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A Gentleman's Guide to cocktails

Derrick Turner is the head bartender at Harding's. He says gentlemen should keep it simple and classy when ordering up their favorite drink.

This is the fastest Lamborghini EVER

The Aventador SV is the fastest production Lamborghini ever made. Peter Valdes-Dapena goes on a drive in Big Sur.

Playboy says goodbye to nude photos

Playboy will no longer feature pictures of naked women in its magazine, saying it can't compete with the glut of free porn on the Internet.

Inside New York Comic Con 2015

New York Comic Con is the biggest pop culture convention on the east coast, rivaling even its west coast counterpart, San Diego Comic Con, in scope. Frank Pallotta gives you a behind the scenes look at the event.

Journalist recounts his time in Iranian prison

Maziar Bahari was jailed in the same prison where Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian is behind bars. Bahari's 2009 prison experience was told in Jon Stewart's movie, "Rosewater."

Washington Post foreign editor: Jason Rezaian trial is a 'sham'

For reactions to Rezaian's sentencing, Brian Stelter speaks with Washington Post editor Douglas Jehl and Maziar Bahari, who was once held prisoner in Iran.

Oculus Founder: Virtual reality will change journalism as we know it

Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey tells Brian Stelter virtual reality will change the perception of news events. CNN will stream the Democratic Presidential Debate in virtual reality - the first live news event to be broadcast in that format.

Ben Carson on Rupert Murdoch: He's not a racist

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson dismissed Rupert Murdoch's "real black president" tweet as "much to do about nothing."

Murdoch: Ben Carson would be a 'real black president'

CNN's Brian Stelter offers perspective as conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweets about presidential candidate Ben Carson and racial politics.

Jay Leno takes over for Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

The monologue must go on, so when Jimmy Fallon "pulled a hammy," Jay Leno briefly took back "The Tonight Show" reign.