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Chinese New Year 2015: Traditional gifts go digital

Many young Chinese are putting a digital twist on the old custom, gifting electronic red envelopes for Chinese New Year.  More

On your Facebook feed: Your virtual reality experience?

Remember when Facebook bought Oculus? In the future, Facebook wants you to share the full, 360˚ experience you just had.  More

Why should we trust the Sony PlayStation Network ever again?

The Sony PlayStation Network went down yet again, this time during the Super Bowl. Why won't Sony fix this already?  More

Hundreds of ISIS social media accounts shut down

Hundreds of social media accounts apparently linked to terrorist group ISIS have been shut down. Hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility.  More

Half of Super Bowl ads had hashtags

Super Bowl ads were hashtag-friendly in 2015, but not quite as much as they were a year ago.  More

Taco Bell: Emoji unfairly biased towards hamburger and pizza lovers

Taco Bell wants you to add your voice to a campaign for taco emoji.  More

Zuckerberg has his Tim Cook moment

Mark Zuckerberg lashed out at an analyst during an earnings call, evoking Tim Cook's similar tirade last year.  More

Twitter's CEO is on the hot seat

Wall Street is growing impatient with CEO Dick Costolo. Thursday's earnings report will be critical.  More

Facebook profit soars on mobile ads

Facebook's earnings jumped 34%, as nearly all users are accessing the social network on smartphones.  More

Hashtag #money. The business of the pound sign

First introduced in 2007 as way of sifting through Twitter's newsfeed, the hashtag has since spawned new tech businesses and become a pop culture phenom that retailers are cashing in on.  More

Facebook's Sandberg wants more women online

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg has made it her personal mission to get more women connected to the Internet in developing countries.  More

New Facebook feature flags fake news

Anyone can now report scams, hoaxes and incorrect news as 'false' on Facebook.  More

Facebook claims it created 4.5 million jobs

A Facebook-sponsored study suggests that the social network has created 4.5 million jobs.  More

Facebook has more than 1,100 jobs to fill

Facebook career site lists 1,159 job openings in everything from ad sales to drones and virtual reality.  More

Facebook to send Amber Alerts

Facebook will begin delivering Amber Alerts to people's news feeds.  More

Facebook 'likes' predict your personality

New research shows computers can judge a person's personality more accurately than their family.  More

#JeSuisCharlie becomes one of most popular hashtags in Twitter's history

Twitter says the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag is one of the most popular news-related tweets in its history.  More

Bae: The Internet hijacked my last name

This is what happens when your name suddenly becomes Internet slang.  More

Don't believe this Facebook hoax!

Your Facebook friends are falling for a hoax -- you can't opt out of Facebook's terms of service with a block of legalese.  More

Cops can use fake Facebook accounts to lure suspects, says judge

Fake Facebook accounts are a legal way to search through a suspect's social media profile, a court ruled.  More

Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million followers

Kim Kardashian barely qualifies as famous, after Instagram loses a ton of weight.  More

Twitter should sell itself. Here's why.

Twitter is a cool company with a lot of loyal users. But the stock has been a dog this year. Twitter may be better off as a subsidiary of a larger tech or media firm instead of as a standalone service.  More

Yo B*tch: Breaking Bad's new app

Actor Aaron Paul wants to help you and your friends communicate the Breaking Bad way. By sending each other 'Yo B*tch' messages with his new app.  More

Facebook rapidly growing drone business

Facebook is rapidly hiring people in aeronautics to join its drone team.  More

Facebook is coming to your office

Facebook is working on "Facebook at Work," an office version for employee-to-employee communication at work.  More

China's version of Tinder is worth $3 billion

Momo, a dating app that's compared to Tinder, enjoyed a 10% bump in its stock market debut.  More

Facebook unveils privacy settings 101

Facebook has unveiled a 'Privacy Basics' guide and a new data policy.  More

Twitter trashed with 'junk' rating from S&P

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's assigned a junk rating to Twitter's debt.  More

Snapchat now warns you if another app saves your photo

Snapchat is taking a small step toward actually taking your privacy seriously.  More

Lysol flooded with Ebola questions

Lysol and Clorox claim that they are effective disinfectants against diseases similar to Ebola.  More

Fraudsters use paycheck selfies to steal identities

More than two dozen people have been charged with using paycheck selfies from Instagram photos to steal financial information.  More

Can Facebook live up to the hype?

Shares of Facebook recently topped $80. They've more than quadrupled from their post-IPO lows of two years ago. Can Mark Zuckerberg keep the momentum in mobile going?  More

Tumblr CEO: I'm still in charge here

Tumblr CEO David Karp says he's still the boss after Yahoo's purchase, and he's happy with the progress the company has made so far.  More

Surprise! Twitter is not Facebook

Twitter's user growth is lackluster and it still loses money. The company pales in comparison to Facebook.  More

In Chinese, Zuck says Facebook has 11 users

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a Q&A at Beijing's Tsinghua University entirely in Chinese.  More

I make six figures to play video games

In the growing industry of e-sports, gamers have sponsors and huge fan bases.  More

Does Ello have what it takes to be the anti-Facebook?

Ello wants to capitalize on those who have gripes with Facebook -- can it work?  More

Facebook ads now showing up across the Web

Facebook launched a new line of business Monday that will display advertisements on computers and mobile devices to users on sites across the Web.  More

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)  More

Home Depot: 56 million cards exposed in breach

Attack is not the largest in history but it is bigger than the Target hack of late last year.  More

Neighbors accuse Zuckerberg of hoarding parking spots

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is accused of hiring people to hold parking spaces for construction workers at his $10 million home in San Francisco.  More

Reddit takes down celebrity nude photos

Reddit has taken down "TheFappening," the subreddit that was the go-to place for hacked, nude celebrity photos.  More

Meet Facebook's new privacy mascot

Facebook has unveiled a new feature that helps you keep track of what you're sharing on the social network.  More

Yikes! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn plunge

Tech stocks took a big dive Monday even as the rest of the market was relatively flat. What's going on?  More

A lot to 'like': Facebook now worth $200 billion

Facebook may not be getting as much attention as Apple or Alibaba, but the company is now worth more than IBM, Coke and AT&T.  More

Football + FarmVille: Can sports save Zynga?

FarmVille isn't enough to save Zynga anymore. Now it has a new NFL game and a golf game with Tiger Woods in the works. Will that be enough for Wall Street?  More

Ice bucket videos destroying phone bills

Leaving the "autoplay" setting on for Facebook videos can take a big bite out of your mobile data plan.  More

Is Twitter a tech company or a news service?

Twitter suspended accounts of those who tweeted graphic images of James Foley's beheading, which was unusual for the social media company. So how will it define its responsibility in the future?  More

Bakery to Google: Take 's--t' out of our logo!

Greggs bakery took to Twitter to urge Google to remove a profane logo from search results.  More

Russian bank offers cats with mortgages

Russia's biggest bank, Sberbank, is offering to deliver cats to the doorsteps of new mortgage clients as part of a quirky promotional campaign.  More

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey live-tweets protests in Ferguson

Jack Dorsey, who goes by @Jack online, has documented and commented on the gatherings and frustrations in the suburban St. Louis community.  More

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey live-tweets protests in Ferguson

Jack Dorsey, who goes by @Jack online, has documented and commented on the gatherings and frustrations in the suburban St. Louis community.  More

$15 million pours in from Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Association says it has raised $15.6 million for Lou Gehrig's disease from the Ice Bucket Challenge.  More

23 million Twitter users are fed by robots

About 8.5% of Twitter's 271 million users are actually not human.  More

Eat your selfie on a Middleton marshmallow

Move over Kate Middleton! Younger brother James Middleton is stealing the spotlight with his candy business that prints Instagram pictures on marshmallows.  More

You can't change the color of Facebook - it's a virus

An app claiming to change Facebook's color palette is actually loading malware onto your smartphone or PC.  More

Facebook snaps up server security start-up

Facebook announced Thursday that it was acquiring cybersecurity start-up PrivateCore, which builds software to protect server data.  More

Potato salad crowd funder raises $55,000 and promised 3,330 people "a bite"

A Kickstarter crowdfunding effort closed Saturday night with contributions from nearly 7,000 people  More

LinkedIn must pay $6M for unpaid overtime

LinkedIn is issuing back pay and damages to workers the Labor Department says failed to receive overtime.  More

Oops! Russian soldier Instagrams himself in Ukraine

A Russian soldier has posted photos of himself to Instagram from within Ukraine.  More

Could Snapchat really be worth $10 billion?

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has reportedly been in funding talks valuing Snapchat at $10 billion. Could it possibly be worth that?  More

From maximum security prison to tech entrepreneur

After serving 8 years in prison, Marcus Bullock is helping the incarcerated stay connected with loved ones with his Flikshop app.  More

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