State of Small Business

Paid sick leave won't hurt businesses

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is pushing to require paid sick leave from even the smallest of businesses. But these laws can work well for both employees and employers.  More

America's favorite businesses

From a science camp for girls to a kombucha brewer, communities around the country voted on their favorite small businesses. These 12 came out on top, each scoring a $250,000 grant from Chase and a trip to Google's headquarters.  More

9 hot startup accelerators

From energy and education to robots and food, these specialty programs offer startups seed money, mentoring and connections in exchange for equity.  More

Strangest place I've closed a deal

As proof that business waits for no one, these people shunned the corner office and closed deals strapped to a biplane, fishing for marlin -- even in the bathroom.  More

Minimum wage hike could mean a raise for all

Fourteen states are raising the minimum wage this year, but it's not just those workers that benefit. Employees making more than the new minimum often get raises, too.  More

Made in America. Sold in China.

Bucking the trend, these small businesses are taking their U.S.-made products to China and capitalizing on its burgeoning consumer market.  More

What's the deal with crowdfunding investments?

Thanks to a new rule, small business owners can use Facebook and Twitter to raise funds, but the change appears to be flying under the radar.  More

67-year-old Italian restaurant closes its doors

New Year's Eve marks the end of an era for Merlino's Belvedere, which has struggled to stay open amid a series of natural disasters and a struggling economy.  More

Healthy food chain helps kids get off the streets

California chain Tender Greens launched a 3-month program that teaches at-risk youths about food and the culinary arts. For some kids, the results are life-changing.  More

Startup's sales hit $90 million in 3 years

Halo2Cloud scored a home run with its first product -- a powerful backup charger for mobile devices that doubles as a fashion accessory.  More

America's favorite small business is ...

50-year-old Trio Hardware received over 2,000 customer votes and is crowned the most loved small business in America.  More

This startup turns illegal guns into jewelry

Entrepreneur Peter Thum's new startup has collected over 1,000 illegal guns from three U.S. cities and turned them into jewelry.  More

Fake meat is on the menu this Thanksgiving

As Americans sharpen their knives for Thanksgiving, a new crop of food tech start-ups are carving out their own niche -- faux-meat products that replicate the flavor and feel of the real thing without the ethical quandaries.  More

Lady Gaga saves dying business ... for now

When Lady Gaga wore a teeth bracelet in her mouth recently, it jump-started sales for one avant garde jewelry business.  More

Vet turns military training into $50M fitness company

Randy Hetrick was on a counter-piracy mission in Southeast Asia when he came up with the idea for TRX. Now, the company brings in $50 million a year.  More

Ravaged by Sandy but back in business

Sandy devastated thousands of businesses in New York, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. But one year later, many of these businesses have come back. Here are 6 of their stories.  More

BlackBerry's hometown vows to survive

BlackBerry serves as both warning and hero for the Waterloo tech hub it created.  More

Shutdown ends, but small businesses lost big

Small businesses are relieved the shutdown has ended, but angry about the unnecessary consequences for their firms.  More

Week 3: Small businesses reel from shutdown

As the shutdown drags into a third week, small firms are trying to figure out how -- or if -- they'll make up the lost business.  More

Shutdown forces Oklahoma firm to lay off firefighters

Mark Masters' company Chloeta Fire has already laid off a dozen employees since the government shut down a week ago.  More

Dawn of the Zombie Economy

The zombie apocalypse might be fiction, but the zombie economy is real - fueled by preppers buying all kinds of zombie paraphernalia.

Shutdown threatens Northwest city -- and Capitol Christmas tree

Thousands of miles from D.C., the shutdown could hit small businesses in Newport, Wash., which are heavily dependent on government contracts.  More

Shutdown could freeze payments to Denver firm

On Oct. 1, Lisa Buckley's small business is due to bill thousands of dollars in new business to Uncle Sam. If the government shuts down, she doesn't know when she'll get paid.  More

Shutdown hits Great Smoky Mountains at peak season

The shutdown couldn't come at a worse time for Jeff Smith, who owns an inn outside the Great Smoky Mountains. He relies heavily on the October tourist rush to boost his year-end sales.  More

Obamacare sparked my startup

These entrepreneurs say Obamacare gave them an idea for a niche small business.  More

Why small firms aren't hiring more

Small businesses are hiring -- just not at the same pace as they once did. One reason: They're more efficient and don't need as many workers.  More

Hiring at small businesses tapers off

Small businesses added 58,000 jobs in May, according to ADP. The pace is slow, and 2013 is turning out to be another sluggish year.  More

Cyberattacks devastated my business!

From a small startup that was hacked by Anonymous to a cleaning firm that fell prey to a Nigerian scam, these five small businesses explain how cyberattacks hurt their firms.  More

Vermont fights 'patent trolls'

Patent-rich Vermont is the first state to pass a law cracking down on bad-faith claims of patent infringement, a growing problem for entrepreneurs nationwide.  More

New startups prime targets for cyberattacks

By the time a startup is five months old, it's already been the target of hundreds of spam messages and malware, according to a new industry report.  More

8 hot businesses you can start now

Startup ideas can be found in surprising places. We asked which opportunities are drawing the most interest from entrepreneurs and their customers lately.  More

The Obamacare myth

Only a tiny fraction of small businesses must comply with new Obamacare rules. And most of them are already providing insurance to employees.  More

Small businesses say economy is better, but not for them

In an exclusive survey, entrepreneurs say their customers aren't spending freely yet, and they're in no rush to hire or invest more in their firms.  More

Pitching the next great startup

From undercover yoga, to frozen yogurt for dogs, small business owners trying out for the ABC series 'Shark Tank' give their quick pitches.  Play

I started my business in 2013!

Why these five entrepreneurs finally took the plunge.  More

View from Main Street in one small town

We visited Maplewood, N.J., and spoke to small business owners about what it's like to run a shop in today's economic climate.  Play