How polite of a coworker are you?

Take our business etiquette quiz to see how your office manners stack up.

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1. When the elevator door opens, it reveals your direct supervisor inside - just back from vacation. Eager to find out what he missed, he asks how your latest project is faring. It's withering on the vine. Do you tell him?
  • A) No. There could be spies from a competitive company lurking in the elevator. Let your supervisor know in a nice way that you'll circle back to him once he's had a chance to settle in. "Oh, I want to talk to you about that," you can say in a chipper voice that won't broadcast your news to any strangers in your midst.
  • B) No. Never be the person to tell your boss bad news. Simply nod and smile that it's going well. Let someone else let him down.
  • C) Yes. If a project is not going well, let your boss know as soon as possible. He can help you change the parameters so that the deal does not completely fall apart.
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