A guide to making smart life investment decisions -- when they count most

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Making career moves Making career moves
Before you spend it, you've got to earn it. See these tips on how to get what you're worth and find the job that's right for you.

Master the working-mom shuffle
This Mother's Day lose the guilt and look at the bright side of balancing kids and career.

Business in the making
John and Karen Lewis abandoned a comfortable life for an adventurous one.

How big will your raise be next year?
What to expect in 2006, according to a new survey, and strategies to boost your paycheck. Plus, AARP expands its list of the best companies for employees over 50.

Why it's a good time to be an MBA
With hiring way up, MBA candidates have more job options. Plus: what recruiters want.

My salary has doubled, but I'm still underpaid. How do I get a raise?
Working your way up the corporate ladder can leave you with skimpier pay than you deserve. Here's what to do. Plus, do employees seeking to move up have an "insider advantage"?

Can I use my 401(k)?
Planning to start your own business? You can use your retirement savings to fund it, at least temporarily. Here's how."

Is it better to work at a small company?
Readers say smaller firms are more supportive, less bureaucratic and more willing to hire workers embarking on new careers. But there are downsides too.