The financial crisis: One year later

When Wall Street nearly collapsedSep 17: One year after the Lehman collapse, the people who struggled to cope with the financial crisis share what they were thinking as chaos broke out. More

Sep 15: The rejection of a BofA settlement over Merrill bonuses leaves the embattled agency exposed to more flak. More
Sep 16: Three years after the housing bubble popped, prosecutors have yet to bring a major case tied to the subprime fiasco. What gives? More
Sep 14: In a speech on Wall Street, president says bailouts are working and economy is stabilizing, but regulatory reform is still needed. More
Sep 14: Bank of America and SEC are told that proposed $33 million penalty over bonuses is 'neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate.' More
Sep 14: A year after the big panic, Obama is still pushing for new oversight, but an improving economy and health care focus may get in the way. More
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Ranking the rescues
Ranking the rescues
We rate just how bold and effective the government plans to try and end the pain have been so far.
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Heroes and zeroes of the fallout
Heroes and zeroes of the fallout
Scroll over the financial firms that have gotten bailout money, and find few winners - and plenty of losers.
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