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Think you know a lot about the central bank of the United States? Test your Fed IQ by taking our quiz.

Who is the longest serving Federal Reserve chairman?
Marriner Eccles
William Martin Jr.
Paul Volcker
Alan Greenspan

When was the Federal Reserve founded?

Investors have grown accustomed to a statement from the Fed after policy-makers meet but that hasn't always been the case. When did the central bank publicly issue its first policy statement?
May 20, 1987
Oct. 30, 1991
Feb. 4, 1994
Jun. 30, 1999

The target for the Fed funds rate is currently 5.25 percent. What's the highest level the overnight bank lending rate ever hit?
10.50 percent, 1969
13 percent, 1973
22 percent, 1980-81
14.35 percent, 1986-87

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