How we became millionaires
Meet five folks who've become millionaires by applying basic principles of saving, investing and cost-cutting to their personal finances. More
Save your way to $1 million
Boost your cash inflow and control your cash outlfow. The savings can be substantial and send you on your way to become a millionaire. More
Invest your way to $1 million
Demand a high return on all of your investments -- from stocks to home renovation -- and invest your way to a million-dollar portfolio. More
Want a $1 million?  Protect your portfolio
Know when to cut your money-losing investments and sell. YOu can make more my losing less. More
Become a millionaire by seeking growth
Keep the growth potential of your stock investments, real estate holdings and your own career in sight and plan your next big move. More
Become a millionaire by thinking differently
Think outside the box about how you save and invest your way to $1 million. More