Fiscal cliff could weigh on holiday sales

Holiday spending got off to a strong start this weekend, but could looming tax hikes soon lead consumers to cut back on shopping?  More

Black Friday shopping hits a new record

Total spending over Black Friday weekend hit a record $59.1 billion, up 13% from last year.  More

Black Friday: Crowds grow, but sales are a question

Black Friday foot traffic rises 3.5% from last year, according to ShopperTrak. But sales are down, possibly taken by the early openings on Thanksgiving  More

The hottest Black Friday stores

Shoppers flocked to these stores on Black Friday, looking for deals on everything from lingerie to laptops.  More

Black Friday shoppers out in full force

Shoppers turn out in droves at the malls and big-box stores around the country to take advantage of Black Friday deals. Retailers open their doors earlier than ever on Thanksgiving.  More

Cyber Monday starts early this year

Post-Thanksgiving online deals were once relegated to Cyber Monday, but these days, websites are launching pre-Black Friday deals - and setting records.  More

Wal-Mart worker: Why I walked out today

A Wal-Mart employee walked out of her job on Black Friday to join the protest in Landover Hills, Md.  Play

Black Friday brings festive scene to Macy's

Lining up for Macy's Black Friday sale is as much about the scene as the savings.  More

Macy's CEO: Last minute shoppers are key

Black Friday is big for Macy's, but CEO Terry Lundgren says the long holiday shopping season means many shoppers will wait to buy.  Play

Wal-Mart protests draw hundreds nationwide

Protests of alleged retaliation against Wal-Mart workers draw groups in a handful of locations.  More

Black Friday comes early to Wal-Mart

Black Friday came early for Wal-Mart this year, with stores across the country opening their doors to bargain hunters at 8 p.m. Thursday evening, up two hours from last year.  More

Toys R Us shoppers choose deals first, turkey later

Shop, eat turkey, then shop some more. That was the game plan for many of the experienced Black Friday shoppers in line at Toys R Us in Times Square, after the store moved its opening hour up to its earliest time ever -- 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.  More

I work Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Ingrid Momperousse has a retail job and is just one of millions of American workers heading to work on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.  Play

7 apps to find holiday deals

For Black Friday and beyond, these apps can help you save cash as you work through your holiday shopping list.  More

Mobile apps hunt down holiday deals

CNNMoney goes holiday shopping using apps to determine our destinations.  Play

Fortune 2012 holiday gift guide

Enough of the office. Next year they want to breathe deeply, enjoy the scenery, and appreciate the outdoors.  More

Black Friday deals you wouldn't expect

Forget doorbuster deals on flatscreen TVs and cameras. These four small businesses and franchises are ready to make a killing on Black Friday by offering juicy discounts on some surprising items.  More

'Don't believe the Black Friday hype'

Personal finance expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox explains why consumers are probably not getting the best deal the day after Thanksgiving.  Play

Wal-Mart warns workers on Black Friday strike

Wal-Mart files a complaint with federal labor agency accusing a union of disrupting business activity, days before Wal-Mart employees plan a Black Friday walkout.  More

Wal-Mart workers plan Black Friday walkout

Organizers say Wal-Mart workers plan a walkout on Black Friday, marking another battle in the war between the nation's largest employer and its employees.  More

Why it sucks to work Black Friday

Black Friday hoopla is decidedly less exciting for retail workers who have to lose sleep and handle irate, hectic crowds.  More

Save on last-minute holiday travel

These tips should help reduce some of the pain of booking your holiday travel at the last-minute.  More

Black Thursday is the new Black Friday

Black Thursday may be a more accurate name for the year's most notorious holiday shopping day, with retailers pushing store openings even earlier on Thanksgiving Day as they compete for customers.  More

Confessions of extreme Black Friday shoppers

Joni Crothers and her 'coupon-tourage' got $10,000 worth of goods for $2,000 last Black Friday - and donated all of it. Their strategy takes months to put in place and 17 hours to execute, but they're doing it again this year.  More

Toys R Us unveils Black Friday deals

Toys R Us will open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, its earliest Black Friday opening ever. The sale will kick off with 200 doorbusters. Here are some of the deals you can expect.  More

Target's Black Friday to start at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving Day

Target says it will open at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving, one hour after rival Wal-Mart, and offer some special deals at 4 a.m. Friday.  More

Toys R Us to open early on Thanksgiving

Forget Black Friday. Toys R Us will open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. More than 200 doorbusters include discounts on Samsung Galaxy tablets and free gift cards with the purchase of an iPod touch.  More

Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals

Wal-Mart is starting its sales earlier this year. Here's a cheat sheet of deals the retailer is offering on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  More

Toys R Us: Hottest toys for holidays

Toys R Us CEO Gerald Storch shows off the hottest toys for the 2012 holiday season, including the toy retailer's new tablet for kids.  Play

Sears will offer Black Friday deals 5 days early

Sears announced Thursday that it will offer Black Friday deals to shoppers in its free membership program on Nov. 18, making its holiday discounts the first available this season.  More

Toy stores fear Sandy effect on Black Friday

Toy stores and other businesses in the Northeast worry the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy will make it difficult to get and sell the products they need in time for the crucial holiday sales season.  More

Wal-Mart unveils Black Friday deals

Wal-Mart is kicking off its highly-anticipated Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day. It's hottest deals are on electronics -- Apple iPad 2, LCD TVs, Blu-ray players, laptops and holiday gift favorites such as toys and DVDs.  More

Tighten up your holiday spending

Don't want to go overboard (again) this holiday season? Use these strategies to stay under budget.  More

Holiday deals shaping up to be best in years

Retailers are falling over themselves to lure in holiday shoppers with deals including matching online prices, extending layaways, and even making a copycat iPad.  More

Holiday gifts: What women want, men don't give

America's wealthiest households will spend 22% more on holiday gifts this year, but a new survey shows that both men and women won't be happy with what they get.  More

Toys R Us: Free layaway till December

Toys R Us is extending its free layaway plan until Dec. 16, as more customers take advantage of stretching out payments and locking down the season's hottest toys.  More

Target to match online prices

Target to match online retailers this holiday season, joining Best Buy and Toys R Us, in hopes of luring more shoppers.  More

Amazon to hire 50,000 seasonal workers

Amazon is just one of many big companies to announce hiring for seasonal jobs, at its 40 fulfillment centers across the country. The retailer will hire 50,000 people for the holiday sales season.  More

Election pushes back holiday ads

Election could put holiday shopping campaigns on pause as cost of TV ads soars  More

Holiday sales projected to increase 4%

The National Retail Federation is feeling optimistic heading into the holidays.  More

Toys R Us: You can now reserve hot toys

Just in time for the holidays, Toys R Us unveils a service that lets shoppers reserve the company's hottest toys for guaranteed purchase.  More

Macy's to hire 80,000 holiday workers

Macy's plans boost the number of seasonal employees it hires this year, up 2.5% from last year's staffing.  More

Toys R Us ramps up holiday hiring

Toys R Us plans to hire 45,000 seasonal workers - that's 5,000 more jobs than last year.  More

Kohl's to hire more than 50,000

Department store chain plans to hire 52,700 seasonal workers in anticipation of holiday shopping season.  More

Wal-Mart cuts layaway fee

Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, cuts the fee it charges on lawaway purchases to $5 in effort to spur holiday sales.  More

Toys R Us offers free layaway

Toy retailer Toys R Us drops layaway charge to try and spur holiday shopping.  More