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Best cities for Millennial homebuyers

These Millennial hotspots offer strong job growth and affordable home prices, making them a great place for young adults to buy, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors.  More

Mortgage closing costs soar more than 20% in some states

Nationwide, closing costs are up an average of 6%, but in some states they have soared far higher than that, Bankrate found.  More

Home price increases continue at slower pace

Prices are up at 9.3% annual rate in May, according to S&P/Case-Shiller home price index, marking the sixth straight month the rate of increase has slowed.  More

Zillow buys Trulia for $3.5 billion

The two leading real estate websites combine.  More

For sale: Town of Aladdin, Wyo., for $1.5 million

Want to own your own town? You can buy Aladdin, Wyo., for $1.5 million. The price tag includes a general store, post office, bar, a house and more.  More

Chinese homebuyers are flocking to these U.S. states

Chinese buyers are now the biggest international players in the U.S. housing market and some states are seeing billions of dollars in real estate deals as a result.  More

Best places for vacation home deals

Whether you love golf, the water, the outdoors or theme parks, here are the best places to find a bargain.  More

Mansions for under $1 million

Mansions that would be very costly to build today are on the market around the country for well under $1 million each.  More

6.5 million homes at risk from storm surges

Potential damage from storms stands at $1.5 trillion.  More

Land Grab: Rich Chinese are snapping up America's real estate

The U.S. housing market seems to look a lot better from foreign shores. International buyers are snapping up U.S. homes.  More

House hunting? Download these apps first

From enabling us to virtually walk through an open house to instantly learning about the social scene in the neighborhood we're eyeing, a new generation of apps and other technologies are taking the real estate shopping experience to a whole new level.  More

Best markets to become a landlord

These markets offer landlords returns of 10% or more, according to RealtyTrac.  More

Housing market is a 'crapshoot'

Karl 'Chip' Case created the Case-Shiller home price indexes. He's worried about the U.S. housing market and says consumers should only buy for the long haul.  More

Millennial-driven housing boom seen on the horizon

A Harvard study says economic gains may mean the boomerang generation is ready to head out their parents' homes for good.  More

Shopping for million-dollar homes comes with perks

Realtors offer all kinds of goodies aimed at locking in potential buyers of exclusive properties, including rides on private jets or boats.  More

10 Most Stressed Out Cities

From sky-high rents and gridlocked traffic to widespread poverty and unemployment, residents in these cities have a lot to stress about.  More

Home prices jump nearly 11% in April

Home prices posted double-digit gains from a year ago, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index.  More

Which natural disaster will likely destroy your home?

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. RealtyTrac's latest data tells you which threat is greatest to your home based on where you live.  More

The riskiest spots in the U.S.

What are the chances your home will get damaged by a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or fire? RealtyTrac crunched the data in more than 3,000 counties nationwide to find out.  More

Damaged home? How to get an insurer to pay up

After years of costly natural disasters, insurers are looking for ways to limit their losses by denying claims and sticking homeowners with the bill. Here's how to make sure you get paid.  More

More homeowners becoming landlords

Low mortgage rates and soaring rents have enticed a growing number of homeowners to hang onto their former homes and rent them out rather than sell.  More

For sale: Dream beach homes

Want an over-the-top summer place of your very own? These luxury homes are in some of the hottest beach destinations in the U.S. -- and the deals on these places can't be beat.  More

America's homes are bigger than ever

The average size of homes built last year hit 2,600 square feet, an all-time high that surpassed even the housing bubble years, according to Census Bureau data.  More

How to win a bidding war on a home

In many hot housing markets, bidding wars have been breaking out on a regular basis -- and some house hunters are getting beaten out time and again. Here are some tips to come out a winner.  More

Owning a home no longer the American Dream

Even though a majority of Americans still desire to own a home, they are losing faith in homeownership as a key to prosperity.  More

Up-and-coming cities for the rich

Forget New York, London and Hong Kong. These 12 cities should give wealthy investors the best returns over the next few years, according to Savills, Candy & Candy, and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.  More

Millennials squeezed out of buying a home

Student loan debt, tight lending standards and stiff competition have made it next to impossible for many younger Americans to buy homes.  More

America's growing housing affordability gap

When it comes to buying a home, America's affordability gap is growing ever wider.  More

I've been priced out of downtown Detroit

Amid efforts to revitalize Detroit's downtown, some residents are finding they can no longer afford to live there.  More
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