Wall Street wants tax holiday to be a QE4

A tax holiday could juice stock prices just as the Federal Reserve is unwinding its quantitative easing program of massive bond purchases. It could also stop more tax-avoidance inversion deals.  More

We saved on taxes since DOMA's repeal

One year after the Supreme Court overturned The Defense of Marriage Act, we revisit a married couple, Brian Esser and Kevin O'Leary, who say doing their taxes was easier and cheaper.  Play

One year later: Same-sex marriage in the U.S.

A state-by-state look at the different same-sex marriage laws and how they impact couples from a financial perspective.  More

Do the top 1% pay enough taxes? Too much?

Majority says 'No' in CNNMoney's American Dream poll, while 25% say they pay the right amount. Another 19% say they pay too much.  More

Federal workers owe IRS $3.3 billion

Treasury employees have lowest tax delinquency rate among federal departments.  More

IRS: 4.7 million made at least $200,000

More than 99% of high-income returns in 2011 had some tax liability, and the majority owed between 15% and 30% of their income in federal income taxes, according to new IRS data.  More

IRS said to make $13B in improper refunds

The U.S. government doled out more than $13 billion last year in improper payments of a tax credit meant to help the working poor, according to a government watchdog.  More

Should you pay a higher gas tax?

A federal trust fund for highway repairs, funded mostly by a gas tax, faces a shortfall. If Congress doesn't act soon, Washington will need to slow payments to states, putting in jeopardy many projects at the height of highway repair season.  More

Who pays the most income taxes?

A new global report comparing income tax rates in 34 countries found that average Americans pay more in tax and social security than Canadians, Australians, the Japanese and the British.  More

The biggest tax breaks in 2014

Washington will forgo about $1.4 trillion in revenue this year because of tax breaks. The vast majority of that amount benefits individuals, and health and housing tax breaks alone account for about 44% of the forgone revenue.  More

Married with kids vs. singles: Who pays higher taxes?

Assuming both types of households make the same income, the answer is most often singles without kids. That's largely because parents benefit from a number of child-related tax breaks.  More

Delinquent IRS employees paid bonuses by the agency

Some IRS employees got bonuses even after paying their tax bills late and under-reporting their income.  More

$100,000 income: 3 very different tax bills

Location doesn't only drive home values. It affects the size of your tax bill, too. Where you live plays a big role in your total income tax bite.  More

'A scammer stole my tax refund'

Pamela Knighton, a 51-year-old social worker from rural Georgia who earns under $25,000 per year, had her tax refund stolen by an identity thief last year.  More

IRS: File your taxes now, ignore Heartbleed bug

The privacy-killing Heartbleed bug couldn't have come at a worse time. It's tax season, and sensitive information is flowing all over the Internet.  More

Owed a refund? There's no penalty for filing late

If you're owed a refund, you won't be hit by penalties if you file your taxes late.  More

Obamas' income drops 21% to $481,098

Like a lot of high-income Americans, the Obamas were subject to an additional Medicare tax to help pay for the president's signature health reform law.  More

See which states have estates taxes

In some states, heirs pay taxes on top of the federal estate tax  More

Highest state and local sales taxes

What you pay when you check out at the store counter.  More

How Washington spends your taxes

Nearly half of your federal income taxes is devoted to military and health spending, close to 14% goes to interest on the debt, while less than 2% is spent on science and transportation.  More

The real story behind the $3 tax checkoff box

Fewer people are checking off the $3 contribution box on their tax returns to steer money into campaign financing.  More

'My girlfriend is a tax break'

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is dependent on you financially, there's a chance you can claim them as a tax break.  More

'How I'm using my tax refund'

From paying off student loans to hosting a crawfish boil in New Orleans, here's how six people are using this year's tax refund from the IRS.  More

13 crazy tax deductions

From hermit crab food and Viagra to a toupee and scuba trips, taxpayers (try to) deduct the wildest things.  More

IRS chasing 300 new identity thieves

The IRS has launched dozens of investigations into tax-related identity theft and fraudulent refund claims so far this filing season.  More

Gas taxes: What you pay

It's not just the fuel you're paying when you fill up. The taxman gets a piece too.  More

18 million callers can't reach IRS for tax help

Callers seeking IRS tax help are waiting between 15 to 25 minutes, and as many as four out of 10 callers won't get through.  More

Taxpayers vulnerable to unregulated tax preparers

Nina Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate, wants lawmakers to establish minimum competency standards for all paid return preparers, to cut down on fraud and errors that harm tax filers.  More

4 ways scammers can steal your tax refund

Identity thieves love tax season. It's a prime time to steal tax refunds. Here are some of the ways scammers try to steal your identity and how to avoid becoming a victim of tax fraud.  More

Should people without kids pay higher taxes?

A column in Slate sparks debate about federal financial support for parents in a tax code that already offers breaks for families with children.  More

The top 1% and what they pay

The top 1% of taxpayers makes a lot but also pays a large share of federal income taxes and pays a higher average rate of all their earnings than those lower down the income scale.  More

Average tax refund so far: $2,831

Tax refunds are averaging $2,831 so far, according to the IRS.  More

Save your tax refund, win the lottery

This year, you can enter a lottery of up to $25,000 just by saving just a portion of your tax refund.  More

Top incomes can be fleeting

The "top 1%" is often referred to as if it's a static group by the public and policymakers. But, in fact, there's a lot of turnover among the highest income taxpayers, studies show.  More

Who pays most income taxes? People 45+

By virtue of reaching their peak earning years and being part of a large generational group, those over 45 pay the majority of federal income taxes.  More

Taxpayers hit with fewer audits

The IRS is conducting fewer audits as funding for the agency continues to get cut.  More

Unlike 1960s, singles make up majority of tax filers

Demographics are a big reason why Uncle Sam now receives far more returns from single taxpayers today than in previous decades. But married couples still end up paying more into federal coffers.  More

IRS monitor: $1 million phone scam 'largest ever'

If the phone rings and the caller says he represents the IRS, be suspicious.  More

IRS has $760 million in unclaimed refunds

The IRS is holding onto nearly $760 million in unclaimed tax refunds that will soon become the property of the government if taxpayers don't step up to collect it by April 15.  More

Tax season unleashes cyberscams

Cybercriminals ramp up malicious activity during tax season by aggressively targeting unsuspecting small businesses.  More

Colorado residents may get a refund for pot tax

Colorado's millions in recreational marijuana tax revenue could cause headaches for the state.  More

Same-sex couples still face tax nightmares

Many same-sex couples are facing major headaches this tax season, with differences between state and federal laws making taxes even more complicated in some cases.  More

Obama's budget: Help for workers, taxes for the rich

President Obama releases budget proposal for 2015 that includes more generous tax breaks for working families while scaling back breaks for the rich.  More

12% of Americans say it's OK to cheat on taxes

While the vast majority of Americans say cheating on taxes is unacceptable, a good amount think it's fine to under-report income, claim bogus deductions and inflate credits.  More