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Fed Focus

Janet Yellen takes center stage

New Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen will testify in Congress this week and investors are looking for hints on how the central bank might respond to the recent spate of mixed economic news.  More

Fed continues taper as Bernanke's term ends

The Federal Reserve decided to continue winding down its massive bond-buying program following Ben Bernanke's final meeting as Chairman of the central bank on Wednesday.  More

Worst over for stocks? Depends on earnings

Stocks are making a comeback in February. Will the rally continue? Investors will get a new batch of earnings from Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and HP this week. Fed minutes are also on deck.  More

Interactive: Bernanke buzzwords

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered more than 200 speeches over the last 8 years. We tracked some of his buzzwords over that time period.  More

Bill Gross on credit, bacon, and marijuana

Pimco bond chief Bill Gross argues that credit isn't growing fast enough to support strong growth. He just has a funny way of explaining it.  More

Stanley Fischer nominated as Fed vice chair

Fischer is an economic superstar who has taught many of the world's leading central bankers. His next task will be to work with Janet Yellen as the Fed continues to pull back on stimulus.  More

Will stocks break out of their rut?

The markets had a rough couple of days. With earnings on tap from Apple and Google, Bernanke's last Fed meeting and a GDP report, can stocks bounce back this week?  More

Fed wanted to taper 'cautiously'

Federal Reserve officials wanted to move forward "cautiously" with their plan to reduce their stimulus program at their last meeting in December, minutes released Wednesday show.  More

2013 ends with weakest job growth in years

Job growth suddenly slumped in December, falling far short of expectations.  More

Here comes the end of QE

Now that the Fed is beginning to scale back its bond buying program, most Wall Street experts expect the central bank will completely wind down its purchases by the end of the year.  More

Bill Gross: Focus on inflation over jobs

Pimco's bond king says the Federal Reserve won't budge before unemployment and inflation thresholds have been breached. Bill Gross also expects bonds to bounce back in 2014.  More

Senate confirms Yellen as Fed Chair

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Janet Yellen to serve as the next chair of the Federal Reserve, after Ben Bernanke finishes his second term at the end of the month.  More

Bernanke: 'Recovery clearly remains incomplete'

With less than a month to go until his term ends, Ben Bernanke is hesitant to call his eight years as Federal Reserve Chairman a slam-dunk success.  More

Fed's assets top $4 trillion

The Fed's assets now total $4 trillion -- a new record high, according to a weekly report released by the central bank on Thursday afternoon.  More

Fed finally tapers its stimulus

The Federal Reserve decided Wednesday to start reducing its massive economic stimulus program -- a process that has been nicknamed the 'taper.'  More

Will the market actually cheer tapering?

For months, investors freaked every time they got a sense that the Federal Reserve will soon cut back on its bond buying. But some experts think investors may actually welcome the so-called taper.  More

Markets to Fed: It's game time, baby!

The Federal Reserve meets this week and investors are eager to hear if the central bank is ready to wind down, or taper, its bond buying program.  More

Senate committee approves Yellen nomination

Senate Banking Committee votes 14-8 to send Yellen's nomination on for consideration before the full Senate.  More

Worst year in history for bond funds

Investors have pulled out $72 billion from bond mutual funds this year. The outflow is the first in nearly a decade for bond funds, and tops the previous record in 1994.  More

Fed may taper even without strong job market

Fed officials discussed possibility that they may have to taper for reasons other than substantial improvement in the job market.  More

Bernanke: Recent jobs reports are 'disappointing'

Forget that strong October jobs report. It wasn't strong enough to convince Ben Bernanke to slow the Federal Reserve's stimulus program.  More

Smooth sailing for Yellen in front of Senate

Janet Yellen didn't face too many tough questions at her confirmation hearing Thursday, likely paving the way for her to become the next chair of the Federal Reserve  More

Yellen: Fed has more to do

The Federal Reserve helped restart the economy after the recession, but there's still more work to be done, Janet Yellen said in prepared remarks to be delivered in a confirmation hearing Thursday.  More

Five questions for Janet Yellen

CNNMoney surveyed economists for the top questions Yellen will need to answer at the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday.  More

Why the Tea Party may delay Yellen's confirmation

Austan Goolsbee, former adviser to President Obama, says if members of the Tea Party delay Janet Yellen's confirmation to lead the Fed, that could be extremely dangerous for financial markets.  More

Fed stimulus: No end in sight

There's still no end in sight for the Federal Reserve's stimulus program, known as quantitative easing, after the central bank met this week and decided to keep buying $85 billion in bonds each month.  More

Rand Paul threatens to block Yellen nomination vote

Sen. Rand Paul says he will put a hold on President Obama's nomination of Janet Yellen to head the Fed unless there is a vote on his bill to audit the central bank.  More

This could be the largest Fed stimulus yet

The Fed's third round of stimulus, known as QE3, is on track to be its largest bond-buying program yet, if it follows the path predicted by Wall Street.  More

Obama nominates Janet Yellen to head the Fed

President Obama spoke highly of Janet Yellen as he nominated her to head the Federal Reserve.  More

Fed minutes: Decision not to taper was a 'close call'

Federal Reserve officials were torn on whether to continue their stimulus program at their last meeting in September, according to minutes released Wednesday.  More

3 reasons why Fed may not taper until 2014

With each day the shutdown continues, it becomes increasingly likely the Fed will keep its stimulus program in place longer. Here are 3 reasons some economists say the taper may not happen until 2014.  More

Bernanke may need to save the day ... again

Before Ben Bernanke can ride off into the sunset, the market may need him to come to the rescue one more time.  More

Bill Gross: Get used to low rates 'for decades'

The Federal Reserve may be planning to begin raising rates as early as 2015, but bond king Bill Gross expects the central bank's interest rates will stay low for a "long, long time."  More

Hedge funds wanted Summers to head Fed

Highbridge Capital's Glenn Dubin and Avenue Capital's Mark Lasry are disappointed that Larry Summers won't be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve.  More

Fed's Dudley: Economy still too weak to taper

The economic recovery is still not strong enough to persuade New York Fed President William Dudley that it's time to cut back on the central bank's stimulus program.  More

Fed banker warns U.S. economy might be losing 'mojo'

Dennis Lockhart of the Atlanta Federal Reserve explained his "mojo triad."  More

Dear Mr. President: Name Yellen now!

President Obama should nominate Janet Yellen to be next Fed chair.  More

The taper is coming. Get over it

Federal Reserve officials have been broadcasting for months that they intend to start winding down the bond-buying program this year. It's safe to say, it's going to happen -- if not this week, then in the next three months.  More

Economists to Obama: Pick Yellen

More than 300 economists have signed a letter urging President Obama to nominate Janet Yellen as the Federal Reserve chair.  More

Fed official: Jobs report won't affect taper

San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams said Monday that one month's job numbers won't make or break Fed policy, and said he felt the central bank will still begin to unwind its purchases of bonds and mortgage-backed securities later this year as planned.  More

Four downfalls of a chattier Fed

More communication hasn't always added clarity. If recent market volatility is any indication, a chattier Fed has sometimes added more confusion.  More

To taper, or not to taper? Reactions are mixed

A weak August jobs report fueled debate about whether it's the appropriate time for the Federal Reserve to start winding down its bond-buying.  More

Fed warned of global risks to tapering

As the Federal Reserve prepares to gradually wind down its stimulus program, some fear that emerging economies could fall like dominoes.  More

Men outnumber women in Jackson Hole by 6-to-1

Prestigious meeting of top economic decision-makers includes very few women.  More

How the Fed can taper without killing housing

Economists propose a three-step plan for winding down the Federal Reserve's unconventional bond-buying program, while sparing the housing recovery.  More

Fed divided on when to taper

Federal Reserve minutes show policymakers are divided on when to start slowing asset purchases.  More

Female economists: Pick Janet, but leave gender out of it!

Only 17 of 177 central bank heads around the world are women. Female economists surveyed by CNNMoney want Janet Yellen to become number 18.  More

Fed signals cautious optimism

You'll have to wait longer if you want any clues about the Federal Reserve's plans for winding down its stimulus efforts.  More

Fed chair smackdown: Summers vs. Yellen

A contentious debate is brewing among Fed watchers about who should lead the central bank after Ben Bernanke. Should it be Janet Yellen? Or former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers?  More

Be set when the Fed's help ends

Traders freak out at any sign that the Federal Reserve might stop propping up the stock market. Why you should stay calm.  More

Bernanke: Tapering plan not a "preset course"

Ben Bernanke said the Federal Reserve plans to start slowing its bond-buying program later this year and end it completely in mid-2014, but only if the economy lives up to expectations.  More

Fed dissenter argues for tapering QE3

The Kansas City Fed president has dissented at every Federal Reserve meeting this year, urging her colleagues to slowly back away from their current bond-buying policy.  More

'About half' of Fed officials want QE3 to end this year

About half of Federal Reserve members want to not only taper, but end QE3 entirely this year, according to minutes from the central bank's June meeting, released Wednesday.  More

Fed officials in damage control mode

Federal Reserve officials are still in damage control mode Friday, after comments about winding down stimulus frazzled markets last week.  More

The Fed may kill bank stocks

Financial stocks usually don't do well when the Federal Reserve is tightening. Even though the Fed won't technically raise rates soon, the end of QE should hurt banks.  More

Bernanke's Fed colleagues speak out

Days after Ben Bernanke signaled a gradual end to the Federal Reserve's stimulus efforts, regional Fed presidents Narayana Kocherlakota, James Bullard and Richard Fisher have chimed in with concerns.  More

Fed sets road map for end of stimulus

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the central bank should curtail its $85 billion a month in asset purchases later this year and end it in mid-2014 -- if the recovery stays on track.  More

Obama: Bernanke has 'stayed a lot longer' than expected

President Obama hinted Monday that he will not reappoint Ben Bernanke to a third term as Federal Reserve chairman.  More

Fed not expected to taper QE3 until December

Fed watchers don't expect a slowdown in its stimulus program until at least December. They also think vice chair Janet Yellen will replace Ben Bernanke when his term ends.  More

Volcker: Fed will 'fall short'

The former head of the Federal Reserve warned that the Fed is now being asked to "do too much" to help prop up the U.S. economy  More

Bernanke's advice for college grads

College graduates got some sage advice from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at their commencement ceremony Saturday.  More

Fed's Dudley says new plan needed to end stimulus

New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley said the central bank's current plan for unwinding its stimulus program is "stale".  More

Federal Reserve goofs and releases minutes early

The Fed was forced to release minutes from its last meeting a few hours early Wednesday after learning that some Congressional staffers got the document on Tuesday.  More

Fed meeting: Bracing for Bernanke buzzkill

The Federal Reserve will issue its latest statement about interest rates and new economic forecasts after its meeting Wednesday. Fed chair Ben Bernanke is also expected to discuss continued concerns about spending cuts.  More

Bernanke: There is no stock bubble

Stocks have recently been hovering near a five-year high, but Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says a a stock market bubble is not in the works.  More

Fed's Yellen wants return to 'prudent risk-taking'

Federal Reserve vice chairwoman Janet Yellen said consumers and businesses could begin to take more risks to help boost the economy.  More

Bernanke: Spending cuts add 'significant' burden to recovery

Automatic budget cuts set to go into effect Friday, will add a significant burden to the U.S. economic recovery, Fed Chairman Bernanke warns senators.  More

Fed officials: Don't worry if we lose money

The Federal Reserve is trying to get ahead of a potential PR nightmare, as its massive annual profits are likely to turn into losses.  More

Federal Reserve blames stalled economy on weather

The central bank blames the slow economy on weather and keeps accommodative policies in place. Esther George dissents.  More

Meet the Fed's newest voters

The Federal Reserve's 2013 roster seems to favor the doves over hawks.  More

Inside the Fed's fight

The Federal Reserve has moved boldly, even as it debates internally over whether its monetary policy actions help the economy. A guide to the players and the argument -- and an action plan for you.  More

Economists worry Bernanke won't be back

Most economists believe Bernanke won't get reappointed to a third term, and will be disappointed to see him go.  More

Fed was blind to crisis in 2007

Federal Reserve officials were largely unaware of the financial crisis brewing in 2007, until they found themselves in the middle of it, transcripts released Friday show.  More

Janet Yellen for Fed Chair!

One thing was blatantly clear when the Fed released its 2007 transcripts: The central bankers didn't see the financial crisis coming. Except for Janet Yellen.  More

Federal Reserve official wants more stimulus

Narayana Kocherlakota, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, said Tuesday that he believes the Fed is still not doing enough to bring the unemployment rate down.  More

Bernanke: Get rid of the debt ceiling

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says not raising the debt ceiling is like a family not paying its credit card bills.  More

Fed hawks hint at early end to bond buying

Three Federal Reserve officials stressed Friday that moderate economic growth in 2013 may push the central bank to stop its controversial bond buying programs before the end of the year.  More
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