Anti-email startup Slack got hacked

Slack got hacked, exposing usernames, email, phone numbers and encrypted passwords.  More

Credit card of the future could stop fraud

This credit card has a battery, chip and screen to display a dynamic CVV code. The point? Stopping fraudsters.  More

Target will pay hack victims $10 million

Target has agreed to pay $10 million as part of a settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed in the wake of a 2013 data breach that affected up to 110 million customers.  More

Premera health insurance hack hits 11 million people

Hackers broke into Premera, exposing sensitive personal information on 11 million people.  More

FBI lets suspects go to protect 'Stingray' secrets

Police are so secretive about using Stingrays -- spoof cell phone towers -- that they'd rather drop criminal charges than say anything the devices.  More

Ex-NSA director: China has hacked 'every major corporation' in U.S.

Mike McConnell, the ex-NSA director, says Chinese hackers "have penetrated every major corporation of any consequence in the United States and taken information."  More

Want to be a CIA spy? Be careful on Facebook.

Take these tips from the top CIA recruiter. For your sake, just be discreet.  More

The tough task of going through Hillary's emails

The way Hillary Clinton handed over her State Department emails is less transparent and more expensive than it should have been.  More

Why was your credit card number stolen? Retailers are lazy.

A new Verizon report shows that very few retailers comply with payment card industry security standards. Why are those important? Every breached company wasn't PCI-compliant.  More

Java now loads annoying adware on Macs

Beware, Mac users. The latest Java update from Oracle sneaks bloatware from into your Web browsers.  More

The disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity

It's time to get serious about creating global rules and standards to protect our rights and privacy, or else ultra-connectivity may be our downfall.  More

Iran hacked an American casino, U.S. says

The top U.S. intelligence official says Iran hacked the casino giant Sands Las Vegas last year.  More

Thieves use stolen credit cards on Apple Pay - report

Thieves are using stolen credit card data to make bogus purchases on Apple Pay, Apple's mobile payment system.  More

Tech firms freak out as China erects barriers

Western companies are starting to freak out about moves by China that could block them from swathes of its huge technology market.  More

SIM cards hacked by U.S. and U.K. spies - report

American and British spies reportedly hacked the world's biggest SIM card maker, sparking a new privacy scare for cellphone users around the world.  More

Lenovo slipped 'Superfish' malware into laptops

If you got a Lenovo laptop in recent months, it came with factory-installed malware that gave you ads. It also made you less safe online.  More

Super-sneaky malware found in companies worldwide

A shadowy hacking group has infected computers at companies, universities and governments worldwide with the sneakiest malware ever -- and signs point to the NSA.  More

Hackers stole from 100 banks and rigged ATMs to spew cash

Hackers have stolen approximately $1 billion in what could be one of the largest bank heists ever, according to a new report from the Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab.  More

Tim Cook: Privacy is a matter of 'life and death'

Tim Cook defended Apple's commitment to privacy at a White House cybersecurity summit on Friday.  More

Microsoft fixes a serious 15-year-old bug

The Jasbug is a 15-year-old computer flaw in Windows that exposed you to hackers. Microsoft just fixed it.  More

Hackers are stealing your tax refund

When hackers steal your Social Security number, they sell it to fraudsters who then claim your tax refund. It's a $5 billion underground business.  More

Hundreds of ISIS social media accounts shut down

Hundreds of social media accounts apparently linked to terrorist group ISIS have been shut down. Hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility.  More

Automakers don't protect you enough from car hackers, senator says

Car hacking is a real threat. Now a report from Senator Markey shows "an alarmingly inconsistent and incomplete state of industry security and privacy practices" by all of the world's largest car makers.  More

Your Samsung TV is listening to your private conversations

Samsung's SmartTVs are transmitting your voice commands to a third party.  More

Anthem hacked, Wall Street shrugs

The data breach at health insurer Anthem is scary for consumers. Yet its stock barely budged. Companies who've been hacked don't tend to get punished by investors. But cybersecurity stocks surge.  More

Bitcoin fallacy led to Silk Road founder's conviction

The Silk Road trial showed that Bitcoin is not anonymous. And it's proof of how electronic money is perfectly traceable.  More

Why should we trust the Sony PlayStation Network ever again?

The Sony PlayStation Network went down yet again, this time during the Super Bowl. Why won't Sony fix this already?  More

The cost of doing business in China

China has new rules for foreign tech firms: become a spy tool and give up your highly-guarded computer source code.  More

LA police chief claims Google's traffic app endangers cops

Is the Waze app really that dangerous to police? Not really. They're operating in public anyway: in uniform and in marked police cars.  More

Facebook blocks pages insulting Mohammed

Facebook gets court orders from Turkey to block pages depicting Mohammed, the Muslim prophet.  More

No, you can't fly drones over the White House

It's illegal to fly drones into the White House property -- in case it's not already obvious.  More

To avoid Sony's fate, play war games

PwC has developed a computer game to simulate how hackers attack a company. It's called Game of Threats, and it's actually pretty neat.  More

Obamacare website reins in personal data sharing was secretly sharing information that let marketers know if you smoked. It has since stopped.  More

AT&T texts can be faked to hack you

AT&T alerts don't look legitimate enough. It's too easy to make fake AT&T alerts to scam you.  More

Sony: Hack so bad, our computers still don't work

Sony has been forced to delay its quarterly earnings report as the company struggles to repair computer systems that were damaged in a cyberattack ahead of its release of "The Interview."  More

Obamacare site tells marketers you smoke is relaying your personal information to online advertisers and other private companies. They're seeing your zip code, income level, pregnancy status and whether or not you smoke.  More

Hackers tweet 'I am not Charlie' from French newspaper account

Hackers forced their way into the Twitter account of France's "Le Monde" newspaper on Wednesday and posted "Je ne suis pas Charlie."  More

Software can't replace mass spying

Special targeted software cannot replace the U.S. government's ongoing bulk collection of private records, a presidential committee has found.  More

Hacked news companies tweet Chinese fired on U.S. warship

No, China did not just attack the United States. Two major news accounts on Twitter were sending out fake news.  More

Meet the vigilante who hacks jihadists

Jester, hacker, soldier, spy. This is what an online vigilante looks like.  More

19,000 French websites under attack

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, hackers are attacking 19,000 French military and civilian websites.  More

Apple's new security feature not good enough

If you enable Apple two-step verification, your iCloud account is protected. Your iMessages are not.  More

David Cameron: iMessage should be banned

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the U.K. government must be able to access people's messaging data.  More

Obama puts hacked company on notice

President Obama on Monday is expected to demand better privacy for students and quicker confessions from companies that lose your data.  More

Anonymous blocks jihadist website

Anonymous hackers claim to have blocked a jihadist website and posted Twitter handles they say belong to terrorists.  More

Anonymous declares war over Charlie Hebdo attack

Anonymous declared war on Islamic extremists Friday and promised to take revenge for the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo.  More

Amazon data center on fire in Virginia

A large fire lit up the roof of an Amazon data center that's still under construction in a Virginia suburb outside Washington, D.C.  More

Super cookies track you in privacy mode

Advertisers have found a way to track your online browsing even when in a browser's "privacy mode."  More

Visit HuffPo? You might have a virus

Huffington Post and several major websites were hit with malvertising. They displayed malware-laced advertisements that infected readers.  More

Spent bitcoins? Expect a tax headache

Did you experiment with the digital currency Bitcoin last year? Get ready for some funky tax math.  More

Hackers down German government sites

Pro-Russian hackers have claimed responsibility for a major attack on German government websites.  More

Gogo plane Wi-Fi blocks YouTube

You can't stream YouTube videos while using in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi. But the way the company does it lets it spy on your Internet session.  More

Hackers steal $5 million in attack on European bitcoin exchange

Hackers have stolen about 19,000 bitcoin ($5.2 million) from Bitstamp accounts, prompting Europe's largest bitcoin exchange to suspend services.  More

Morgan Stanley leaks rich clients' info

Morgan Stanley says 900 of its über-rich clients had personal details exposed online by a bank employee.  More

Lizard Squad attacks Brian Krebs

Now that cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs has outed members of Lizard Squad, the Internet trolls are after him.  More

Crippling hack forced Sony to use old BlackBerrys

The cyberattack on Sony was so crippling employees resorted to using a phone tree and old BlackBerrys to relay messages.  More

Hackers steal fingerprints from photos

Fingerprints can be hacked from photos, a German hacking group demonstrated.  More

PlayStation Network back up after a cyberattack

Sony said Sunday its PlayStation Network, or PSN, for online gaming is back after a multi-day outage on some of the busiest days of the year.  More

It's safe to watch 'The Interview' online

If you think hackers will hurt you for streaming "The Interview" on your computer, relax.  More

A peek into North Korea's Internet

So, North Korea's Internet went down. What is it like anyway? There are PlayStations, XBoxes and a MacBook.  More

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