Small Business

The startup staffed by ex-cons

LaunchPodium is a tech startup partnering with The Last Mile, an incubator inside San Quentin, to hire ex-cons.  More

Chinese tourists boost U.S. businesses

From hotels to tour operators, businesses are looking to cash in on a surge of Chinese tourists coming to the United States.  More

'Buy local' campaigns can actually supercharge sales

'Buy local' campaigns are at an all-time high -- but it's not just rhetoric, they can actually help independent businesses increase sales.  More

From farmers' markets to mass market

Most people think of farmers' markets as a place to pick up healthy foods from mom-and-pop operations, but it can also be a breeding ground for entrepreneurship.  More

Windows XP's open invitation to hackers

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP on April 8. Small businesses that don't upgrade their systems will be easily exposed to cyberattacks.  More

Rich Chinese overwhelm U.S. visa program

Rich Chinese have been applying in droves to a U.S. immigrant investor program as concerns grow that a backlog of applications could delay new permits.  More

Building a smarter mattress

Tuft and Needle is betting it can apply tech lessons to building a cheaper and more comfortable mattress.  Play

Meet America's oldest bike maker

Worksman Industrial Cycles, in Queens, N.Y., has been making bikes since 1898.  More

How to tame your workers' wandering eye

LinkedIn says 85% of the workforce is looking for a job or willing to talk to recruiters. Want to keep your talented employees? Here's how.  More

This is the last big U.S. bike maker

Worksman Cycles has been making industrial tricycles and consumer bicycles for more than 100 years in New York City.  Play

Orange buttons boost online sales

Dane Atkinson, CEO of data-analysis startup SumAll, says it's often the little things that convert web browsers into buyers.  More

Woman chases oil boom, hits it big

Amy Savage built an oilfield business expected to sell over $3 million in hard hats, fireproof clothing and other safety equipment this year.  More

Tax season unleashes cyberscams

Cybercriminals ramp up malicious activity during tax season by aggressively targeting unsuspecting small businesses.  More

European IPOs boom as bull market runs

Companies going public on exchanges in the U.K., the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain have raised $12.4 billion so far this year, easily surpassing the $9.2 billion raised in the United States.  More

My business accepts Bitcoins

Bitcoin's usage isn't limited just to online shopping. Dentists, pet care stores, even honey sellers are among small businesses now accepting the digital currency.  More

Bob Marley inspires son's coffee startup

Reggae legend Bob Marley's son Rohan co-founded Marley Coffee, a brand dedicated to sustainable farming and social entrepreneurship.  Play

Create jobs, save a cow

Olivia Knox aims to make Ugandan cow horn a material for upscale fashion designers, creating jobs and saving a breed of cattle along the way.  More

Meet the SAT tutor to the 1%

Anthony-James Green charges students $650 per hour for SAT tutoring. With the announcement of a new test, he's going to have to rethink his strategy.  More

Want a job? Try the pot industry

More than 15 cannabis industry employers are collecting resumes at Thursday's job fair in Denver.  More

'Veronica Mars': Will it score at box office like it did on Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter project attracted 91,585 fans and raised $5.7 million. But will that translate to box office success?  More

Good news for the corporate gender gap

Women are underrepresented in corporate boardrooms around the world. But they're making big strides as entrepreneurs.  More

How Big Gay Ice Cream came to be

Douglas Quint came up with the idea for a different kind of ice cream truck one summer in NYC, and Big Gay Ice Cream has since blossomed into a brand with storefronts on both coasts.  Play

Big Gay Ice Cream's business secrets

What started as a New York City ice cream truck has quickly become an empire. Here's how the Big Gay Ice Cream guys did it.  More

Invest $1 million, try for a U.S. green card

Sanjiv Patel has invested over $1 million in his peanut company under a program that grants green cards to investors, but he may get kicked out of the country if he doesn't hire eight more people.  More

Brooklyn startup plays matchmaker for manufacturers

Maker's Row matches American manufacturers with U.S. companies who want a "Made in the USA" label.  More

Solar lamps help rural villages

Greenlight Planet produces portable solar-powered lamps to provide light cheaply and safely to millions of communities across Asia and Africa.  More

Can Facebook tell you where to live?

San Francisco start-up RentalRoost aims to combine real estate data with social media to find your perfect neighborhood -- and create a marketing bonanza.  More

Hack these socks

Hacking, crowdsourcing, and mobile bar code scanning? A young San Francisco startup hits all the right notes, but its final product isn't an app. It's a pair of socks.  More

How to keep your business afloat if your partner dies

Business partners are often as close as married couples. So if one gets sick, it can be nearly impossible to keep the business going.  More

Why Obama is pushing high-tech manufacturing

President Obama allocated $140 million last week to create new high-tech manufacturing hubs, which many say is the future of the industry.  More

Getting into China fast and cheap

iPai is helping small businesses break into the Chinese market by introducing their products through auctions.  More

The truffles in the Oscar swag bag

This Albuquerque chocolatier has been serving high-end truffles on the awards circuit for the last three years. Here's what it takes to get there.  More

A clean start: From real estate exec to laundromat owner

After two decades at the same company, Louise Mann was ready for a change. She found inspiration while doing her wash.  More

Furniture making comes back to the South

Belgian furniture maker BuzziSpace will bring 100 manufacturing jobs to North Carolina, helping revive a once-thriving regional industry.  More

Obamacare will raise premiums for 65% of small firms

The government estimates that new Obamacare rules will increase premiums for at least two-thirds of small businesses that offer insurance.  More

Entrepreneur Barbie is stuck in a time warp

The new Barbie has a bright pink dress, pumps and a leather briefcase, which is the stereotype of a female entrepreneur that many want to break.  More

Fighting co-founders doom startups

In startups, founders' relationships are seldom harmonious, so investors look for clues in body language, eye contact and tone when deciding whether to back the firm.  More

Frigid winter drives demand for long underwear

Shivering from the Arctic cold, shoppers have been emptying shelves of warm base-layer gear -- and manufacturers are scrambling to keep up.  More

Jacksonville is hot for startups

Jacksonville, Fla., is emerging as a low-cost hub for startups where entrepreneurs are finding money, mentors and city grants to get started.  More

Italian gunmaker brings factory jobs to U.S.

Chiappa, an Italian gunmaker known for its exotic firearms, is going to start making them in Dayton, Ohio.  More

Barbie's latest gig: Entrepreneur

After already having gone through 150 careers, including police officer and astronaut, Barbie's newest gig is an entrepreneur.  More

Grand St. aims to become 'Etsy for electronics'

Gadgets store expands to offer pre-orders, beta testing, and indie electronics.  More

Why Big Ass Fans pays 30% above national average

Founder and CEO Carey Smith says paying people more -- and avoiding layoffs -- is just smart capitalism. The company's numbers back up his claim.  More

A business movement focused on the little guy

Makers build and create a growing array of things -- everything from robots and drones to shoes and jewelry. Think of them as the next generation of the Do It Yourself crowd.  More

Banks or Bitcoin for marijuana companies?

Even with permission, banks aren't eager to work with marijuana companies.  More

An app-powered propeller for paper planes

A propeller for paper planes and other app controlled toys were on display at the 2014 Toy Fair.  Play

Atlanta restaurant loses $75K due to storm

When winter storms slammed the South, a well-known steakhouse suffered huge losses during one of its busiest weeks of the year.  More

The snow is great for my business

Snow boots, thermal underwear and even protective dog booties are flying off the shelves, thanks to a very snowy winter.  More

Winter storms slam online sales, too

The East Coast has been crippled by storms and frigid weather, which hurts small businesses -- even those that don't rely on foot traffic.  More

Yuengling ice cream returns

Yuengling brewery owner started Yuengling's Ice Cream to survive Prohibition. The sweet treat was revived this week.  More

Marijuana manufacturing 2.0

Companies large and small are racing to bulk up on tech innovation for a nascent legal market that is suddenly, well, ablaze.  More

Million-dollar startup threatened by copycat

The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker hit its first million in sales in a year. Now, its inventors say their product is being ripped off.  More

Norway's curling team makes a splash with crazy pants

The men's Olympic curling team for Norway wears eccentric pants from Loudmouth, a California-based small business that specializes in outrageous apparel.  More

Get $100,000, give up 6% of your pay

Upstart matches investors with young people who want a lump sum of cash in exchange for a piece of their future earnings.  More

Facebook forms small business council

How the biggest social network has won over more than 1 million of the smallest companies.  More

Drought hits ski towns hard

Some small ski resorts have yet to open this season in the northwest and tourism-dependent businesses are struggling to make ends meet.  More

Dumb Starbucks: Authorities aren't laughing

Los Angeles health officials shut down Dumb Starbucks, a parody coffee joint, on Monday around the time a television comedian emerged as the proprietor.  More

Olympians pursue startup ventures on the side

Many Olympic athletes have launched their own startups, which help pay their bills and set them up for a post-Olympic career.  More

Big companies show small biz cred

Big corporations are tapping into Main Street to win hearts, minds, and more customers.  More

A startup club for doctors only

Doctors Tim Gueramy and Tracey Haas launched The Walters Physician incubator last year to help doctors pursue their startup ideas.  More

Handbag company lifts Pakistani women from poverty

By switching to a for-profit model, handbag label Popinjay secured better investments, the right employees and is able to help more low-income Pakistani women.  More

Paid sick leave won't hurt businesses

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is pushing to require paid sick leave from even the smallest of businesses. But these laws can work well for both employees and employers.  More

Stormy weather weighs on job growth

Payroll processor ADP said that 175,000 jobs were added in January, the weakest level of hiring since August. All the cold and snow appears to have hurt the job market.  More

The story behind GoDaddy's 'I quit' ad

This woman quit her job during a Super Bowl commercial to launch her puppet business full-time.  More

Software salesman revs up scooter sales

After retiring from a career in software sales, Tim Juntgen happened upon an idea that got his creative engines going.  More

GoldieBlox ad makes Super Bowl history

GoldieBlox, whose toys aim to get girls excited about science and engineering, wins Intuit contest for a free 30-sec Super Bowl ad.  More

New ammo packs 3 shots into one bullet

The Multiple Impact Bullet splits into three or four pieces when it leaves the gun. The fragments are connected by fiber, in order to improve accuracy.  More

From dog toys to software -- seriously!

It wasn't easy for a dog toy company to turn itself into a software firm, but the cofounders spotted a bigger opportunity and grabbed it.  More

Business owners divided on minimum wage

An exclusive survey says small businesses are split when it comes to supporting a federal minimum wage hike to $10.10.  More

Hobie Alter: Founding father of the surfing industry

Hobie Alter followed his bliss -- and his ingenuity -- to design surfboards and sailboats.  More

How will a minimum wage hike hit businesses?

Thirteen states increased the minimum wage on Jan. 1, and President Obama supports raising the federal rate to $10.10. 4 small business owners weigh in on how an increase would affect them.  More

HomeHero: A marketplace just for seniors

Founders Kyle Hill and Mike Townsend want to tap into a $40 billion market opportunity with their L.A. startup.  More

Want to boost sales? Start exporting

Small businesses can't stay anchored to the U.S. if they want to accelerate sales. They need to be aggressive about taking their products overseas.  More

Hardest part of being the boss: Firing people

Letting someone go is "emotionally draining," says one entrepreneur, but sometimes it's the only way to save a team.  More

The hidden costs of a minimum wage hike

A minimum wage hike means an increase in employers' taxes -- and could mean higher costs from vendors.  More

America's favorite businesses

From a science camp for girls to a kombucha brewer, communities around the country voted on their favorite small businesses. These 12 came out on top, each scoring a $250,000 grant from Chase and a trip to Google's headquarters.  More

Meet the Warby Parker of mattresses

Tuft and Needle is set to do to the mattress business what Warby Parker did for eyewear and TOMS did for footwear: blow it up.  More

Prim: Anatomy of a folded startup

The YCombinator-backed laundry pick-up and delivery business barely lasted seven months. One of its founders walks Fortune through the postmortem.  More

How I emerged from bankruptcy to grow a thriving company

Danny Fisher was the CEO of a major independent film company when the economy collapsed and he was forced to declare bankruptcy. Here's how he started over.  More

The booming business of ukuleles

Between 2010 and 2012, ukulele sales nearly doubled, and they're helping some small music stores keep the lights on.  More

So you want to join an accelerator? Here's how

Niche accelerators are exploding across the country. But is it right for your business? Here are some things to consider.  More

9 hot startup accelerators

From energy and education to robots and food, these specialty programs offer startups seed money, mentoring and connections in exchange for equity.  More

How hand-crafted ukuleles are made

Mike DaSilva left his job in the tech industry a decade ago and followed his passion, making beautifully hand-crafted ukuleles that sell for thousands of dollars.  Play

Community banker nominated to head SBA

President Obama picks Maria Contreras-Sweet, the founder of an L.A. community bank that lends to small businesses, to head of the Small Business Administration.  More

Strangest place I've closed a deal

As proof that business waits for no one, these people shunned the corner office and closed deals strapped to a biplane, fishing for marlin -- even in the bathroom.  More

Minimum wage hike could mean a raise for all

Fourteen states are raising the minimum wage this year, but it's not just those workers that benefit. Employees making more than the new minimum often get raises, too.  More

Made in America. Sold in China.

Bucking the trend, these small businesses are taking their U.S.-made products to China and capitalizing on its burgeoning consumer market.  More

What's the deal with crowdfunding investments?

Thanks to a new rule, small business owners can use Facebook and Twitter to raise funds, but the change appears to be flying under the radar.  More

Will a higher minimum wage impact your business?

Do you own a small business and want the minimum wage to stay the same? Or do you welcome the change? Tell us how a minimum wage increase affects your business.  More

67-year-old Italian restaurant closes its doors

New Year's Eve marks the end of an era for Merlino's Belvedere, which has struggled to stay open amid a series of natural disasters and a struggling economy.  More

Losing jobless benefits hurts people, local economies

Hard choices for 1.3 million workers hurts local businesses, economists say.  More

Airline exec goes all in with racehorse company

Airline exec Steve Zerda gave up a stable career to become a racehorse owner -- a risky bet that might just pay off.  More

Healthy food chain helps kids get off the streets

California chain Tender Greens launched a 3-month program that teaches at-risk youths about food and the culinary arts. For some kids, the results are life-changing.  More

Want to chat in 29 languages?

Droid Translator is a new app that promises to translate your phone, text and video conversations into 29 different languages.  More
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