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These pencils sprout vegetables

Sprout World pencils are meant to reduce waste by serving a second purpose. After they are worn down, they can be planted to become vegetables or herbs.

This designer is trying to revive India's hand-weaving industry

Leading fashion designer, Anita Dhongre, is striving to bring the dying Indian art of weaving back to the catwalk. We journey to the weavers' homes in Varanasi to trace the culturally rich fabrics from the wooden looms to the catwalks and explore how the ancient tradition is staying in business today.

Turning roadkill into high-fashion fur

Pamela Paquin, founder of Petite Mort Fur, skins roadkill and turns it into high-fashion fur accessories.

Californians plant drought-friendly landscapes

The drought is prompting SoCal homeowners to replace their lawns with native plants in turn for rebates and lower water bills.

Hong Kong's annual bun scramble is big business

Hong Kong's week-long Bun Festival means booming business for local bakery Kwok Kam Kee, which has produced the holiday's delicious highlight for decades. CNNMoney's Sophia Yan takes us inside the bakery.

Is this America's best butter?

Diane St. Clair makes butter for some of America's best chefs, including Thomas Keller. CNNMoney's Katie Quinn finds out why it tastes so good.

'Nerdwear' takes Silicon Valley by storm

Silicon Valley Fashion Week kicked off with drones showcasing wearable tech and crowdfunded fashion down the runway. Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland discusses products like the Photobomber jacket.

Bill Nye needs cash for a space sail

The Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye is taking to Kickstarter in order to crowdfund for his latest space venture.

We run a successful business ... out of a Craigslist trailer

A 29-year-old couple live their life -- and run their startup -- from a 1979 Airstream trailer.

Sugar rush: The story behind the syrup boom

Maple syrup production in Vermont has more than doubled in the last decade. CNNMoney's Katie Quinn talks to two Vermont farmers about what's behind the increase in demand.