Small Business Resource Guide

Facebook launched my startup

These entrepreneurs relied exclusively on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to jumpstart their small businesses.  More

Yes, Americans want bacon with that

Data from Square, the mobile payments tool, show customers vastly prefer bacon, caffeine and 16 ounces of soda.  More

Should you drain your 401(k) to start a business?

These entrepreneurs took a risky bet: Instead of taking out a loan, they cracked their nest eggs to fund their startup.  More

Google's new toy for business owners

A single dashboard that will combine a number of Google tools, such as: Search, Maps, Google +, Insights, Hangouts.  More

This startup thrives on a four-day workweek

Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson believes any startup can stave off burnout with three-day weekends. His secret to making it work: Cut out distractions.  More

Try on glasses from the comfort of your couch

Kate Dorekson launched Ditto, an online glasses startup that lets customers virtually try on pairs. How good is it? Only 5% of customers return their orders.  More

The best country for women entrepreneurs is....

Women entrepreneurs have the best chance to prosper in the U.S., Australia, Sweden and France, according to a new report.  More

Other women snubbed me until I hit it big

When Jessica Brondo started her company admittedly, she got radio silence from female entrepreneurs. A year into the company's success, they were banging down her door.  More

Orange buttons boost online sales

Dane Atkinson, CEO of data-analysis startup SumAll, says it's often the little things that convert web browsers into buyers.  More

Tax season unleashes cyberscams

Cybercriminals ramp up malicious activity during tax season by aggressively targeting unsuspecting small businesses.  More

My business accepts Bitcoins

Bitcoin isn't limited to online shopping. Dentists, pet boutiques and honey sellers are among small businesses that now accept the digital currency.  More

How to keep your business afloat if your partner dies

Business partners are often as close as married couples. So when one gets sick, it can be nearly impossible to keep the business going.  More

From dog toys to software -- seriously!

It wasn't easy for a dog toy company to turn itself into a software firm, but the cofounders spotted a bigger opportunity and grabbed it.  More

Hardest part of being the boss: Firing people

Letting someone go is "emotionally draining," says one entrepreneur, but sometimes it's the only way to save a team.  More

How I emerged from bankruptcy to grow a thriving company

Danny Fisher was the CEO of a major independent film company when the economy collapsed and he was forced to declare bankruptcy. Here's how he started over.  More

So you want to join an accelerator? Here's how

Niche accelerators are exploding across the country. But is it right for your business? Here are some things to consider.  More

5 ways customer service makes you crazy

Customer service can be the best marketing campaign for a business, but only if it's done right.  More

The right way to leave your business behind

It may be time to come to grips with one of the hardest questions facing any entrepreneur: Who will run your business when -- or if -- you're not around?  More

FICO opens up credit scores to small businesses

FICO is finally allowing small business owners to see the credit score lenders use when determining creditworthiness.  More

6 ways you can use 3-D printers

Small business owners are able to bring new, innovative products to market faster and cheaper thanks to 3-D printers.  More

6 most dangerous cyberattacks

Small businesses are the No. 1 target for cybercriminals. Here are 6 of the most dangerous cyberattacks hitting small firms.  More

9 apps every business traveler needs now

You don't need a personal assistant or a corporate travel department. These apps will change how you get around, saving you time -- and money.  More

How to throw an unforgettable holiday party

Silicon Alley tech startups see great parties as part of their employee-retention strategy, so they go all-out. Here's how.  More

5 Americans who launched startups in Chile

Forget Silicon Valley, these entrepreneurs moved to South America to develop their startups. They were accepted into the government-backed program Start-Up Chile, receiving $40,000 in equity-free funding.  More

Startups find free money in South America

Entrepreneurs from the U.S. are leaving Silicon Valley and moving to South America to develop their startup businesses.  More

The danger when one client is 80% of sales

It's great if you've landed a steady, lucrative customer! But beware of devoting so much attention to that one client that you stop looking for new ones.  More

How to boost your online sales this holiday season

Here's how to grab a bigger slice of the $64 billion that shoppers are expected to spend online this season.  More

How to successfully launch a second startup

Bob Diener co-founded in the '90s. When he launched in 2009, the landscape had dramatically changed. Here's his advice on launching a second startup.  More

Why 'do good' businesses are blowing up

For over 850 businesses like BlueAvocado, earning B Corp status sets them apart as companies that place a premium on doing well, while doing good.  More

French fry joint lures customers through Facebook

Ryan Smolkin started Smoke's Poutinerie with no marketing budget. Instead, he burned the midnight oil on Facebook and Twitter. Today, he has 60 stores and $28 million in sales.  More

Google's dreaded 'blacklist'

Small businesses are reeling from an increase in cybercrime, but a hacked website can have even greater consequences if Google lists you as 'infected.'  More

How do you handle bad online reviews?

It's not uncommon to receive a few negative reviews, but what's the best way to handle it? Don't call commenters punks, for starters.  More

Want loyal customers? Build a culture of saying yes

Follow the lead of the tech giants, and treat your employees the way you'd want to be treated. If they feel supported, they'll be more inclined to say "yes" to customers.  More

Best social network for your business

Almost 75% of small businesses use social media, but do they use it correctly? Here's a rundown of the top 6 sites and how best to use them.  More

How data mining can boost your revenue by 300%

With details like age, gender and buying history, small businesses can better engage with their customers and dramatically increase sales.  More

Could teaching employees to code be key to success?

Computerizing medical records takes a deep understanding of how doctors run their practices. So startup Modernizing Medicine trained doctors to design software.  More

I knew I'd made it when ...

These entrepreneurs had some rocky starts, but each had a key moment when their business turned a corner. They share how they got there.  More

How to compete against a corporate giant - and win

It's not easy starting a company when your main competitor has been around for more than 100 years. But Arch Angel Brands still went up against Dr. Scholl's. Here's how they did it.  More

What I look for in a new hire

When hiring new employees, these entrepreneurs look past the resume for qualities like judgment, compassion and integrity.  More