Sprint's new price plans: No more 'Framily,' but more data

On Monday, Sprint announced it was jacking up the data it offers in its family pack options. The new plans will be offered starting on Friday.  More

The 5 best -- and worst -- airports for cell phone service

Research firm RootMetrics measured mobile service quality at America's 50 busiest airports for a new report.  More

How 4G speeds stack up at airports near you

Mobile industry research firm RootMetrics ranks America's 50 busiest airports on 4G speeds.  More

Amazon undercuts Square with new mobile credit card payments service

Amazon announces competitor to Square as it goes after credit card processing by small businesses.  More

Would you sign up for "virtual cable?"

A first in the U.S., the service from Dish Network would target Americans who don't currently subscribe to any form of cable or satellite  More

Can Sprint do anything but suck?

Sprint's merger with T-Mobile is in the toilet. What can it do to get out of the doldrums?  More

Xiaomi just took over China - is the U.S. next?

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has international ambitions, but gaining traction in the United States will be difficult.  More

T-Mobile sinks after Sprint reportedly abandons merger bid

Sprint has reportedly abandoned its bid to acquire fellow wireless carrier T-Mobile.  More

Apple set to unveil new iPhones Sept. 9

Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPhones at an event on Sept. 9, according to a report from the tech news site R/ecode.  More

Apple set to unveil new iPhones Sept. 9

Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPhones at an event on Sept. 9, according to a report from the tech news site R/ecode.  More

Forget Samsung, Xiaomi is China's new smartphone king

Xiaomi has knocked Samsung off its throne in China, shipping more units than its South Korea-based rival for the first time in the second quarter.  More

Doggie dates have come to Tinder!

Puppy profiles have popped up on the popular hookup app, Tinder.  More

Microsoft to Samsung: Pay up!

Microsoft sued Samsung for violating the terms of its patent agreement.  More

T-Mobile soars on French takeover rumor

T-Mobile shares jumped 6% on a report about a buyout bid emerging out of France  More

FCC calls Verizon plan to throttle connections 'disturbing'

The FCC isn't happy about Verizon's plan to slow unlimited data connections.  More

Amazon's Fire Phone: Not so hot

If you want your phone optimized for commerce, the Fire may be the device for you.  More

Amazon's Fire phone: a shopping device that makes calls

If you want your phone optimized for commerce, the Fire may be the device for you.  More

Verizon's offer: Let us track you, get free stuff

Verizon has announced a new program offering perks for customers who agree to have their location data tracked for marketing purposes.  More

Yo backer launches new app

MIRAGE, a new instant messaging app, hopes to capitalize on the viral momentum from buzzy app Yo.  More

Is this Apple's new iWatch?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for a smartwatch. It resembles others already on the market but there are some features that could set an iWatch apart.  More

Meet the new ice cream man: Uber

Uber will deliver ice cream to subscribers on Friday. It's the latest on-demand service from the taxi app company that is now worth more than $18 billion.  More

Google Glass creator has new role at Amazon

Babak Parviz,, the brain behind Google Glass, is bringing his innovative talents to rival Amazon. But it's not clear what he'll be working on just yet.  More

Amazon: Read as much as you want for $9.99

If you like to read a lot, Amazon has the plan for you. Kindle Unlimited offers 600,000 e-books and some audiobooks for $9.99 a month.  More

Samsung has a child labor problem

Samsung has suspended its relationship with a supplier in China following accusations that the company was using child laborers at its factories.  More

Did Apple and IBM just kill BlackBerry?

BlackBerrry's turnaround just hit a big speed bump. If IBM can successfully sell Apple's iPhones to corporate customers, how can BlackBerry counter that?  More

Did Apple and IBM just kill BlackBerry?

BlackBerrry's turnaround just hit a big speed bump. If IBM can successfully sell Apple's iPhones to corporate customers, how can BlackBerry counter that?  More

Yahoo still weak but it's all about Alibaba

Marissa Mayer still hasn't turned around Yahoo. But she may still have time to fix things as investors focus on the huge cash windfall it will soon get from its stake in Chinese online giant Alibaba.  More

Carlos Slim, world's second-richest person, forced to break up telecom empire

Mexican phone operator America Móvil, controlled by billionaire magnate Carlos Slim, has announced plans to sell off assets in order to reduce its market share.  More

5 apps to help change the world

Forget about Angry Birds and Yo. These apps aim to educate and empower -- and are the newest tactic for tech-savvy activists.  More

Aereo's future: Online cable provider?

Aereo may reinvent itself as a cable company that legally delivers TV channels via the Internet  More

Wal-Mart cuts iPhone prices

As of 9 a.m. Friday, the big box retailer is slashing the price of both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.  More

'Kill Switch' coming to Google, Microsoft phones

Google and Microsoft will include a so-called kill switch in the next version of their smartphone operating systems.  More

Adrenaline rush! GoPro surges again

GoPro shares are up more than 60% from their IPO price. The one analyst covering GoPro thinks it has room to run.  More

BlackBerry stock surges on surprise profit

Good news for BlackBerry. The smartphone maker posted an unexpected profit and its cash position increased. It looks like CEO John Chen has more time to turn the company around.  More

Amazon Fire Phone: Cool, but not compelling

Amazon's new Fire Phone does a lot of things you've never seen a smartphone do before. But that may not be enough to win over many new customers.  More

T-Mobile: Stream all the music you want

T-Mobile announced a new program Wednesday that will let users stream music on certain apps without it counting toward monthly network data caps.  More

The million-dollar app that says 'yo'

The new 'Yo' app revolutionizes communication as we know it with one simple word.  More

Amazon unveils 3-D Fire Phone

Amazon launches a Fire Phone smartphone at an event in Seattle Wednesday.  More

BlackBerry gets lifeline from Amazon app store

Troubled mobile company BlackBerry made a move to stay competitive on the app-driven smartphone scene by partnering with Amazon.  More

Government seeks to regulate maps apps

The Department of Transportation will issue guidelines on handheld devices behind the wheel.  More

T-Mobile CEO blasts AT&T on Twitter

T-Mobile CEO John Legere bashed AT&T again on Twitter. He's annoyed by reports that Amazon's new phone may be a Ma Bell exclusive.  More

OMG! Hot or Not is back!

The creators of Hot or Not have relaunched a dating app to help people to connect with the hottest babes in their neighborhoods.  More

What to expect at Amazon's mystery event

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to unveil a "3-D" smartphone at an event on Seattle on Wednesday.  More

Is Klarna the new PayPal?

PayPal revolutionized the way we buy products online. Klarna is next big thing, according to famed venture capitalist, Michael Moritz.  More

Apple recalling European iPhone chargers

Apple says USB power adapters for older iPhone models sold in 37 countries pose a risk of overheating.  More

Starbucks to offer wireless recharging

Starbucks teams with Duracell and Powermat Technologies to offer wireless charging locations in its stores for some smartphones.  More

Anti-Uber protests backfire in Europe

Protests by European taxi drivers against Uber backfired badly Wednesday as the free publicity led to a surge in downloads of the cab-booking app.  More

Apple just got 'cheaper.' Will you buy?

Apple's stock price is about to drop from $650 and change to the low $90s following a stock split. Will average investors be more inclined to take a bite out of Apple?  More

6 countries routinely snoop on Vodafone calls

Six countries have permanent access to Vodafone's network, allowing them to snoop on customers' calls, texts and other messages.  More

Fast in-flight Wi-Fi coming to Europe

London-based satellite services operator Inmarsat says it has plans for a 4G in-flight broadband service that will provide fliers across Europe with fast internet connections.  More

Amazon's 3D smartphone may finally be set for release

Amazon released a YouTube video Wednesday teasing an unknown product that many believe will be the company's long-rumored smartphone.  More

Nice job, Apple. But I'm not coming back

Apple announced some cool new features at WWDC, but I'm still sticking with Android and Windows.  More

Apple unveils iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

Apple rolled updates to its operating systems and other new features at its developers conference.  More

What we want Apple to unveil at WWDC

Here's what we expect Apple to show off at WWDC: An iOS update and new Macs. And here's our wish list: A better iCloud, a mobile payment platform ... and Dr. Dre as musical guest.  More

Why I broke up with Apple

Apple used to have all the features that CNNMoney tech editor David Goldman needed. Not anymore. He's now a proud owner of an Android phone and Surface tablet.  More

Square's cash advance: Don't call it a loan

Square, the mobile payments giant run by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has a new program that gives customers access to cash. But Square doesn't want to be a bank. It's not charging interest.  More

Apple removes weed dealing game from app store

The rules surrounding marijuana are blurry, even in the virtual world where a game called Weed Firm was removed from the Apple app store.  More

New Surface: Good PC, but no iPad killer

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 does a lot of things really well. It might even be good enough to replace your laptop PC ... but not your iPad.  More

Microsoft introduces its Surface Pro 3 tablet

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 PC-tablet hybrid is the company's latest attempt to outduel the iPad.  More

Broadcast live video from your smartphone

Mobli allows you to broadcast video from your smartphone to a mass audience in real time.  More

Cell phone service for under $20

It's entirely possible to pay less than $20 for smartphone service, but trade-offs are required.  More

Be wary of the no money down iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 will likely either cost you $0 or $650 -- but buying the phone for $200 like you're used to doing is still the best long-term value for consumers. Those promotions will be harder to spot.  More

Samsung mobile design chief steps down

The man reponsible for the design of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones will now oversee long-term design strategy for the entire company.  More

How to max out your phone battery

There are a million ideas for maximizing the life of a cell phone battery. Here's what you need to know.  More

Sprint unveils HD voice for cell phones

Sprint is rolling out new "HD Voice" technology to improve the quality of grainy cell-phone calls.  More

AT&T plans better in-flight Wi-Fi

AT&T says it will make in-flight internet usable again.  More

How Mark Zuckerberg courts companies

In just three and a half days, Facebook and virtual reality firm Oculus worked out a $2 billion deal.  More

Samsung Galaxy S5: Just a slight upgrade

Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone is improved over its predecessor, but only in subtle ways.  More

T-Mobile to sell 4G iPad at Wi-Fi price

T-Mobile is launching a new attack in its effort to shake up the wireless industry.  More

Meet Cortana, Microsoft's Siri

Microsoft unveiled Cortana, a digital assitant that follows in the footsteps of Apple and Google.  More

GrubHub IPO delivers: Up 31%

Shares of online take-out company GrubHub soar on their first day of trading. Investors appear to have an insatiable appetite for many IPOs.  More

HTC One M8 review: Beautifully better

HTC didn't change much with its new flagship phone, but it didn't need much changing to begin with.  More

T-Mobile no longer selling BlackBerry

BlackBerry announces end to license for T-Mobile to sell BlackBerry phones.  More

Things go from 'bad' to 'less bad' for BlackBerry

BlackBerry reported another loss. But investors seem excited about CEO John Chen's turnaround strategy.  More

HTC One M8: The most beautiful smartphone

The HTC One, last year's most beautiful Android phone, is now bigger and more beautiful than ever.  More

King falls as investors sour on Candy Crush

Shares of King Digital entertainment, the maker of the wildly popular online game Candy Crush Saga, were lower in their market debut Wednesday.  More

Google Glass getting a stylish makeover

Google is teaming up with Ray-Ban maker Luxoticca to help it design new Google Glass frames.  More
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