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Drop entrepreneurs, not bombs

Jason Saltzman went to Kuwait as part of the State Department's effort to evangelize the power of entrepreneurship.  More

Radiator 'cozies' cut energy use by 40%

Startups are some of the few organizations capable of very rapid, efficient growth and have the potential to dramatically improve cities.  More

How this investor is bridging the 'bravado gap'

Prominent angel investor Joanne Wilson, known as Gotham Gal, is teaming up with DreamIt Venture's to lend her expertise and open up her rolodex for female entrepreneurs.  More

This refrigerator runs on water and sunlight

To help combat food spoilage in rural communities, the team behind Evaptainers developed a portable refrigerator that runs on just sunlight and water, and helps small-scale farmers retain more of their harvest.  More

These startups thrive on being 'unreasonable'

The Unreasonable Institute wants one thing: Entrepreneurs unafraid to think outside the box to tackle social problems.  More

Energy drink scores $100K from AOL co-founder

Health drink Mati Energy beats out all tech rivals at Google Demo Day, scoring $100K investment from Steve Case  More

The futuristic bed that locks the door, brews coffee

Meet Luna, the tech-enabled mattress cover that just raised over $1.1 million on Indiegogo.  More

How tracking devices are keeping Alzheimer's patients safe

There are over 125,000 search-and-rescue missions for Alzheimer's patients every year. This technology can help alleviate that.  More

Think there's a startup bubble? Bet $100K on it.

Y Combinator president Sam Altman says there's no bubble -- that companies like Uber, Dropbox and Pinterest will be worth double in five years.  More

This startup could help thwart school bombings

Startup PredictifyMe's groundbreaking technology could help protect against school bombings  More

Meerkat announces $14 million in funding

Live streaming startup Meerkat announced via livestream that it raised $14 million in funding from investors including Greylock Partners, Universal Music Group, Jared Leto, and more.  More

Meerkat who? Introducing Periscope

Periscope, acquired by Twitter in January, lets users live broadcast from their mobile devices.  More

The great tech debate: Are we in a bubble or not?

Here's a roundup of where some powerful Silicon Valley investors stand.  More

Think there's a startup bubble? Bet $100K on it.

Y Combinator president Sam Altman says there's no bubble -- that companies like Uber, Dropbox and Pinterest will be worth double in five years.  More

9 reasons to be hopeful about women in tech

These startups are working to leverage technology to level the playing field for minorities and women in tech.  More

Wanted: Female entrepreneurs

Startup hub American Underground is aggressively courting women- and minority-led startups.  More

Send your texts 25 years into the future

An app released this month lets you send messages, pictures, videos and voicemails to friends and family at an exact minute in the future -- up to 25 years.  More

Biased job ads: This startup has a fix

Behind cybersecurity, lack of diversity is the next issue threatening companies. Laura Mather, founder of startup Unitive, has pioneered a new bias-detection software to help companies come out ahead.  More

Meerkat stole the show at SXSW. Sorry, Twitter.

SXSW has been a launchpad for startups like Twitter and Foursquare. This year, livestreaming startup Meerkat was the coolest cat in town despite a rough start.  More

Lesbian dating app secures $1 million in funding

Her, a lesbian dating app formerly known as Dattch, is expanding in the U.S. and features an interface that its founder says is more female-friendly than its competitors.  More

T-Mobile will pay $650 for you to switch

The T-Mobile "uncarrier" strategy continues. This time, promo deals are here forever and small businesses get cheap plans too.  More

Kid-friendly Uber alternative gets $9.6 million

Shuddle, a ride-sharing startup catering to parents with kids or elderly parents, announced a hefty new round of funding.  More

5 celebrity-backed startups

Jared Leto, Patrick Dempsey, Nas and have at least one thing in common. They're all startup investors.  More

Plus-size models sell more bras

Lingerie startup Adore Me reveals the surprising findings of a recent national TV campaign in which it tested three distinct commercials.  More

Your period could change the world

Startup SHEVA is using the one-for-one model of TOMS and Warby Parker to distribute sanitary pads in Guatemala.  More

Remember Yo? It's back, on the Apple Watch

Startup Yo announced that it's developing a new product -- tentatively called Yo Bytes -- that will help brands reach consumers on their wrists.  More

Livestream your life with Meerkat

The timing is ripe for livestreaming, and Meerkat is poised to take advantage of it. In just two weeks, the startup has become the latest social media sensation. But is it here to stay?  More

Could this computer save your life?

Enlitic, a new medical technology company, is using computers that have powerful learning skills to diagnose patients much more accurately.  More

Remember these other creepy toys?

The new 'Hello Barbie' talking doll is getting some flak for being creepy. But she's in good company.  More

Powdered alcohol gets Washington OK

It still has to clear state hurdles to be able to sell.  More

Pot startups go to bootcamp

CanopyBoulder, an accelerator for pot industry startups, got a flood of applicants for its first session.  More

This Brooklyn rooftop supplies Whole Foods

Most produce travels 1500 miles from farm to table. Gotham Greens grows, harvests and sells it crops all in one building.  Play

This beehive raised $5.6 million -- and that might not be a good thing

Flow Hive, a new contraption that makes it easier to keep bees, is wildly popular -- but that accessibility comes with some concerns.  More

How Etsy's IPO could save cities

Etsy's do-good mission should only get more impactful as the company grows -- if they stick to their principles. Here's why.  More

Pot startups cash in on wave of legalization

The $2.7 billion legal marijuana industry is attracting all kinds of business concepts, most that don't sell weed.  More

New York's last classical sheet music store closes

Frank Music Company, New York City's last remaining bookstore dedicated to selling classical sheet music, has closed.  More

Print's not dead. Here's proof.

Frank & Oak, Airbnb, and Net-a-Porter are just a couple of companies investing in the antiquated medium.  More

These doctors do house calls -- for just $99

Startup HEAL promises a doctor at your doorstep in under 60 minutes, for a flat fee of just $99.  More

15 questions with a YouTube sensation

Michelle Phan found fame when her YouTube makeup tutorials went viral. Now, she's heading up profitable ecommerce startup ipsy.  More

How to start a successful craft beer brewery

Some Americans are ditching their boring day jobs to start their own craft breweries. It's not all fun and tasting games.  More

Obsolete jobs: Meet the guy who fixes Tom Hanks' typewriter

Self-described 'Last of the Mohicans' is still fixing typewriters after 55 years.  More

#TheDress goes viral: Sales soar 347%

A social media frenzy about the color of a dress is bringing fame and fortune for one small British fashion company.  More

They're getting cash, free products, and YouTube-famous

FameBit is helping brands place their products in YouTube videos.  More

The woman who broke into the BBQ 'boys club'

Melissa Cookston is a BBQ Pit Master Champion who runs three restaurants. Here's how she did it.  More

From street child in China to Intel mentor

Shu-Ling Garver, once a homeless child in Shanghai, rose to one of the top engineers at Intel. Now her entrepreneurial mission is to get kids excited about engineering.  More

It's Magic! Send a text, get anything you need

Magic one-ups service economy startups by making it even easier to get what you want. You might pay a pretty penny, though.  More

15 startups. One Silicon Valley bed and breakfast.

Blackbox, a two-week Palo Alto accelerator, gives foreign entrepreneurs a soft landing to enter the U.S. tech ecosystem.  More

Immigration reform: Is this the first step?

H-4 visa holders, the dependent spouse visa for H-1B holders, will soon be eligible to work, in the first implemented reform for high-skilled immigrants.  More

This razor could diversify Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Tristan Walker is in pursuit of a more colorful tech scene.  More

How to make money with $1 slices

A pizza place in Philadelphia lets customers pay $1 to buy a slice for needy customers in the future. And their business is booming.  More

Cadbury lovers: Here's how to get your U.S. fix

UK-based British Chocolate Club wants to give U.S. chocolate lovers access to British-made faves.  More

Best cities for black entrepreneurs

Georgia's got a lock on black-owned businesses, according to a new report from NerdWallet.  More

Bookstore struggling with minimum wage hike gets a lifeline

Alan Beatts was set to close his bookstore this year, after San Francisco voted to hike the city's minimum wage to $15. But Borderlands Books got a lifeline from customers to stay open another year.  More

Control everything with the tap of a button

IFTTT's new Do apps make one-button shortcuts for automated tasks.  More

5 startups that are reimagining the world

Bricks that grow from microorganisms, household garbage turned into art, three-wheeled bike-cars -- these startups are redefining urban living.  More

Pope Francis has arrived ... as a 'plush doll'

Toymaker Bleacher Creatures adds 10-inch collectible Pope Francis to its iconic line of plush figures of athletes, comic book characters and superheros.  More

Is this Richard Branson's next investment?

A few entrepreneurs got the chance to pitch Richard Branson on his private island as part of the first-ever Extreme Tech Challenge. Here's what happened.  More

Game is not over in United Airlines vs 22-year-old

Visitors to Aktarer Zaman's Skiplagged website  More

This company is making luxury jewelry with a 3-D printer

Meet Aaron Issac, the 25-year-old entrepreneur who is getting into the jewelry business and putting a new twist on an old classic.  More

BlackBerry fans rejoice. This gadget is for you

BlackBerry fans rejoice. This gadget is for you  More

Wedding dresses women want, backed by data

Wedding startup Loverly uses its data to create a line of bridesmaid and wedding dresses, designed by Anthropologie designer Eva Franco.  More

Is this the world's most expensive chocolate?

A single bar of this hand-crafted dark chocolate, made from cacao seeds from an Ecuadorian forest, will set you back $260.  More

Israeli startup's unique cybercrime solution

Venture capital firms pour $18 million into a new Tel Aviv based cybersecurity foundry called Team8. Part founder, part accelerator, and part VC, can this unique approach to building cyber security solutions work?  More

Money can buy you love -- or at least make you datable

Singles just don't know how to mingle online. And it's a growing business opportunity that firms like Virtual Dating Assistants, Profile Polish and Live Dating Advice are eying.  More

15-year-old steps down from startup because ... high school

Noa Mintz, founder of Nannies by Noa, hired a full-time CEO to take over the day-to-day of her growing nanny agency.  More

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