal Bank of Canada of massive trading scheme aimed at avoiding taxes. More

Sino-Forest sues Muddy Waters for defamation

The Chinese 'reverse-merger' firm accused Muddy Waters of misrepresenting facts for its own benefit when it issued a report last year accusing Sino-Forest of fraud. More

China's consumers need stimulus checks

To empower the Chinese consumer, Beijing needs to put more money in people's pockets and make them feel comfortable enough to spend it. More

U.S. to impose tariffs on Chinese solar panels

The tariffs announced were lower than expected, boosting shares of Chinese solar panel manufacturers. More

Mixed view on China manufacturing

China government PMI report rises in March to highest level in 12 months on strength in new orders, while HSBC report indicates factory output is struggling. More

U.S. tightens oil sanctions on Iran

The Obama administration tightened sanctions against Iran indicating it thinks the world will be able to cope with a loss of Iranian oil. More

Euro firewall raised to €700 billion

Finance ministers combine the resources of new and existing bailout funds to build 'robust' firewall against the debt crisis.  More

Audit finds violations at Apple supplier

Foxconn has agreed to comply with Chinese labor laws on work hours by July 2013, according to the Fair Labor Association. More

Like a bear in a China shop

Chinese stocks have pulled back sharply on concerns that China's economy may wind up having a harder landing. More

U.S. economy to outpace Europe

U.S. economic growth to exceed growth of other G-7 nations in first half of 2012, says OECD report. U.S. is driven by growth in stocks, consumer confidence and jobs. More

U.S. corporate tax rate: No. 1 in the world

When Japan cuts its corporate tax rate this Sunday, the U.S. will have world's highest tax rate on business income. More

The trouble with China's Huawei

Huawei, the giant Chinese telecom company, keeps facing setbacks in its attempts to compete on a truly global scale. More

Bourbon: America's export with a kick

Beam CEO Matt Shattock says that global demand for American spirits is strong in China, India, and even Europe. Play

A Putin nemesis gains ground

Vladimir Putin is back as Russia's President. That's hardly news. So who's next? Perhaps Alexey Navalny.  More

Dartmouth chief tapped to head World Bank

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, a leader on improving health care in developing world, to be nominated by Obama as World Bank president. More

Banco Santander's Emilio Botín takes on the world

Europe's foxiest banker has built a financial powerhouse by acquiring prominent foreign banks for bargain prices. More

China hits rough patch, but landing looks soft

A disappointing report on Chinese manufacturing raises worries about a hard landing. But the outlook for the world's second largest economy remains relatively robust.  More

Who is the real Bo Xilai?

A political power struggle has erupted in China after the controversial politician was removed from his position. Here's how the charismatic leader evolved from victimizer to victim. More

Chinese manufacturing weakens again

HSBC's preliminary China manufacturing index slips to 4-month low on weak demand for goods. More

Saudi Arabia can't save us from high oil prices

Saudi Arabia promises to fill in the supply gap if the Iranian crisis escalates, but there's only one place that can help stave off high oil prices: Wall Street. More

Dodd-Frank's escape hatch for foreign banks

Foreign banks may have come up with a way to remain eligible for U.S. bailouts without having to follow some of the pesky rules that came out of the financial crisis, rules that were meant to prevent future taxpayer rescues. More

Kraft to rename snack unit 'Mondelez'

Kraft Foods plans to change the name of its snacks division to 'Mondelez International,' the latest entry into the catalog of corporate rebranding efforts. More

Greece default insurance pays out $2.5 billion

Investors set the value of remaining Greek bonds at roughly 21.5 cents on the euro, which means credit default swaps will cover the remaining 78.5 cents.  More

Jeremy Lin signs Volvo endorsement deal

The Chinese-owned carmaker announced Monday that it had inked Lin to a two-year endorsement deal. More

VW is winning in Europe - and nearly everywhere else

The European auto maker has bucked downward trends. Now, it's on the way to its goal of becoming the world's top car company. More

UPS expands its reach with $6.8 billion deal

UPS to acquire Dutch delivery company TNT Express in a $6.8 billion merger accord.  More

Cisco goes after Apple TV with $5 billion NDS deal

Cisco's a bid for NDS, a television software business, is the networking company's first major acquisition in two years. More

Ready, set, free trade with South Korea!

The long-awaited free-trade deal between South Korea and the U.S. goes into effect Thursday, kicking off a major help for small businesses seeking to expand. More

The capitalist who (still) loves North Korea

When we last checked in, James Kim had big plans for PUST, a North Korean science and tech school with a foreign faculty. It has opened - but is struggling for money. What's next? More

Goldman exec quits, calling firm 'toxic'

Goldman exec Greg Smith slams 'vampire squid' in scathing resignation op-ed piece. Goldman spokesman disagrees with the slam on firm's corporate culture. More

Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books

Britannica usually prints a new set every two years, but 2010's 32-volume set will be its last as the company goes fully digital. More

U.S. and EU claim victory in Boeing subsidy case

The WTO says Boeing received up to $4 billion in U.S. government subsides. U.S. officials point to a previous ruling that Europe's Airbus has been given $18 billion.  More

What China's sharp trade deficit means

Does China's massive trade deficit reflect a slowdown in the world's second largest economy, or is it just a statistical fluke? The truth is likely somewhere in between.  More

Big banks at center of interest rate probe

Investigators around the world are looking into whether some of the world's biggest banks manipulated Libor, which is tied to everything from student loans to mortgages. More

YouWho? Chinese online video companies merge

Youku and Tudou to form China's leading online video company in an all-stock deal. Shares surge in early trading.  More

China's surprising trade deficit

Exports slumped in February, possibly due to European economic woes. Meanwhile, two of China's 'YouTubes' are merging. Play

Greek debt swap just one more step, not the solution

Severe unrest in Greece could still spook the leaders of other troubled countries into holding off on some necessary reforms.  More

Chinese workers flex their muscles

From the office to the factory, Chinese workers are demanding more from their employers as China's wealth grows. Play

IPad chip designer ARM wants to crush Intel

ARM, the maker of iPad and other smartphone and tablet processors wants to dominate Intel in the microchip market. More

Greece: Historic restructuring paves way for bailout

Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said investors agreed to restructure 172 billion euros worth of Greek bonds, 85.5% of the total amount held by the private sector. More

Inflation slows dramatically in China

China's inflation rate fell in February, as temporary price hikes related to Lunar New Year faded. More

Greece debt swap down to the wire

There are signs that a significant number of creditors will volunteer for the debt swap, which Greece needs to avoid a default. More

Currency wars: Brazil says 'it's on'

Brazil is ignoring inflation worries and cutting interest rates again to fight the appreciation of its currency and boost it economic growth.  More

ECB: Gloomy on economy, upbeat on euro

The central bank president says efforts to prevent a credit crunch have worked, but calls on governments and banks to do more to restore confidence and boost the economy.  More

Japan: One year after the quake and tsunami

The Japanese stock market and economy are slowly recovering from the March 11, 2011 disaster.  More

Greece's debt swap looks like it might work

As the deadline to sign up approaches, at least 40% of Greece's private sector creditors have agreed to a key restructuring needed for the nation to secure more bailout money.  More

Dim sum bonds sprout in Dubai

Emirates NBD, the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates, is selling $119 million of dim sum bonds, securities issued in the Chinese yuan primarily in Hong Kong.  More

How China could fail the world economy

Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos says slowing demand in China will continue and may have ripple effects around the global economy. Play

Our China trade war ... of words

GOP presidential candidates and Barack Obama trade off splintering jabs on China's trade policy. Play

Geithner: Europe, Iran are our biggest risks

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says that U.S. economic recovery is threatened by the European debt crisis and Iran's nuclear threats. Play

Why Soros thinks the euro will survive

George Soros says the situation in Europe is dire but believes there is no other option than to keep the euro alive. Play
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