New Orleans: A snapshot

Jobs. Tourists. Housing. Crime. What the numbers say about the area and its recovery four years after Katrina's devastation.

By Jennifer Liberto, senior writer

76.4 %
Population: More than three-quarters of New Orleans population is back, according to post office numbers showing who gets mail. In the greater New Orleans metro area, 90% of the population is back, getting mail.
Demographics: New Orleans' public school system reported that Hispanics made up 5.6% of enrollment in the spring, up from 3.6% before Katrina.
Unemployment: Engineering and construction work rebuilding Louisiana after storms has cushioned unemployment. Nation's rate is 9.4%.
- .3 %
Housing prices: Returning residents propped up housing prices in the first three months of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008. Nationwide, prices dropped 6.3% during the same period.
1 in 167
Foreclosures: New Orleans ranks 119th on a list of cities with most foreclosures. In hardest-hit Las Vegas, one in every 13 homes is in foreclosure.
Tourism: Cash-strapped tourists and companies worldwide have cut travel to the Big Easy. City hotel bookings related to conventions and meetings are down 15% from 2008.
Shipping: The global recession hit hard at the Port of New Orleans. In 2008, tons of general cargo fell 19% compared to 2007. Losses in imports of iron and steel hurt.
Blight: The number of unoccupied residences in March 2009 was nearly equal to those in Detroit. Indeed, the New Orleans landscape is dotted by weed-filled lots and molding houses.
Murder: The city's murder rate, adjusted for population, topped all cities nationwide last year.
-17 %
Violent crime: A bright spot: Violent crime dropped in New Orleans in 2008. The city has done better than even a nationwide decline in crime the last two years.
Poverty: Louisiana ranks No. 2 in the nation for people living in poverty, trailing only Mississippi, despite billions in post-Katrina recovery dollars.

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