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Why cities matter

The heart of urban innovation is a desire to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the people living in cities. CNNMoney's Most Innovative Cities list provides a snapshot of the people and programs that are doing just that.  More

Guns welcome at these restaurants

While big chains are telling customers to stop bringing in guns, some small restaurants are embracing them.  More

It's like TurboTax -- for immigrant visas

It's like TurboTax -- for immigrant visas  More

NYC startups just got easier to navigate

New York City launches a comprehensive site for all things related to its digital tech scene, Digital.NYC.  More

Hack the Hood: Preparing low-income youth for tech jobs

Hack the Hood teaches low-income youth in Oakland how to build websites for small businesses. It's only a year old but is already having a big impact on students like Nhat Ho.  More

Did Starbucks start a pumpkin boom?

In the last five years, pumpkin sales have risen 34% as people demand pumpkin in everything from beer to beef jerky.  More

Bank to pay everyone at least a 'living wage'

On Wednesday, 17% of First Green Bank's 66 employees will get a raise under the company's new "living wage" program. The guarantee: At least about $30,000 a year.  More

Does Ello have what it takes to be the anti-Facebook?

Ello wants to capitalize on those who have gripes with Facebook -- can it work?  More

Can states solve the immigration crisis?

Massachusetts is the first state to pass an initiative helping foreign entrepreneurs bypass the H-1B visa quota.  More

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)  More

6 things you need to know about STEM

There's a lot of hype around STEM: Is there a job shortage and how do we fix it? Here's what you need to know.  More

10 startups from emerging markets

These startups are designed by and aimed at a young population and are more likely to develop ideas to overcome specific problems.  More

U.S. says companies illegally fired transgender workers

Marking the first lawsuits of their kind, a federal agency sues two companies for allegedly discriminating against transgender employees.  More

Bay Area restaurant: "Hate us on Yelp"

Botto Bistro's owners solicited bad reviews out of spite  More

Farmers get $1 billion from Big Business

Sodexo vows to give big bucks to 5,000 local entrepreneurs by 2017. They're just one of many big businesses making a commitment to help at the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative.  More

Digital tip jar coming to a coffee shop near you

DipJar is the latest step in the evolution away from cash.  More

How immigrant entrepreneurs are making it

Immigrant entrepreneurs leverage connections abroad to boost international exports -- and non-immigrants could stand to learn from their tactics.  More

Ex-con launches startup aimed at inmates

Frederick Hutson launched in 2012 to help inmates communicate with their friends and family. He's on target for $1 million in sales this year.  More

Free startup advice from Silicon Valley's best, including Marissa Mayer, Marc Andreessen

Y Combinator president Sam Altman is teaching a startup class at Stanford with Silicon Valley heavy hitters as guest lecturers. Bonus: All the videos will be available for free online.  More

Why Atlanta is ripe for innovation

Atlanta has the country's highest level of income inequality, but civic entrepreneurs can close the gap. Here's how.  More

I'm a legal immigrant, but not allowed to work

They're legal residents, but H-4 visa holders are prohibited from working on U.S. soil. Here's why the U.S. is losing out on high-skilled labor.  More

6 designers shaking up fashion

These designers are changing the way we dress, accessorize and shop, from custom made-to-fit dresses to smart jewelry that's actually stylish.  More

Women have trouble asking for money -- and their businesses suffer

Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women Initiative has helped female entrepreneurs increase revenue and grow their business. But women still don't apply for outside funding, with costly results.  More

Fashionistas flock to Pluto.TV

Streaming video site Pluto.TV launched a dedicated NY Fashion Week channel -- and users are watching it three times as long as the site's average channel.  More

Forget smart watches. Solar dresses are the future

From solar dresses to 3D-printed bras, partnerships between tech firms and designers are taking tech-enabled fashion to the next level.  More

The Coolest Kickstarter ever raises over $13 million

The Coolest Cooler is the most successful Kickstarter campaign in the site's history, raising $13.3 million from over 62,000 backers.  More

8 must-have travel apps

Whether you've got wanderlust or an airline grievance, here are some apps to pack onto your phone.  More

Fantasy football's chic alternative

BattleShop offers the competition of fantasy football for the fashion obsessed  More

Secrets to success from Smalltown USA

Utah State professor Michael Glauser cycled 4,000 miles this summer, visiting 100 entrepreneurs across the country. Here's a snapshot of how they grew their businesses.  More

Airplane scuffle spurs Knee Defender sales

'Knee Defender' clips to stop airplane seats from reclining spark fight, followed by rush of sales.  More

Sensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely

Caregivers are increasingly turning to technology devices to monitor family members with Alzheimer's and dementia, helping them live independently longer.  More

Tourists flock to Colorado to smoke legal weed

Entrepreneurs are cashing in on the legal marijuana now available in the state.  More

Hot Dog on a Stick gets new life

A Los Angeles private equity company bought the food court company for $12 million  More

Get paid to click on ads

London-based Qmee will pay you to click on links that surface in search queries.  More

I created 7 jobs and the U.S. tried to deport me

This Canadian startup founder faced the threat of deportation because he was on the wrong visa. Problem is -- there's no startup visa for entrepreneurs.  More

'Is it safe to hire?' Business owners don't trust recovery

Small business owners say the economy is still their biggest challenge, which keeps them from expanding and hiring, according to a CNNMoney-Manta survey.  More

Commuting is getting easier. Here's why

The MobiPrize, conducted by SMART at the University of Michigan, recognizes innovation in global transportation. From microcars to auto rickshaws, these six startups are some of the standouts.  More

Butterfly farm is a surprising job creator

Raising butterflies to sell to exhibits or to release at weddings and funerals is a viable business that's creating jobs for one Native American tribe in Oklahoma.  More

Oregon has a bridge to sell you. Seriously

Because of its historic nature, county officials are taking bids in an attempt to save it from demolition.  More

Live in a multimillion-dollar home for $2,500

Showhomes helps high-end homes look "lived in ... by finding people to actually live in them, at a very discounted rate.  More

My bank held my money hostage

Simple, an online bank, isn't fulfilling its "worry-free" promise: Some users couldn't perform any transactions for 24 hours.  More

Boutique hotels just got easier to book

Wix launched WixHotels, a new website plug-in for boutique hotels so they can control their own inventory and avoid costly commissions.  More

Making bulletproof vests for police dogs

Police departments rely on a non-profit called Vested Interest to armor K-9s against guns, knives, bottles.  More

Lego cashes in on sexism critiques

Lego released a new play set that features three female scientists after a 7-year-old named Charlotte took the company to task.  More

Forget six figures. We skateboard at lunch

Small businesses can't always offer the same perks that big firms do. So they're getting creative.  More

Santa Fe inn's $7 million profit-sharing plan

Terrell White has had a profit-sharing plan for his employees since 1981, believing that if the staff isn't happy, guests won't be either.  More

U.S. losing tech talent to Canada

Restrictive immigration policies prevent talented entrepreneurs from launching businesses in the U.S. So, they're moving to Canada.  More

Water balloon lovers pledge $645,000 on Kickstarter

Bunch o Balloons allows multiple water balloons to be filled at once. Parents are loving it -- to the tune of $645,000.  More

These startup ideas are money magnets

These niche sectors are attracting attention -- and, more importantly, money -- from small business lenders.  More

Kristen Bell invests. Now what?

Actor-founded This Bar Saves Lives had Hollywood connections, but learned Start-Up 101 the hard way.  More

Yo backer launches new app

MIRAGE, a new instant messaging app, hopes to capitalize on the viral momentum from buzzy app Yo.  More

Move over Hollywood! Louisiana is top for film production

Louisiana is now the top location for motion picture filming, supporting thousands of new jobs and small businesses.  More

It's Seamless over Starbucks for business travelers

In New York City, business travelers have ditched meals at Starbucks in favor of Seamless takeout, according to a new report.  More

We work in a war zone but we're not unstable

As 65,000 IDF reservists are tapped to serve in Gaza, Israeli's tech community tries to maintain business as usual, amidst bombs, sirens and employees called to war.  More

Israeli tech talent tapped to fight in Gaza

Israeli tech talent tapped to fight in Gaza  More

Get ready for craft beer with a Latin twist

Passion fruit, Mexican cinnamon and Ecuadorian cocoa. From coast to coast, entrepreneurs are brewing craft beers that incorporate Latin flavors.  More

My company's immigration nightmare story

Jamison Door Company has been trying to expand for two years, but they say the nation's outdated, complicated immigration rules keep getting in their way.  More

Banks won't lend? Use these guys instead

Banks often have exhaustive approval processes, high minimums, and flawless credit requirements. But there's a wealth of non-bank alternatives for those who need capital fast. Here are some of the leaders.  More

Non-bank loans: Quick, easy...and addictive?

Alternative lenders are gaining traction and handing out billions of dollars in loans to small business owners. But it could come at a cost.  More

Cybersecurity startups to bank $788 million

On track to invest nearly $800 million in early stage startups, investors see innovative small businesses as key to cyber crime protection.  More

Facebook says: If you Like it, Buy it.

Facebook says: If you Like it, Buy it.  More

Cold beer battle heats up in Indiana

In Indiana you can only buy cold beer in a liquor store, other retailers say it's not fair and sue Indiana is the only state in the nation with a beer temperature statute. Only liquor stores can sell cold beer "to go." That has other retailers foaming so much that they launched a lawsuit.  More

Facebook launched my startup

Social media launched my startup  More
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