Marrying Your Money

If you and your betrothed are banking on wedded bliss, bank on this: Marriage is as much a financial partnership as a union of hearts and minds. But getting that partnership to work well takes effort. Click here for more.

    1. In your opinion, what's the best way for married couples to organize their money?

      One-pot system - everything held in joint accounts
      Two-pot system - spouses keep their money separate
      Three-pot system - combination of shared accounts and separate accounts

    2. If both spouses work but earn different incomes, how should they pay for joint expenses?

      Equally (50-50)
      Proportionately (percent of joint income same as percent of expenses paid)
      As one (everything paid from a joint income pool)

    3. If you are (or were) married, which money issue have you argued most about with your spouse?

      Wanting different things financially
      Spending too much
      One of you carrying too much of the financial burden
      None of the above

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