How 7 great leaders inspire their workers and boost the bottom line.

Wii, anyone?
A tech firm uses video games to relieve stress. More
People power
The worker-owners of a small design shop make their own rules. More
Talking back
Seventh Generation invites dissent from its employees - and gets it. More
Strange brew
Do workplace democracy and beer mix? More
A family affair
At Maya Design, it's Bring Your Baby to Work Day - all year long. More
Charity counts
An accounting firm empowers workers to give back. More
Where bosses answer to staffers
At Badger Mining bosses are called coaches and workers are known as associates. Do semantics matter in the workplace? More

Where bosses answer to staffers
Free beer, generous vacation leave, and a say in company decisions - novel ways to motivate workers.  More

QMy dream is to launch my own business someday. Now that it's time to choose a major, I'm debating if I should major in entrepreneurial studies or major in engineering to acquire a set of skills first. Is majoring in entrepreneurship a good choice? More
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