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Following the big money from Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Why the feds should block Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable

A merger may not raise prices in the short term but could hamper future competition.  More

Deals of the day: Botox maker gets $50 billion buyout offer

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International has offered to acquire Botox maker Allergan.  More

Big banks lend to corporations over consumers

Lending was up in the first quarter, but that jump has hidden the fact that individuals are still having a tough time getting loans.  More

How to shrink America's income gap

The key is to find the sweet spot where everyone has a fair chance of sharing the gains in profits and productivity.  More

AdRoll raises $70 million as its expands 'retargeting' into mobile

AdRoll has tripled its revenue run rate over the past 15 months, now at an IPO-able $150 million.  More

The rise of leveraged loans

Collateralized loan obligations are not inherently bad investments. But demand for yield has led to a reduction in the quality of loans behind them, and the result may be rather ugly.  More

Why you should pay off your car loan ASAP

You may not save a huge amount on interest, but you'll free up cash in your budget every month.  More

VC investment hits a 13-year high

Venture capitalists invested $9.5 billion last quarter, the highest total since the dotcom doom's waning days.  More

Tucker Twitmyer leaves EnerTech Capital

Energy-focused venture capitalist joins Franklin Square Capital.  More

The new war between the states: Are income taxes to blame?

A new book examines what happens to migration, business, and wealth when states adopt income taxes. It ain't a pretty picture for the taxers.  More

Americans have fallen in love with real estate once again

According to Gallup, Americans think real estate is the best long-term investment. Unfortunately, they're wrong.  More

The real economy is now doing better than the money economy

Ghost of Occupy Wall Street, rejoice: As more people land jobs, bank earnings are looking down.  More

Pando smears ex-Carlyle pro Bob Grady

New Jersey investment boss Bob Grady gets attacked for no good reason.  More

A comeback for Marx? Inequality debate comes full circle

Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century has taken the economics world by storm with its revival of the Marxian idea that capitalism will destroy itself, if we don't act.  More

Southwest Airlines' profit-sharing payout: What capitalism should be

The Dallas-based airline is giving employees a meaningful stake in their company, just as America's earliest presidents probably envisioned.  More

Mary Barra: GM's fall gal

CEO Mary Barra is taking the heat for the carmaker's ignition problems. Why not instead beat up the people who were in charge when the mistakes were made?  More

Campaign Monitor's $250 million round was a long time coming

Campaign Monitor raises $250 million from Insight Venture Partners, six years after the two sides first began discussions.  More

Goldman Sachs fails! Goldman Sachs triumphs!

It all depends on which headline you read.  More

Morgan Stanley's unlikely rebound continues

CEO James Gorman proves that there are, in fact, second acts on Wall Street.  More

3 big retail trends to watch for

However much technology has disrupted the retail industry, brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay.  More

Chemtura sells seed treatment biz for $1 billion

One Medical Group, a San Francisco-based operator of primary-care physician offices, has raised $40 million in new VC funding.  More

Bain Capital raises $7.3 billion for new buyout fund

Bain Capital already has begun investing from its eleventh fund.  More

What exactly did bank CEOs earn in 2013?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon got either a 74% raise or a 37% pay cut, depending on the source. In fact, neither stat correctly reports his 2013 take-home pay.  More

The General Motors you want to sue no longer exists, says GM

Carmaker claims immunity from legal liability for ignition-switch defects prior to 2009.  More

China has far bigger challenges than a slowing economy

Growth concerns aside, Beijing must grapple with an unwieldy shadow banking sector.  More

MHS Capital almost done raising new fund

Early-stage VC firm closes in on $75 million.  More

Sorry Milwaukee Bucks fans: Private equity owners aren't much help

The Milwaukee Bucks are getting new owners, but history isn't on their side.  More

Consumer misbehavior: Why we're terrible at buying appliances

Research shows that consumers aren't very good at buying appliances that will save them money in the long run, even when they are explicitly told about those savings.  More

8 CEOs who took a pay cut in 2013

Median CEO pay inched up 9% in 2013 to $13.9 million. But not everyone got a bump last year. Here are eight CEOs who missed out.  More

How to get Americans to save more at tax time

Reminding people of the risks of unexpected financial shocks, such as unemployment and hospitalization, may not be as big of a motivator as automatically enrolling them in a savings plan.  More

Forbes fumbles Obama record on merger politicization

One blocked merger does not make a pattern, even if you pretend it does.  More

Digital financial advisors bulk up: Betterment raises $32 million

Funding comes on the heels of competitor Wealthfront raising $35 million.  More

Citigroup's bad bank is doing better than its good one

Investors might want to take a closer look at the part of the bank Citi executives have been telling them to ignore.  More

3 reasons the economy has some spring in its step

After a winter of confusing economic data, some important indicators show an economy coming out of hibernation.  More

Long-term unemployment: What the U.S. can learn from Sweden

The fact that other wealthy nations like Sweden have dealt with long-term employment means policy makers here can learn from others' experiences.  More

Kleiner Perkins raising $1.2 billion for new funds

Kleiner Perkins raising new early-stage and digital growth funds.  More

Madison Dearborn's patience pays off on Nuveen

Sometimes 'break-even' can be a win.  More

Deals of the day: TIAA-CREF buying Nuveen

To get deals in your inbox each morning, sign up for our Term Sheet newsletter  More

America's (quality) jobs creator: Community colleges

To prep the next generation of workers, getting the right skills is critical. And young people don't have to travel very far to get the training they need.  More

JPMorgan loses money every time it makes a mortgage

That's bad news for the housing market and the economy in general.  More

8 pricey stocks haunting the Nasdaq

Problem underscores a glaring weakness in cap-weighted indexes  More

Greece's economy is still a huge mess

Enthusiasm surrounding Thursday's Greek debt offering illustrates just how desperate investors have become in their futile search for yield.  More

The worrying collapse in global trade

Poor export data out of China is the latest in a series of figures on trade that casts doubt on the health of the global economy.  More

To bribe or not to bribe - your kids?

There are effective ways to do it, but careful it can backfire.  More

Why taxing corporate America is hard to do

The tax burden on U.S. corporations have fallen since the last major tax overhaul in 1986. Simply, it's a deal too good to give up.  More

Collateralized loan obligations: Our next financial nightmare

Greed, stupidity, and slack government oversight fueled the mortgage bubble. The same thing seems to be happening today, but this time with leveraged loans and junk bonds.  More

Citi may be in more legal hot water

The bank may have disclosed a new earnings target to some, but not all, of its investors.  More

Goldman Sachs to invest in AvePoint

Goldman Sachs to acquire stake in maker of big data management and compliance software.  More

Private equity tax breaks: How long will they last?

Are PE funds similar to mutual funds or are they in the business of buying, developing, and then selling companies at a profit? Much hinges on the answer.  More

eBay gets 'even' with Carl Icahn

eBay stock now trading lower than when Carl Icahn first disclosed stake.  More

Two GM engineers placed on paid leave in admission safety recall

Wall Street analysts also scale back automaker's financial forecasts in wake of investigation.  More

Blocking Comcast-TWC will not fix America's Internet monopoly

While the Senate discusses the rising cost of cable TV, the real debate should be over how to provide fast, reliable, and affordable access to the Internet  More

Jamie Dimon says Fed stimulus exit will be easy

The JPMorgan CEO says QE worked.  More

How Warren Buffett and Don Graham are saving $675 million in taxes

Allowing companies to split into separate parts, tax-free, is a long-accepted practice. But now it seems that practice has been twisted into a very effective tax-dodge.  More

Pearl Jam's Dropbox hypocrisy

Dropbox makes major announcement, and a little part of me just died.  More

Ex-Urban Outfitters CEO talks about his new private equity plans

Glen Senk has more than $350 million to invest into growing consumer and retail companies.  More

Inside the world of national cryptocurrencies

What Auroracoin can learn from old-school analog predecessors Berkshares and Philadelphia equal dollar.  More

Deals of the day: La Quinta prices low IPO

To get deals in your inbox each morning, sign up for our Term Sheet newsletter  More

Quora raises $80 million at a near-unicorn valuation

Tiger Global leads investment in Q&A site Quora at around a $900 million valuation.  More

Trouble at Target: 3 questions for CEO Gregg Steinhafel

The U.S. retailer faces a cloud of uncertainty as it deals with the fallout of its credit card data breach.  More

Tech stocks may have more room to fall

Even with last week's drop in the Nasdaq, investors appear to be hoping for too much out of technology stocks.  More

Regulators: Big banks must raise $68 billion to be considered safe

The Federal Reserve specifically cited "too big to fail" as a reason for the stricter rules.  More

Why the SEC is investigating private equity

Are private equity firms ripping off their own investors?  More

The proof is in the data: Time to raise the U.S. minimum wage

The U.S. would see more consumer spending if wages rose.  More

American businesses: Now hiring

Numbers released by the Labor Department Tuesday show that there are more job openings now than at any time since January 2008  More

Changes in the Atlas Venture partnership

Exclusive: Jon Karlen will join the Boston-based VC firm, while Fred Destin will depart.  More

Does the wealthiest 0.1% really fear inflation?

Economists have been arguing for higher inflation targets. But richest 0.1% are likely not to blame for the failure to implement such policies.  More

VC firm Split Rock moves away from healthcare deals

The firm will now focus on investments in software and Internet services.  More

Deals of the day: Questcor Pharma agrees to $5.6 billion deal

To get deals in your inbox each morning, sign up for our Term Sheet newsletter.  More

Income taxes: One thing to not get outraged over

Yes the system is screwed up, but it succeeds in progressivity. The rich really do pay higher tax rates.  More

Why investors should fear the return of the buyback

Execs argue that buybacks are a sign of faith in a company's stock, but the data say investors should beware of firms purchasing its own shares.  More

Deals of the day: MobileIron files for IPO

The California-based provider of mobile device management software plans to raise up to $100 million.  More

Why this is the jobs recovery for the 1%

The rebound has been particularly good for those in management and professional services jobs. Finance workers make 20% more.  More

America's young workers: Destined for failure?

They face a very different economy than their parent's generation, so simply working hard and getting a good education is no longer enough.  More

What the Affordable Care Act can learn from Netflix

Consumers could make better choices if exchanges suggested health insurance plans, as the online video service does with movies.  More

Ex-Apple exec Miller steps down as Leap Motion president

Andy Miller to serve as an advisor to the motion-sensing tech company.  More

3 reasons to worry about March's jobs report

Private sector employment levels have reached their 2008 peak, but it's still tough out there for the unemployed.  More

Memo: Blackstone's Asia boss is returning to New York

The Blackstone Group's head of Asia-Pacific investing is returning stateside.  More

The problems with debt-hungry banks

Highly leveraged banks pose risks to the financial system, but policymakers could ease the problem by reforming tax policies favoring debt over equity.  More

Bond investors bet on the ghost of Blackstone CEO future

The asset management firm is still run by its original founders, but that didn't stop investors from betting on its succession plans.  More

Are you paying too much for auto insurance (no, this isn't an ad)?

Yes, there's a decent chance you are. Here's the lowdown.  More

America's economic enemy: Super-low interest rates

The Federal Reserve wants to reduce unemployment, but low borrowing costs could translate to more debt.  More

A really bad idea: Attacking the tax deduction on ads

Why tax experts believe Rep. Dave Camp's proposal is misguided. (And, no, this article isn't totally self-serving.)  More

Can GM afford compensating victims for its malfunctioning cars?

Now that GM has retained lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, observers are speculating that the car maker will create a fund to compensate victims.  More

GrubHub leads today's IPO quartet

Five companies priced IPOs last night, and will list their shares later this morning.  More

Amid IPO, one of GrubHub's risk factors just got riskier

The company is battling a patent lawsuit, and the courts just dealt a bad blow.  More

Leading investor advocate defends fast traders

Arthur Levitt says there is no evidence that suggests individuals are worse off because of high-frequency trading.  More

From Zynga coder to marijuana CEO

Tom Bollich is the new CEO of Surna Inc., which wants to cash in on the burgeoning commercial cannabis market.  More

Deals of the day: Lone Star buying The Money Store

Social Finance, a San Francisco-based student peer-to-peer lending platform, has raised $80 million in new VC funding.  More

Taper advocate to leave the Fed

Jeremy Stein, one of the Federal Reserve's biggest advocates of the need to reduce monetary stimulus, is leaving the U.S. central bank.  More

CBS puts $50,000 pro-pot Times Square ad on hold

A 26-by-20 video ad promoting the New York City marijuana legalization movement and the pot-marketer Weedmaps was put under review by CBS lawyers.  More

El-Erian: Cautious optimism about Greece's return to capital markets

Renewed access to financing must not divert the debt-troubled nation from implementing critical economic reforms.  More

Eric Bolling gets his cleantech facts very wrong

Financial pundit apparently doesn't know much about cleantech history.  More

Amazon throws a firebomb in the battle for your living room

The battle to control your living room is heating up, and Amazon has upped the ante with Amazon Fire TV, a box for streaming video through a television set.  More

Masters, creator of the credit default swap, to leave JPMorgan

The nation's biggest bank is parting ways with one of its most controversial bankers.  More

Hold on to your hard hats: A capital spending boom may be coming

In a new report Schwab's chief investment strategist makes the case for a bump in corporate investing.  More

Are lobbyists the biggest losers post-McCutcheon?

Good-government groups are decrying the Supreme Court's decision on political contributions. K Street isn't too happy about it, either.  More

SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert: Banks can't ignore Bitcoin anymore

At a debate Tuesday night, Silbert described his vision for a world increasingly accepting of and reliant on bitcoin.  More

How to deepen customer loyalty: Be transparent

Companies should expose their vulnerabilities and own up to their mistakes.  More

Ride-sharing service Lyft raises $250 million

More money for the mustache, as ride-sharing service Lyft raises $250 million from Alibaba and others.  More
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