10:44am: Federal investigators are finding evidence of bid rigging and fraud in Recovery Act contracts. More
4:50am: A $5.1 million project set to begin in the spring will provide 100 temporary jobs in a city with 15% unemployment. More
Jan 27: The chief impact of the stimulus has been to stabilize the economy, not much has directly lead to new jobs. More
Jan 26: The Congressional Budget Office says it expects the Recovery Act will cost taxpayers $862 billion, more than the $787 billion initial estimate. More
Jan 26: The White House credits stimulus with boosting jobs, while critics say it's a gigantic waste of money. Here's what you need to know about the controversy. More
Jan 26: Upcoming debate over jobs and stimulus will be informed by politicians' worst fear - that the economy could go through another sharp recession like the one in 1937. More
Jan 25: The government is borrowing record amounts to finance its spending plans - and not just from China. More
Jan 24: Funding for new projects used to rely largely on Wall Street profits. When those dried up, the government had to act fast. More
Jan 24: The ARC loan stimulus program was intended to save ailing companies, but it's in need of its own rescue. More
Jan 24: More than 8,500 stimulus-funded infrastructure projects are underway, creating 250,000 jobs. But construction firms say the future looks bleak. More
Jan 24: Without the incentive that was passed as part of the stimulus package, these buyers -- and many like them -- may have held back. More