Money Heroes

Saluting extraordinary people who've improved others' financial well-being.

Protectors against financial abuse

Meet three folks fighting on behalf of individual investors, insurance customers, and college aid applicants.  More

14 Money heroes: Their financial advice

The people Money has saluted over the past year for improving others' finances have some more help to offer: sound advice for you.  More

4 crusaders fighting for seniors' financial rights

These Money heroes are fighting for the financial security and success of seniors.  More

Watchdogs for health care

Meet four Money heroes dedicated to helping other Americans cut their health care costs.  More

Pioneers in college education for all

A salute to four people who have made extraordinary efforts to improve access to a college education.  More

Heroes helping struggling homeowners

Meet three Money heroes who have gone to the mat to give homeowners a fair deal.  More

5 champions of financial education

Meet five people who were chosen as Money Heroes because they believe in financial education for everyone -- from kids to retirees -- and help make it happen.  More

Protectors of individual investors

Meet four advocates, including former CFTC chairperson Brooksley Born, who have worked to protect investors and the financial system from misconduct.  More

Fighters for consumer rights

Meet four of Money magazine's Heroes: Consumer advocates who have made extraordinary efforts to improve others' financial well-being.  More

Defenders of military families

Meet Money magazine's Heroes, including Holly Petraeus of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and four others improving the lives of military families.  More

Champions of the small investor

Vanguard founder Jack Bogle and his diehard online followers were chosen as MONEY Heroes for their commitment to spreading investment advice that preaches simple, low-cost, diversified investing.  More