End of Privacy

6:22am: Verizon's new privacy policy allows it to sell your personal data to third-parties. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile also make money off of customers' data. More
Dec 16: The Commerce Department suggests tackling the online privacy challenge with a voluntary but enforceable set of guidelines. More
Dec 14: An experiment with unprotected Wi-Fi at Starbucks illustrates that the weakest security link will always be the user's own judgment. More
Dec 13: More than 1 million usernames and passwords were exposed in a major attack on Gawker's servers. More
Dec 13: Starting from an e-mail address, a data miner can suck in every piece of information you've made publicly available on Facebook. More
Dec 13: To illustrate how much personal data is loose on the Web, a privacy researcher delved deep into CNNMoney anchor Poppy Harlow's online identity. More
Oct 21: Data aggregator Rapleaf sells Web users' profiles to advertisers -- and despite promises of privacy, it's becoming much easier to link back anonymous information. More
As more crimes are committed online, or with the help of online data, police departments are banding together to share tech tips and catch wrongdoing wherever it occurs. More
Gathering your personal information to sell to marketers, insurers, employers and anyone else who wants it is big business. Here are some of the key players. More
Major companies including Netflix, Google and Facebook have let private data loose -- and the results can be devastating. More