Fighting off the bear
One year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, these readers are repairing their portfolios. Here's what they're doing. More
No relief in sight for Main Street banks 2:49pm: With loan losses still mounting, some regional banks aren't looking to return to profitability until 2011. More
Oct 20: Kenneth Feinberg will soon rule on pay plans for top employees at seven big bailout recipients. It looks like they may be in for a rude awakening. More
Oct 6: The JPMorgan Chase CEO has made many big deals, but analysts think the shopping spree may be over. So how will Dimon keep growing the bank? More
Oct 2: Fears of a crisis sparked by downturns in Central and Eastern Europe have receded, but observers warn it's too early to dismiss a possible relapse. More
Oct 1: The lack of a clear successor and ongoing Merrill Lynch probes likely to beleaguer nation's largest bank. More
Sep 30: Job cuts in the financial world are expected to persist for some time. But there are bright spots for MBAs, bond traders and investment bankers. More
Sep 28: With the financial sector recovering, banks face a conundrum. Big bonuses could spark a backlash, but small bonuses could cause top talent to flee. More
Sep 25: Would-be bankers are finding plenty of regulatory resistance, particularly in hard-hit regions of the country. More
Sep 17: The Golden State is the latest to take the heavily criticized rating agencies to task for ignoring subprime risks. But the industry shortcomings aren't easy to fix. More
Sep 16: New York Attorney General wants to hear testimony of five Bank of America board members regarding the acquisition of Merrill Lynch. More
Sep 15: The rejection of a settlement with BofA over Merrill bonuses leaves the embattled agency exposed to more criticism. But BofA is hardly in the clear either. More
Sep 15: Three years after the housing bubble popped, prosecutors have yet to bring a major case tied to the subprime fiasco. What gives? More
Sep 15: Bank proposes to issue new stock and sell government shares in order to reduce taxpayer's 34% stake, according to Wall Street Journal. More
Sep 14: Bank of America and the SEC are told that a proposed $33 million penalty over Merrill Lynch bonuses is 'neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate.' More
Sep 14: Alan Schwartz said the firm's collapse spurred fiscal policymakers around the world to finally cooperate, but added that Lehman's failure was 'unfortunate.' More
Sep 14: In speech on Wall Street, president says bailouts are working and economy is stabilizing, but regulatory reform is needed to prevent future collapses. More
Sep 13: A year after the big panic, Obama is still pushing for new oversight. Some fear an improving economy and health care focus may further slow momentum. More
Sep 11: With the traditional means of accessing the capital markets closed, small banks have little choice but to seek federal aid. More
Sep 11: The government has gotten back hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout loans, but it still has more than $2 trillion to wind down. More
Sep 11: Kevin White and some other alumni of the fallen firm are still profitably plying their trade. More
Sep 10: How the rise of real estate led to the fall of Lehman. More
Sep 9: Bank of America and the SEC exchange jabs, but ask federal judge once again to sign off on $33 million settlement over bonuses paid to Merrill execs. More
Sep 9: Of all the potential Wall Street perps, the only defendants so far are two Bear Stearns managers, who head for trial next month. Why vengeance over the financial crisis is so elusive. More
Sep 9: One year ago a perfect storm on Wall Street nearly destroyed your portfolio - and our financial system. Now it's time to take stock. More
Sep 8: Ongoing worries about loans it inherited from Wachovia and capital questions leave Wall Street divided about the health of the West Coast banking giant. More
Sep 8: It would be nice to think we've learned something from the near-death of the world's economic system. But, sorry to say, Wall Street will always be Wall Street. More
Sep 8: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recalls the anxious meetings among a handful of top bankers and officials as they struggled to halt the firestorm all around them. More
Sep 8: The short-lived CEO of insurance giant AIG gives his account of the weeks that led up to his former company's government bailout a year ago. More
Sep 8: The biggest-ever bank collapse didn't lead to chaos, but Americans will pay the price for its unsound lending for years to come. More
We check out the last of the bankrupt firmís branded merchandise before the company store shut down. More
One year after the Lehman collapse, the people who struggled to cope with the financial crisis share what they were thinking as chaos broke out. More