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•  Best and worst places to shop
Retailer rankings
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - In its latest ranking of retailers, market research firm BIGresearch evaluated some of the nation's largest chains in terms of the behavior of the sales staff and merchandising the products that they sell.

Separately, market research firm Vividence came out with its first-ever ranking of top 20 online merchants, grading them on customer experience, visual appeal, efficiency of the Web site's search engine and overall ease of use.

Here are the results:

Ranking 1: Retailers with the most courteous employees
Rank Retailer
(assuming each retailer in the ranking has the same size customer base)
(rank by popular vote)
1 Nordstrom Wal-Mart
2 Wal-Mart Target
3 Meijer Home Depot
4 Safeway Lowe's
5 Target Publix
6 Kroger Best Buy
7 Kohl's Kroger
8 Albertson's Sears
9 Sam's Club Safeway
10 Costco Kohl's
11 Lowe's Albertson's
12 Publix Meijer
13 Kmart Kmart
14 Best Buy J.C. Penney
15 Home Depot Nordstrom
16 J.C. Penney Sam's Club
17 Sears Walgreen
18 Walgreen Costco
Source: BIGresearch

Ranking 3: Top 20 Online retailers ranked in terms of customer experience
Rank Retailer
1 Amazon.com
2 Barnesandnoble.com
3 Circuit City
4 eBay
5 Lands' End
6 Gap
7 L.L. Bean
8 Yahoo! Shopping
9 Eddie Bauer
10 Office Depot
11 Staples
12 Macy's
13 Sears
14 Wal-Mart
15 Best Buy
16 Froogle
17 Target
18 Nordstrom
19 J.C. Penney
20 Costco
Source: Vividence

Ranking 2: Retailers best at displaying products and prices
Rank Retailer
1 Nordstrom
2 Best Buy
3 Target
4 Costco
5 Meijer
6 Kohl's
7 Lowe's
8 Wal-Mart
9 Sam's Club
10 Sears
11 Walgreen
12 J.C. Penney
13 Home Depot
Ranking 2: Retailers worst at displaying products and prices
Rank Retailer
1 Dollar Store
2 Big Lots
3 Kmart
4 Dollar General
5 Family Dollar
6 Ross Store
Source: BIGresearch