How We Got Started

Wal-Mart's next hot products

An Elvis-themed bedding set and a customizable silicone wristband received the most votes in Wal-Mart's contest to find the hottest new products in Americas.  More

From the frontier to fashion's peak

Marie Gray went from refugee to model to founder of women's dressmaker St. John.  More

Vying to be Wal-Mart's next hot item

These five products made it to the final round of Wal-Mart's 'Get on the Shelf' contest.  More

100 years of Lionel's model trains

For the last 113 years, Lionel Trains has been making model trains that mirror the real-life versions on America's railways. Here are some of the most iconic.  More

Lionel Trains: Icon goes digital

Lionel's model trains have chugged through bedrooms for 113 years. Now they're getting a digital makeover.  More

Mopping up with Method

Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry launched Method and helped create a new category: eco-friendly cleaning products.  More

Even Texans can love quiche

Patrick Leon Esquerré's La Madeleine married American convenience to French food and took off in the South.  More

Schurman Retail Group: Crafting a real paper success

Papyrus was born out of an international love story and an apartment in Berkeley.  More

How Pitt Hyde put AutoZone into overdrive

Pitt Hyde was born into a family business. Then he founded AutoZone -- a company that became even more successful.  More

Barbara Corcoran: From waitress to real estate queen

Barbara Corcoran's career is the epitome of a dramatic climb to success and prominence.  More

Soft pretzels out of hard times

An unlikely entrepreneur, "Auntie" Anne Beiler endured family tragedy -- then created a multimillion-dollar chain.  More

How IDEO brings design to corporate America

With the firm he founded, IDEO, David Kelley has helped create better products - and much more - for decades.  More

Weight Watchers' famous faces

Stars ranging from royalty to Playboy playmates have pitched for the weight-loss company over the years. See some of the most memorable Weight Watchers celebrity spokespeople.  More

How Crayola crayons are made

For over 100 years, Crayola has mixed and molded crayons in the hopes of encouraging creativity in children.  Play

Where 6 tons of snacks are made every hour

After raising chickens on a farm became a lonely task, Jim Herr purchased a small potato chip company and built it into a snack-making empire.  Play

I started a business after 60

Who says entrepreneurs have to start young? These owners waited until their 60s, 70s or even 80s to first launch a business.  More

How Maxine Clark built Build-a-Bear

Maxine Clark, the 63-year-old founder of Build-a-Bear, started with a single factory in St. Louis and now operates 425 stores worldwide.  More

Bigelow Tea: From one to a billion bags

The family-owned business introduced flavored tea to the U.S. more than 60 years ago and has become the number one specialty tea company in the country.  Play

Adventures of a serial entrepreneur

John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, which sells hair products in more than 150,000 beauty salons in 87 countries. He's also founder of more than a dozen other businesses.  More

A founder's bold gamble on Panera

Ron Shaich's bakery empire started in 1980 with a 400-square-foot store in Boston called the Cookie Jar.  More

Goya knows what bean you like

Goya says it became the U.S.'s biggest Hispanic-owned food company by catering to the tastes of varied Latin-American groups.  Play

StubHub: Anatomy of a game-changing idea

Jeff Fluhr was looking for businesses that were 'ripe for change.' Scalpers were just the ticket to start StubHub.  More

The jelly beans Ronald Reagan loved

Jelly Belly saw a jump in sales after the former President became a huge fan and passed out jars of the flavored jelly beans to world leaders.  Play

Reading, writing and Levenger

Steve Leveen and his wife, Lori Granger Leveen, launched Levenger, a catalogue featuring fashionable reading and writing accessories, in 1987.  More

How Welch's started as alcohol-free wine

Welch's concord grape juice was invented over 140 years ago as non-alcoholic wine for the church services.  Play

Can the Lucky jean guys get lucky again?

Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman created a trendsetting brand of blue jeans. Now for an encore.  More

How Steinway makes pianos by hand

The manufacturer of pianos has passed the skills of making the musical instrument generation after generation for over 150 years.  Play

The Angie behind Angie's List

The customer review site started as a magazine and call-in service with Angie Hicks going door-to-door to get people to sign up for a subscription.  Play